Mercury Square Pluto In Capricorn: Modern Manipulation & Mind Control

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Few would argue the idea that information is power. If this is the case, the Mercury Pluto aspect offers you the chance to empower your mind.

I doubt you can get this done, without exercising some control. We’re up against AI at this point. A blog post can be written in seconds. A LONG, coherent blog post takes about three seconds. What else can AI do?

It can definitely sway public opinion with less trouble than it takes for you to blink an eye. I would estimate a minimum  80% of the Internet is used for this purpose. That percentage is growing.

Nuts and bolts? An entity expresses an opinion.  The writing will be strong.
Immediately, comments appear, supporting the position.  You’re right! Me too! This is the way!
Comments that disagree will be sprinkled in as well, but the ratio of +/- is by design.

Now you come along and it looks like live “organic public opinion”, when it’s anything but. That’s it! You’ve slipped on a banana peel (Saturn in Pisces) and down you go.

THIS IS PROFITABLE. Hijacking your mind is profitable!

There are many “personalities” out there who can tweet a single emoji and seen millions if not a billions of dollars be made or lost.  That’s POWER.  These platforms are owned and they are not going to give a normal, regular, mom and pop person that kind of power!

There are also distractions, everywhere, to prevent you from assimilating the fact, the collective wealth is being vacuumed up at this time.  If you can’t assimilate it, what are your chances of stopping it? Zero?

These operations started slowly. Infiltration. But now they dominate and it’s actually getting worse… final stage in my opinion – how?

We are nearing a point where all independent voices are squashed and replaced by machine.

People talking.
People talking with occasional bot.
More bots among people talking.
Bots talking to bots and people.
Bots talking to bots and people, transfixed and consuming.
People are reduced to being spectators. Wake up every day and take your place in the Colosseum (aka Reddit or wherever).

Mercury will square Pluto in Capricorn this weekend. Are you going to take your seat and stare at the spectacle or might you go your own way?

I am trying to maintain this blog, where real people can gather to converse, and get and share information with other human beings who want to offer and receive support.  If you can help me with this in any way, I’d appreciate it.

Do you feel your mind (Mercury) is defended (Capricorn) against nefarious forces (Pluto)?

20 thoughts on “Mercury Square Pluto In Capricorn: Modern Manipulation & Mind Control”

  1. Interesting article!!!
    Controlling mind and fear is one aspect of it but I feel another way this can pop up is by taking back the control from manipulators.

    I say this because I just did that last night, i have an ex who refuses to leave. Every 6 months and he is back in my DM. Yesterday was the first time that I actually told him I m done and I don’t him in my life. That’s the big one since I have Venus in cancer with Venus opp Neptune so it naturally very hard for me to cut through the fog. But yesterday I just took the control and slashed it. It’s a big accomplishment I tell you.. I don’t do this!

    Then I saw my own chart- transiting Pluto has been rubbing on to my natal moon for the last couple of years now and it’s coming to an end. The process was brutal- I lost my mother, my best friend and now I feel this guy is the last one I m saying good bye too.

    1. So sorry about all your recent losses, Ann, and glad that you feel you’ve finally turned a corner! I experienced Pluto’s slow, intense transforming power a decade ago when I had a series of losses (mom, health, marriage, house, job) and it took awhile (7yrs) of free-falling. But I can assure you, I found my Self and my personal power and healed my spirit. I’m very happy where I landed.

  2. I have Mercury conjunct Pluto in Virgo.

    I see AI generated content every once in a while,
    via Google when I search for and look up stuff.

    I am an avid, concise reader, so I pick up on it
    right away. It doesn’t make sense to me, it seems
    so obviously not written by a competent mind.

    Am I the only one who can see thru the AI mumbo jumbo?
    I tend to notice it the most on home improvement content
    and celebrity stories content.

    1. I think most people are utterly oblivious.
      But I also think it’s FAR trickier than people think. We all get caught… FREQUENTLY.

      There is sophistication with this. Like allowing you to realize Easter bunny and Santa and Tooth Fairy are fake. Once you know these things, you think the rest is real and, uh…. NO. A resounding, no, to that.

      My point is, they give you some wins… you think you’re on top of things, invincible. Pride comes before the fall, always, as far as I can see.

      1. Ha, would be funny if some famous person everyone had heard of is actually fake, you know, as a fun experiment, to see if it will fly.

    2. Same here – Mercury cx Pluto in Virgo, house 11. Uranus almost conjunct those 2 but not quite close enough – could be considered a very loose conjunction, or “tri-junction”, if that’s a thing 🙂 I tend to see through the fake content and gas-lighting pretty easily, but there’s always the odd one or two that slips past my radar, the first time around. But once I eventually recognize it, then it’s always in the pattern recognition data banks so it can help me spot others in the same vein.

      1. forgot to mention, the asteroid with my first name is also conjunct my Pluto. unrelated to this discussion, but still weird enough to mention – the asteroid with my middle name is tightly conjunct my ASC

  3. Actually, Pluto transits and aspects have triggered both destruction and glorious rebirth in my life…If you’re tough enough to put up with a lot of suffering, the result can be worth it, and more….

    1. Pluto has done the same for me too. Can’t speak about “glorious rebirth” but I have come to see that I needed to change in the area and aspects of life that were rudely and savagely taken from me. I needed to wake up to myself.

      So under this transit, Merc is a swift planet, I’ve been talking to new-ish friends (only 1.5 years of friendship for one and 4 years for another) about astrology. One friend is a kind Virgo rising with Scorpio Sun at the anaretic degree, who means to distract me from my now-deceased friendship of 15 years. Another is a more playful Gemini rising with Pisces Sun. I have both their charts to study.

      Last Friday with the 3 of us together, I thought, oh, this must be what a grand water trine feels like!!!🤔🤩

  4. I have natal Mercury in Capricorn O* square Pluto in Virgo 29*.

    I have a sharp mind. Too sharp for some people.

    The upside? I absorb and retain knowledge easily, deeply, especially about subjects that interest me. Become obsessed with the topic. Just ask my local librarians. When I dig on something I log onto the statewide site and have 10+ books delivered to my branch. “She takes up half the hold shelf.” they joke.

    The downside? I make some people nervous because I just ‘know’ things. You can’t hide from a Mercury/Pluto mind. They see right through the crap you’re spinning. They’ll probably let you spin it anyway but they aren’t fooled. Merc/Pluto can also be powerfully persuasive. It’s up to the individual to use that for good and not manipulation.

    I have to be careful when I’m angry not to ‘go Nagasaki’ because I always regret losing control and there’s no going back once that force is unleashed.

    Think laser like mind focus.

  5. I guess I want to be positive, I don’t always have that effect. I am working in A very large system ( public schools) I see first hand the effects, I have been driving a bus 9 years;children 1 st grade – 10th ? Big growth. at this time I believe the schools use the kids it’s a money maker they label them they stick their hand out to the feds. The children live with the label there are requirements to attendance the schools spending enormity of time on the phone harassing the families to make sure attendance is met so that they continue to get their funding however or more so so they don’t have to return the money, what they do is it my opinion destroy the family dynamic invent shame fear failure we live in an area where it is half-and-half, immigrant, and native. They bother them all. It’s such a disturbing way. We’ve had two parents commit suicide by hanging in less than a year with children in the high school different Socio, economic backgrounds disgusting I want to make a change. I fuss constantly with them about feeding children five and six years old candy so easy to label them that they’re hard to sit down after they hand them and full of candy corns it’s just so disappointing I don’t wanna be negative but I want to change like yesterday parents who sign in absolutely believe their child needs to school as they absolutely believe their child has a problem since when do we begin to imagine that all children are the same or should be it’s ludicrous I tell them privately you’re my favorite the world is yours the world is waiting for you and I thank them for being wonderful
    My mama used to say tell a child they’re good they’ll be good. Tell a child a bad they’ll be bad my sister always say when you yell at your child they don’t hate you. They hate them selves so gang go kiss a child go squeeze their hand go get them to slap you five or give you a good fist bump Let them know they’re gonna make this place a better place

  6. Thank you so much for telling us about your first hand experience with the school system Raerae. So sad, and very frustrating. I am happy that more and more are homeschooling and organizing parent run, community schooling. Mercury rules grade school, so perhaps Pluto is demolishing and reconfiguring that arena too.

  7. Avatar
    Debby in Kansas

    Manipulation- I offered to stay at a friend’s house to take care of her after knee replacement surgery. I said that I could help her for one week, then I would go home to take care of some reports that I needed to get done (I volunteer as a Secretary to take minutes of committees). The seventh day, she said, “I need to ask a favor, could you stay one more night? I don’t feel that I can take care of my dog by myself yet.” I did do that. Saturday morning when I was about to leave, she said, “Could I ask you to do a favor? Could you run to the store for me?” Mind you, she has family in town and other friends. I said, “No, I told you that I would stay a week.” And she had already asked if I could take her to 2 doctor visits this next week. Interesting!

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