How To Get Along With Others, Simplified

libra and sparrow“If you get along with someone most of the time and something comes up, you have two choices. You can deal with it or you can be stubborn and refuse to deal with it.

People who succeed in relationships take the first option. They realize they don’t want to be alone. They want to have company in their life. They gain by being more open-minded and forgiving.

People are happier and less stuck when they find ways to get along with others, rather than investing in a hundred different ways of avoiding the option of being just a tad more mature!”

I wrote that for a client.  Libra, ya know.

How well do you get along with others?

16 thoughts on “How To Get Along With Others, Simplified”

  1. Libra-ASC, my identity lives to get along with people! I overcompensate and compromise way too much to make things work. It’s just a shame people prefer power, money and success over getting along with folks! *death stare at Cappy-ex*

        1. I know beautiful Capricorns that are family-oriented and relationship-oriented, very responsible for others. Success to them is making sure the family/friendship is taken care of. I guess it depends on the birth chart. My closest male friend is Capricorn-Sun. Success may mean differently to Caps. My Cappy-ex and snobby Cappy-Venus ex-best female friend were really bad …isolated examples, lol

  2. Slow, but steady progress with getting along, and applying a cultural course correction of “Aloha is the intelligence with which we meet life.” Softening my Scorpio square to Mars-Saturn-Pluto, the way is slow and deep. Libra is in my 9th house, so that’s the school most important for me — life-long education:)

  3. Its always better to deal with your differences as soon as they come up. The longer you put it off, the bigger the differences become. Even in your best relationships, you’re not going to get along all the time. Thats just the way it is.

    I’ve always been the peacemaker in relationships. My Libra rising doesn’t like strife, but I have my limits. My Scorpio planets will only allow so much.

  4. I just wonder sometimes, when a person is going to quit doing what doesn’t work and choose to do something that does work instead. 🙂

  5. I’m good at the moment. I am not in the special relationship. The only bug in the system is when I hear what sounds like, ‘you are my bitch and you will do what I want.’ I put on my terrier face. You know the cute litte doggie who looks at you but you can see it thinking, ‘yeah I hear what you are saying but I don’t think so.’ Woof!

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    So true. Not easy if you don’t accept the hard truths. Easier if you do. Hard work builds longer lasting things… I’m usually been scared of conflict with elders/those in charge, or fire up some control-impulses, but I’ve become more “nettled” post-Uranus-Pluto as I’ve realized it helps no one to be targeted as a doormat, even if I am not. So, now I don’t just say “ok, I’m sorry” to everyone just because they are in charge. Sometimes, if the moment is right, I say why I take the actions I did. I realize it helps them, as well as my relationship with them.

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      Of course, sometimes when one is wrong, admitting fault is the strongest things you can do, especially if what is at stake is real friendship, real love. Family can be a burden (in all of our dysfunctions) but they also can be one’s greatest supports in life, because we see each other without masks. For(give)ness is not “accepting defeat”, but about loving bigger way… Being generous in a grander way. So tough to let go of anger but so necessary… *end mini-rant lol.

  7. Actually I stepped away from giving too much of myself

    I ve learnt boundaries now.
    The Uranus on my Leo ascendant,as well as Saturn in Aquarius.
    Makes me naturally a loner.
    I do prefer being on my own.
    But I LOVE people.
    I can get along with most anybody.
    From age 8-80.

    I ve learned to let go of drama,being right,etc.
    Maybe I just grew up all of a sudden.
    But I like the new me,much better and more friendly.

  8. I don’t know.. some people are happier alone. Probably not in the end but for the most part of their lives some really do like their space so they get along with selected few. And this does make them happy! I’m not exactly like that but I get them.

  9. I have learned to step away from Sagittarian know-it-all arguments that we are both prone to with his Sag Sun and my Sag Moon/Asc. If it’s not a terribly crucial(and I mean CRUCIAL) topic, I drop the tug of war rope. Things run so much smoother this way. We both win.

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