Consequences Of Collective Delusion

foggyDo you remember Jupiter conjoining Neptune in Aquarius? This was around 2009. I wrote a bunch of posts about worldwide delusion. Legions of people began living in this huge idealistic, imagined utopia. The truth all but disappeared.

Addiction expanded as well. This was probably the beginning of true “Internet addiction”.  People were addicted to the fake, machined, happiness and hope.

This was also when magical (Neptune) beliefs (Jupiter) really took hold.  Cult-like or maybe just straight-up “cult”. It’s not worth fighting over what it’s called. This was a point where a person’s beliefs transcended and in fact, became entirely unbound from reality.

It results in posts like this:

Unconventional Addiction: Emotional Patterns Or Thought Patterns That Destroy Your Life

Jupiter eventually made it into Pisces and Neptune followed.  We’re to a point in this story where the collective delusion has resulted in collective suffering.

Saturn in Pisces should represent “consequences”. It’s sad to note the planet is @ zero degrees.  See where I’m going with this? It’s karma time.

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  1. Interesting read about Saturn in Pisces. Earlier in the year for a short duration Saturn in Pisces was opposing my natal Virgo moon at zero degrees.Then it moved forward and I had some breathing space for awhile. In October Saturn at zero degrees in Pisces “settled in” opposing my natal moon at zero Virgo. For nearly two months I have lived with the feeling of being blocked and limitations. Very tired of it all. However, by Tuesday Saturn in Pisces begins to move along and will be at one degree in Pisces. Looking forward to some fresh air and not sure what, if anything, I’ll have to be looking for/atthe broken pieces. Now that I am on the other side of the aspect I would give that time period the biggest OUCH !!!!

    1. l have natal Virgo at 1d conj. Dec. sq. MC Sag I deg….and the rest, Betty. (Trans. Saturn in the 12th atm).Friends (she has a natal Merc. con. Saturn. He is a Gemini 9 and has a Jupt. conj. Nept. Sag 1 deg.) l am on an Island atm. It has been raining. l was going to have these’friends’ stay…now l dont know. l have fresh air, Betty, lots of it. I can relate to you feeling blocked and limited. There are things churning away in the background (addiction not mine…things l havent been told but know…). I am not sure what to do. I think l will take a walk in the rain and wild weather.
      l find an aspect is not done until it is a bit further away. Sometimes there is a delayed reaction. But l do think the perspective changes when it moves beyond the degree. l hope so for you.

  2. I remember the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction in Aquarius, it roughly coincided with Pluto’s entry into Capricorn too. Interesting looking back, they are both Saturn ruled signs too.

    I remember the boom in social media around those years, suddenly everyone had an online presence! It became the new normal very fast. Skip forwards to now, addiction to technology and social media yes, but also addiction to FEAR too via social media, what with all the fake news and conspiracy theories running rife. The fear and paranoia of Pluto now firmly interwoven in many online exchanges and information that “finds” you. People’s minds are damaged now, as it’s changed our brains wiring.

    And with social media platforms purposely designed to stimulate the dopamine hits so you keep going back for more. You know scrolling down on a feed actually mimics a slot machine in Vegas? It’s the same movement, the “pulling the lever” motion being physically similar to scrolling down on your phone. Creepy, isn’t it?

    Saturn in Pisces is only just getting warmed up! working in tandem with Pluto Aquarius, I feel the consequences will be hugely dire and it may be exposed how detrimental, and how much damage it has done neurologically over the long term (Saturn).

    Much like in the same way with cigarettes, it was once deemed super healthy, yet it took decades to figure out that it does indeed cause cancer.

  3. Adding to the above, I don’t want to even imagine what it must feel like for a conspiracy theorist.

    Constantly hooked online and reading nonsense that feeds and affirms their fears, their adrenal glands must be in overdrive from the excess stress hormones getting pumped all over the body. Being in that state of constant hypervigilance 24/7, always in defence mode waiting for perceived attacks from some unseen powerful threat that is likely to not even exist.

    The 12th house rules hidden enemies. Yet sometimes those hidden enemies don’t even exist in reality, only in your imagination! It really is where the true Matrix lives.

    Horrible way to live. Let’s see if Saturn Pisces bring some much needed reality. Bearing in mind, with Pisces – the reality will surely come accompanied with disappointment, which would be a hard pill (and not a red or blue one!!) to swallow. The hard truth is more mundane than we know!

    Kind of like, the Roswell alien UFO turning out to be, through solid provable evidence, that it was indeed a crashed weather balloon. A conspiracy theorist would firmly maintain it was aliens, clinging into the delusion, rather than face the boring reality, which would bring emptiness and a loss of meaning into their life. Don’t forget, Pisces is co-ruled by Jupiter.

    I’m rambling now lol 😂

    1. oh fk im having a weird transit.. everything is describing my traumas that are obviously meant to be purging currently.. your statement

      Adding to the above, I don’t want to even imagine what it must feel like for a conspiracy theorist.

      “……. reading nonsense that feeds and affirms their fears, their adrenal glands must be in overdrive from the excess stress hormones getting pumped all over the body. Being in that state of constant hypervigilance 24/7, always in defence mode waiting for perceived attacks from some unseen powerful threat that is likely to not even exist….”

      yikes totally differrent scenario your description is but your words are precisely what was actually happening for me -EXCEPT IT DID EXIST but appeared to others as not! the astrology is so accurate its mind boggling!!.. all those years ago [still now, some would say.. but i have more understanding and personal power now, i know very when to save it for..] i feel the illusion of it not existing to others for me / was because it was squaring my own neptune which i know for a fact is a curse of invisibleness in my daily life… sorry for rambling.. its just blown my mind the uncanny specifics that are flashing before my eyes right now ~

  4. ahhhh… i think i recall that… i know a lot of synchronistic spiritual stuff was flowing through me at that time.. but i took it as saving grace from higher places with all i was going through within my marriage and household at the time.. i feel it saved my life – & kept my children having a mother who still tried to find joy and spread such to them through spiritual things.. in fact i think it was when i got them watching spirit science patchman cartoon videos to distract them from the trauma they had suffered from being witness to things they never should have been… i know like everything there are 2 sides to the spiritual woowoo stuff and has now again got taken way out of appropriateness and marketed like everything else for profit etc.. but for some of us, it really is a necessary part of our journey to get through.. im pretty sure it was definitely around end of 2009- maybe into 201// i do recall we signed a lease on 11/11/2009 and the circumstances were crazy of how it happened and my connection with my only real guardian anywhere in my whole life journey was a life altering journey.. helped me beyond belief for some good amount of months – years… i think its when i also got my quik off the cuff tattoo when i had 1hr i could get away with it… without needing permission or worse… “What would love do”… it was for me… but i’ll be honest in this safe place, it was to help delude myself through stockholm syndrome… [it was the only way to save the the kids lives… was to love love and love some more…. help to keep things more settled.. anyhoo.. that was info that again is unexpectedly spilt of late.. chiron return transit getting closer ive been figuring.. o_O

    1. yes. so i just checked in case i needed to delete wrong info.. 11/11/2009 jupiter hadnt hit neptune yet… but was reigning in & they were conjunct chiron, and in the next year? were all transiting my jupiter in pisces – which squares my neptune & NN… makes sense for me when i put pieces together… i know it sounds trippy and delusional, but i know many of you know, you do what you need to do to get through sometimes and take the grace from wherever you get it, to balance out the exhaustion from the grit

      1. oops sorry words muddled..obviously neptune and chiron didnt transit that fast in a year.. i meant jupes and then neptune and chiron were conjucnt in transit actually an exact year later ive just learned.

        1. jupiter was conjunct chiron 17th dec, 2009
          conjunct neptune 20th dec, 2009

          again… these 2 dates are so fascinating in my life journey, repeatedly throughout whole life KEY MaJOR life things happening… on these two dates [and oct 30]… which i will share to enlighten the astro peeps … they are all direct family members birthdays – but non contact family… my mother was charged on her birthday one year, had final contact with them on dad birthday another year… loads of other weird things including a friend who was actually a child care worker from a childrens home i was in when young – her son, who had bipolar took his life via petrol and lighter horrifically in front of family… and she follows buddhism… anyway, sorry i will go and continue my scorpionic historical musings elsewhere now :/ my apologies…

  5. Wonderful thread and – as ever – brilliant comments. I as a sun in Pisces had to live for REAL gang stalking a smear campaign and serious group attack, by family and ‘friends – – ongoing now. So can attest for REAL what it does to your central nervous system. Rising above it and having a bi picture way i could see the rise and rise and RISE of conspiracy theories and facts, plus mass addiction, and the seeds planted ( now bloomed) with words and deeds like ‘Cancel culture’ ‘hate crime’ fake news – now all but normalised. The most recent post from Dr Naomi Wolf speaks eloquently to this as she highlights a brand new book out on modern neuroscience by Dr Michael Nehil called ‘The Indoctrinated Brain’.There is now question that the rise and rise in NDP/Psychosis/and sociopathy is also part of this mix. And in a recent interview, Margret Attwood admitted she had based most of the characters on real-life characters and events. With hard-core psychopaths like Amber Turd, Gislain Maxwell and Elizebeth Homes (Thanatos) all in prison or banged to rights we can only wonder what will be in play by the end of Saturn in Pisces.

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