Legacy: The 8th House In Astrology – Inheriting From Strangers

With a packed 8th house, you carry the legacy of dead people as previously outlined but here’s a twist: You don’t even have to know the dead person to inherit from them and I have an example.

Some of you know I am a murder witness. When someone dies their energy is released and if you are me (or someone like me) their released energy hits you like a bullet. Here again, I’m left holding the bag and I changes you.

It’s been awhile but in the past people have complimented me on the way I live.  I live with vigor and fantastic appreciation and it is because I am infused (empowered) with the energy of the dead.

Who can relate?

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  1. hey, i’ve been reading a lot longer and didn’t know that. just that she was a witness for the fbi… (but that could be something else entirely)

    you do’t have to be there at death to pick it up… but i imagine it punches harder if you are. i don’t know.
    a friend asked me a long time ago if i’d ever seen somebody die. as if it was a kind of knowing that could never be shared without the experience. and i imagine he’s right about that.

  2. After reading these posts, I have a basic beginner’s question: if you have 8th house, do other people generally pour their energy (in whatever form that takes) into it? Is this what one should expect with one’s 8th house?

  3. maureen, do you mean if you have planets there? i have saturn in the 8th (and it aspects every single planet in my chart by square, trine or sextile).
    i have been a Saturn figure of all kinds of 8th house issues since the time i was 10 and my mum started going to therapy.

  4. Witnessing a murder..I cannot imagine the way that would make you feel, but I can relate to the urge to make life the best it can be, as observed with those around who’ve had serious brushes with death, I have 8th house Saturn too, Kash, and have somehow always been around people going through deep, intense experiences. People talk easily to me about death and bereavement, and that’s a privilege.
    Elsa you’ve also mentioned that this experience had a profound effect on your whole life, not just from the emotional or mental perspective. How amazingly you have risen to shine, from such turmoil. What a journey. What a unique lady.

  5. Kash, I have Gemini sun in 8th. There have been times when people tell me their secrets, or seem to be vetting me so they can do this.. most of the time I respond with .. compassion, empathy.. or at least a sort of blank openness.. and the rewards (for lack of a better term) are always worth it. Othertimes I resist this. I’ve taken myself to task for the times I can’t deal with it, the times when the hair on the back of my neck bristles.. In general I would say I have to trust the person I’m with before I will receive their very deep and very dark stuff. That may be because Pluto also squares my sun. Anyway I’m just wondering if this is normal for 8th house sun.. hah hah.

  6. My son has 8th house moon in Pisces – I mentioned in another post that when he was really little (3 or so), he would sometimes mention his “other family”. I admit it kind of spooked me a little, and of course being as sensitive as he is, he I am sure picked up on that and stopped talking about it. Several years later, I read some books about kids who seem to remember past lives – who knows, but maybe that is possible what was going on. I went to a psychic once a while back, and she told me that my son is a “very old soul” – I should try to study his chart a little more.

    And, Wow, witnessing a murder – you can’t get more life-altering than that! Amazing Elsa…..

  7. You’re a really strong person! I saw two men get shot once and all this left me with was: don’t mess with street gangs. (Drunken guy were making a pass/harassing a dealer’s girl friend & gang owned that street.) Incidentally, the gang always treated me nicely: I was one of theirs, you need anything just let us know… Same things happens with several other cultures, the benefits of my being born a mutt.

  8. Slightly off tangent –
    Someone I barely knew once asked me to unplug him. He was in his early 20’s, just a few older then I. He begged “no one will suspect you… you’re mostly visiting your relative at the end of hall”. They both died within less then a week, one in a comma and the other in excruciating pain and way too young. About my relative, whom I had already asked the doc for mercy, the doc had replied “we cant do that because you might sue us and you will go to jail if you do this”.

  9. falconbridge – it’s not creepy. If it seems that way, it is my bad writing rather than the process or the phenomenon. It is exactly opposite that (my perspective). It’s more like losing your friend and deciding to live double in their honor. I was spared, see?

  10. What do you think happens to the energy of people who die alone? I think sometimes it lingers.

    I’ve not lost anyone really close to me. I do tend to pick up on energy of dead people but they have always been strangers who were hanging around a place.

  11. Oh and I’ve never felt like it was creepy when I encountered whatever it is that is left behind when a body dies. Distracting sometimes, but not creepy.

  12. “What do you think happens to the energy of people who die alone? I think sometimes it lingers.”

    I don’t really know. I’ve never thought along those lines. I just think in general that a person dies and their energy (of all kinds) is released and various people end up with it, be it their money, their spirit, their teachings, their cause, etc. into infinity.

    My inclination is the light goes out and the energy is released. As for some nuance, I’ve not encountered it personally but that doesn’t mean anything.

  13. i’ve run into places where it seems (especially after unexpected events?) like a piece is still hnging around, confused and disoriented. trying to find the way home.
    but, well, everyone’s energy is different. and time changes things. perhaps filters and shifts.
    hard to say.

  14. i don’t “feel” spirits in any kind of literal way even though various people close to me have died– and often in kind of odd/mystical ways. Not thru violence though–

    But i feel i have a VERY different approach and attitude towards death than the average american. I’m also more comfortable at funerals than weddings and that does sound creepy!

    I’m rambling and all over Elsa’s boards tonight…

  15. Wyrdling I definitely agree with that. Like after 911… there are so many stories about this I could share and I cant count the ones I’ve heard from others including from those people who (use to) believe there’s nothing left after death.

    Like you, I take that every one is different here. You know how it is said that each birth is unique, so is it with death.

    Last year 3 of my neighbors passed away over the Summer. Both places flanking mine were empty for month and the 3rd one further down the hall would just not be rented for until almost a year later! I definitely felt it and it can’t be a coincidence that no one moved in there for so long. (Incidentally that one tenant was an ‘unwell’ recluse. And so far it seems that the new tenant happens to be a recluse.)

  16. I have to add here… that I am sad that death is such a taboo. So rarely is it a time of joy I know this might sound outrageous to state this but it can be so. Dying with one’s own acceptance and one’s loved ones peaceful support, acceptance and love. Sure there will be sadness around the loss but joy can be present also. I have felt this for one person this year and I know he moved on with happiness. This kind of experience is a blessing to me. I know I’m of topic in terms of that he was a close friend and not a stranger, but I wanted to add onto this death topic.

  17. Moonpluto I think I understand about the wedding vs funeral thing. Weddings are sometimes such a performance and so charged with everyone’s expectations. Funerals strip people down to their genuine selves.

  18. I’ve wondered about that connection before. I consider myself to be fortunate because very few people in my life have died. However, shortly before I was born my paternal grandmother committed suicide. Shortly after I was born a maternal aunt and uncle passed away. I have the Sun, Mercury, Venus (7-8 cusp), Jupiter (8-9 cusp), Chiron, Pallas and Lilith in the 8th house.

  19. I like what Lupa said about my comment here on weddings vs funerals.

    Also, the idea of being a witness really interests me. I have not witnessed murder but the things that I did witness (as a kid) were traumatizing.

  20. my sister has pluto in the 8th house Libra opposing her sun, mercury and venus and i think it makes her avoid dwelling on the darker side of life. she’s cynical but she likes to distract herself a lot, like watching romcoms and getting obsessed with guys (in other words she’s 32 and acts like she’s 14).

    i have saturn/pluto conjunction on 12th house cusp and have remembered since i was little being very, very drawn to yet also afraid of ghosts/death/shadow side of life. i was always wary of the bottom falling out from under me. eventually it did and it made me very strong, so that now i’m not nearly as anxious or afraid as i used to be.

  21. i will say, in line with the original topic of this post, that the energy does carry on. i can still very strongly feel my grandpa present as a part of my life. there’s an energy to him that i can bring to mind whenever i choose to and it helps ground me…

  22. Hi guys. My 8th house has saturn, mars and neptune in it in Scorpio. I am a hospice nurse. I have seen many people die. I have seen people die who couldn’t wait to die, I have seen people fight it to the end. I have seen people die surrounded by family, I have seen people die totally alone, no one in the room with them. I have been the only person at the bedside at the time of their death.
    Every death is different. The people who are excited about dying because of their belief in an afterlife have an easy death.
    The people who fight it, have a hard death.
    Those who die without regret, die peacefully.
    The people who are lonely and die alone, continue to walk this planet.
    People with loving families who die alone, appear to do so, to spare their families that moment.
    I have seen people die within minutes after their family enters the room, as if they where waiting for that last good-bye.
    I have seen people live beyond what any text book can explain only to find out that the date of death occurred on a birthday, anniversary, a loved ones return home.
    You can’t do what I do and not believe in love and something bigger.
    I don’t think it is so much that a spirit enters into another living person as much as the living person absorbs the energy of the person who is leaving. Energy is acceptably absorbed, it can not be forced into something that rejects or fails to recognize it.
    I have only seen positive energy absorbed.
    All the deaths I have seen have been fortold and expected. I have never a sudden unexpected tramatic death. I work for hospice for 12 years and still learn new things about living everyday, from the dying.

  23. Thank you for that daisy, and Elsa for the post. I was with my father when he died at home, and this post brought back memories.

  24. I was underwater and unconscious and then saved after a very bad accident. A young man’s body went missing in the same accident and was never found. Since coming back to consciousness slowly but surely after being knocked out pretty bad, I feel a new sense of joy in life that I didn’t have before. Where else could such good spirit have come from other than that big, strong, fun, happy guy that I barely knew…? I love and thank him for sharing with me. I have no idea how our charts line up to shed light on the situation astrologically, but the facts of the accident are so unbelievable it makes me very curious.

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