Mercury & Mistakes Of The Intellect

tomatoesThe phrase, “mistake of the intellect” was coined by astrologer, James Braha.  He noted that one of the things astrologers did was correct these things. This was many years ago. I like the phrase and the concept. I’ve written about it here and there over the last 15 years or so.  You can search if you like.

I am bringing this up today, along with the Mercury More Powerful Than Pluto post because it’s plain to me and I think many, MANY other, regardless of their leanings or particular perspective, Mercury issues of possible kind are causing endless, unfathomable problems for people, families and the whole of society. I really can’t count the ways but I will offer a short list of examples.

  • Filters search results and manipulated timelines / feeds
  • Cognitive problems with a broad variety of root causes
  • Misinformation
  • Endless tricks and doublespeak
  • Massive lying and fakery

People are also cut off from each other, generally turned on each other and separated by various criteria (sex, race, age, party).  This severely limits a person’s ability to learn and a number of ways.  For example you can’t be twenty years old and ask a forty year old… well, anything. Because what a forty year old knows, is supplied to you and not by a forty year old!  Even if the person appears to be a forty year old, you are very likely not hearing from a real person – just a person with a script they read to give you information that is not real?

If that last bit happens to you, you are now walking around with a mistake of the intellect. And you will build on that false information. It’s like a seed in you and it grows and breeds more garbage. You know what they say: garbage in, garbage out.

Recently I read an astrologer crying about Saturn in Capricorn followed by Aquarius and how this was devastating. Large following, people suck that up. My life is hell – must be Saturn in it’s home sign.

No, but now you think so!  See how easy that is?  And then that person tells others and the others tell others and these others tell others and no one learned a damn thing.

I was screeching on this blog, about protecting you mind and ability to think all the way back to when Saturn was in Virgo.  2008?  It was good advice though I don’t think many heeded it.

I want to give you an oddball, non-triggering example of life today.  As most of you know, I am am an avid gardener. I started about fifteen years ago.  In the same amount of time, ‘fresh produce” has become freakishly degraded.  For example, I just cut a “fresh tomato on the vine” on a paper plate. Not only does it have no taste – this tomato left a red stain on the plate. Like dye?

There are are people out there; maybe even most people, who have never had a fresh, real, homegrown tomato in their life.  Matter of fact, if you were to give them one, it’s possible they would not like the taste because they have been raised on the fake version.

In other words, the person thinks they’ve had a tomato and they know what one tastes like but in fact, this is a mistake of their intellect. It may also explain why no one wants to eat vegetables!

I wrote in the forum, I would like to teach a class on how to un-fook your head. I think it is the most important issue of our day.  It’s as if we have surrendered our brains and outsourced our thinking functions.

This is for today’s Virgo moon.

9 thoughts on “Mercury & Mistakes Of The Intellect”

  1. I have a stellium in Gemini. I smoked too much hash in Amsterdam once in my 20s. Try navigating those street names without any impairment! In order to concentrate on simple tasks, I repeated the task over and over again (for example, how to get back to where I had been after going to the restroom). I couldn’t distinguish the originations of my thoughts from the noise in my surroundings. In that moment, I thanked God for creating me with a functional brain. It was so scary. What you describe, Elsa, is every bit as scary.

  2. Here’s another thing. If you’re standing there with your fake tomato and you know it, then what? Tweet about it? Probably, if you were to do anything at all. But if you really have your mind working, something like this might spur you to act.

  3. Agreed ! There is do much misinformation on the web.
    The media has been lying to us on a whole new virtual level.
    And it’s happening all over the globe.
    Now accountability has started, maybe small but it has.
    It started with Australia demanding payment for using Australian businesses for making money.
    Otherwise Facebook would be blocked.
    And they consented to pay 20%
    India has also started it’s own stipulations,of Facebook greiviance officer’s being held accountable for hate crimes,spread of misinformation in India,there is a LEGAL clause that CEO had to sign in order to get access in India,and this has caused headaches for Facebook around the World.
    So he changed to Metaverse.

    I’m sorry if I deviated a bit,but I was talking about misinformation.
    Most people don’t do the due diligence anyway.
    Or even fact checking.
    Also you have to have a private browser to get anything that’s true or worthy.
    Mercury is very powerful, and is even referred to as The Messenger of the God’s!
    It can cause absolute chaos and confusion,
    Travel delays
    Misplaced goods and article
    Delayed post and message
    Breakdown of technology virtual communication s.
    Misunderstanding between people
    Even terrible arguments over nothing.
    Mecury was considered to be intelligently devious too.
    So one has to be very careful.
    I have Mercury conjuct Jupiter and Mars.
    Always researching in my Ninth House,
    Lots of degrees etc .
    Even offered a PHD in my University.
    But Mercury can be deceptive.
    So everyone must be on the lookout this retrograde.
    Thanks Elsa your point is on Point! 😉

  4. Another thought – Neptune in Pisces has messed with the Mercury-ruled, Gemini and Virgo for years now. This may be part of this. Confusing fog descends upon everyone, everywhere.

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