Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus: October 28, 2023 – Potential To Ignite A World War

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The Lunar eclipse at five degrees Taurus will take place in the early afternoon on October 28th.  The effect of this promise to be widespread as the moon itself will conjoin Jupiter.

Jupiter should offer some protection. I should hope so, because the threat posed by the opposing sun, Mercury, Mars conjunction in Scorpio is formidable.

Is it safe?
But you make get lucky.

The Mercury Mars conjunction is what worries me.  It’s hots up the mind, yes. But these planets are hanging together for six months or so. This indicates sustained rage and/or prolonged fighting. I covered this here. Six Months Of Mental Challenge (Now Fighting).

“World War” is a phrase that’s been thrown around for years now. This could actually ignite such a thing. I mean, it’s one hell of a match and Jupiter does spread things far and wide.

I don’t like that the moon is at an earlier degree as compared to the Scorpio planets.  This indicates an event, and then some.  It goes off and then it goes off again, maybe bigger.

I also don’t like Venus in Virgo will be opposing Neptune at this time.  Basically, Mercury functions are impaired and also hotted up.  A drunken rage?

feel lucky

Come to think of it, you may want to be careful in traffic and in general on the Friday night, prior. I have Mercury conjunct Mars in my natal chart.  Speeding is normal.  The idea someone would get drunk and drive in a rage is almost a no-brainer.

Do you feel lucky, punk?  (Moon Jupiter).
Well, yes. Yes I do!

I understand we’re worried about rockets and maybe even nukes. It’s still worth noting the heightened risk for you, in your every day life, because it’s real.

You can see the chart and peruse a discussion of it here.

What do you expect from this eclipse?

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    Chiseling away the dross

    Jupiter will still be in retrograde on 10/28/23. As someone who has that aspect natally, IMO Jupiter RX isn’t exactly about a plethora of protection or lucky breaks but rather a lot of hard knock or rude awakening experiences regarding getting philosophically/ethically course corrected. Situations are presented wherein one finds their world perspectives shaken leading to either making 180 degree turns in course correcting or instead one elects to expand, over and over again, the self-serving gluttony or duplicit orientations / actions that caused them to err in a previous incarnation if you will. I have a sibling with the Jupiter Rx and though raised together I we have developed actions/orientations that are worlds apart – I have witnessed her turn into adult compulsively given to profligate gaslighting and duplicit narcissist for gain scheming. As to your comments regarding it’s likely a series of events goes off that cascades towards some kind of crescendo, take a look at the chart for 11/03/23 and notice that there’s a renown symbol shown within the astrological patterns made by the ponderance of aspects for that date eerily evocative of the current tumult that have so many worried.

    1. I was around for one of these star of David patterns 20 years ago. I thought they called it the Harmonic Concordance. I remember it as a time of awakening, and not a bad thing – that pattern. It is also the same day as the All Souls Day service at the National Cathedral where we pray for the dead and departed. I will be seeing it online, not going to the cathedral, but I have done it for the past three years and it brings me peace and healing.

      Everything is feeling fraught. I will comment on the eclipse in a minute. Wishing you well.


    2. “IMO Jupiter RX isn’t exactly about a plethora of protection or lucky breaks but rather a lot of hard knock or rude awakening experiences regarding getting philosophically/ethically course corrected”

      Wow! I never saw Jupiter retrograde in that way, many thanks for sharing, I will take note of that. I see the 9th house generally as a similar theme that plays out – hard life experiences that forces you to question your world view or philosophy.

      It bugs me out when people reduce it to; oh 9th house, maybe you will travel somewhere, or take up a learning course 🙄 yes, assuming you have the luxury of time and money, which many people don’t!

  2. “I don’t like that the moon is at an earlier degree as compared to the Scorpio planets. This indicates an event, and then some. It goes off and then it goes off again, maybe bigger.”

    Why do the degree differences indicate an event in your opinion? Very interesting… (from an astrological perspective)

    1. Because you have the event, and rather than see it dissipate, the sun and the moon move on, into the shit, as my military husband would say.

  3. this is hitting my chart quite a bit. Mercury is most impacted, 5 degrees Aquarius, 3rd house. Also Venus is nearby. lovely🫣. Sun in Pisces is also affected, at least that’s a soft aspect. on top of all Mars and Jupiter are sitting exactly on my Ac / Dc axes, close to nodes and Moon. this eclipse will be very personal.

  4. The eclipse is exactly on my Sun, involving my Pluto ASC opposition –

    Jupiter exactly on my DESC opposite Mars Mercury tightly conjunct my Pluto (from the 12th) ASC.

    Should be an interesting one…

  5. Things are fraught, and the old language was eclipses bring people loosing my head, and I feel there are a lot of people running around loosing their heads. Things operating in the back ground seem to be revealed at the moment, and it is fraught and everyone is on edge. Let’s hope there is not an event, but who knows. I know this aspects family members Sun and Saturn (Brother in Law Sun, Sister Saturn) so who knows. Scorpio for me is 4th house, so I expect family to act up. I will just lock the front door if that happens, till everyone calms down.

    I do expect the ongoing grid lock in the House of Representatives to continue, because some members of congress do not understand governing, and this puts the whole of the USA at Risk and Putin and Xi in China have taken notice, and think we are weak. So, there is that – very real risk, and it has me and a lot of other people worried. Really great article in Axios today. I like Bob Gates. The article makes five key points, several of which Elsa has already talked about on her blog. Worth the read. https://www.axios.com/2023/10/20/biden-government-war-fears-israel-hamas

  6. The potential is there, yes. I don’t have any personal expectations at this point. So much is out of our control. We just have to support one another, maintain hope, and pray 🙏🏻.

  7. Thank you for the heads up, Elsa, and for telling it as it is, I like that you never try to glitter the turd here 🙂 thankfully I don’t have to drive that day!

    Other Astrologers see Jupiter = good, but in this case, I see Jupiter (especially exactly opposite Mars) as inflaming the already tense undercurrent.

    We have the Moon in its exaltation in Taurus, but opposite Mars in domicile in Scorpio. So Jupiter’s involvement will magnify the potency of both planets, for good or ill.

    Also this is the last Eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio axis, maybe a culmination of the last two years since the first Lunar Eclipse in November 2021? The end of that chapter … But in what way? I can’t gauge that one. I will have to ponder on that, as my brain is currently foggy from catching Covid 😥 oh the fun!

    1. Avatar
      the laughing goat

      “glitter the turd”

      Mermaid – Never heard this line before and OMG did it make me laugh!! I CANNOT WAIT to use this line. 🤣

  8. The sun will be conjunct my natal neptune by 1 degree and the moon opposing, then moving on to my South Node, in the 8th. I’ll stay at home…
    It’s hard to watch disaster unfold around people I love and care for.

  9. Avatar
    Anette Bjerregård

    the degrees will trine my North Node in Cancer. It is the 6th house though, but as I have 4 planets in Scorpio (including Jupiter) all smashed together at 20 degrees (where Uranus is dipping his toes), it can spell like something big yes.

    In what way, I do not know. But I postponed a tour to the Netherlands for this week and into the next, and is going home Friday by air. At least this thing could be lucky not to touch these things, as the signs are not particularly airy, and thus – hopefully – will not touch air travel too much.

    It is still Jupiter though, so …

    This weekend would have been trip home, and due to bad weather al lot of flights were cancelled.

    I changed my travel plans into the coming week because I kept having this gut feeling that something was not too good about this week (42) for travel, and my feelings are actually rather calm in regards to the upcoming week. Even if there is an earth quake (symbolically speaking) I would not feel it quite so personally, and if I do, it *could* be in a good way. There is big changes on its way, but not in a personal way, I feel. I think this could have a great potential in a good way too. That’s what my gut is telling me at least!

  10. this will conjunct my juno exact in my 4th house. i’m single and no one in sight, i’m very lonely actually, nothing is going for me anyway. drunken rage? meh, it happens almost every week

  11. I better not be acting like a horse then. All scorpio planets will be in my 9th- with mercury conjuncting midheaven from there, jupiter opposed midheaven and the full moon square my chiron.

  12. Conjunct my moon, in opposition to my Scorpio Stellium. 4th and 10th
    This should be interesting personally and globally.
    I am so tired.

  13. Well, Elsa, here in Europe every single country is on high alert for terrorist attacks with some of the boarders between countries having re-opened. Usually we can travel freely in all countries that are part of the EU — Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, etc., but now we’re back to Covid lockdowns era, and I know you had already predicted that. It’s a short journey from Turkey into the EU, hence the high alert. You may say war is at our door steps. They would have to stop international travel for it to not reach your shores.

    1. I’ll tell you something, I’ve not said out loud, yet. I would not be surprised if the US falls last and also worst.

      I’m getting a pretty good idea what’s coming – this would be my idea – not anything anyone else is saying. I’m just haven’t come to a point I feel it would help to stick my neck out.

      I’m really sorry this is happening to you.

      1. Hi dear Elsa,
        Well, it was inevitable. Iran backs Palestina as do all the Muslim countries. The counter-attack from Israel — backed by the U.S. and Saudi Arabia — is seen, by the Muslim countries, as an attack on their Islamic religion and their people; they will retaliate.
        Geographically speaking, all these countries have easy access to Europe, it is something we are used to. We are particularly concerned now.
        Btw, I meant to say that the boarders in the EU are closing, not re-opening, my mistake, sorry.
        You are right to think it will spread across the Pond: The Islamic community, which is also known as The Hummah, will retaliate most fiercely against who support Israel in war: “As Israel and Hamas entered into one of the bloodiest battles of the middle east, countries like the USA condemned the militant group and showed solidarity to Israel. On the other hand, several nations including Egypt, Canada, Iran, Turkey, and Sudan expressed their support to Palestine and Gaza.”

  14. This moon will be on top of my natal Taurus stellium (right between my Mars and Sun), and the sun will conjunct my ASC in scorpio.

    I feel that Jupiter has been really good to me lately, as it’s been conjunct my Taurus Venus. Uranus is conjunct my Taurus Mercury. All the players are engaged.

    I just don’t entirely understand what impact this eclipse will have. I feel like it’s too big for me to comprehend right now. I’m praying for some blessings and planning to hang in there.

  15. Avatar
    Anastasia Christou

    Praying for a cease-fire to stop the slaughter of innocents, especially children, yet wanting the World to wake up, the awakening…facts! this is Oppression of a whole population for SO long!
    The uprising of the people, peaceful pro-Palestinian protest is really an eye opener…we are so controlled in what we see, they want us to feel a certain way, tech companies shadow banning and driving the narrative on behalf of so called ‘Decent’ Nations and govts. Its heartbreaking….Ive been shook at what Ive seen the past week – so much hate, fear, racism in the World

    1. I think that on the spiritual realm, even just taking a position between the two nations prolongs the conflict. “Judgement is mine, sayeth the Lord.”

  16. I have natal Pluto in Scorpio at 7 degrees and Pallas @ 15, so that will be opposing in the 2nd house.

    I received news that my aunt is very sick and not doing well. Since this affects the 2-8th house axis, I think she might pass away possibly.

  17. Welp, already experienced some aggressive road rage where I had to park in front of the local precinct. Of course the cops did nothing. I think the lady took off after awhile when she realized where we were. Well-to-do looking older lady covered in gold jewelry. Old-school revolutionary hairstyle. Ha. I’m just gunna tread like everyone around me is a borderline psychopath on a hair trigger because… well they probably are!

  18. I am in a process of recovering from bad health, but the moon merc conjunction is actually replicating my birth chart stellium of moon+mars6SCO, Merc8SCO, Neptune 10SCO, and restoring my never-say-die mentality. I am to the point where I have found a few game changers increasing my energy and zest for life to prior levels; I am working really hard at rehab and getting my life back. I am still sort of waiting for a sign to go one way or another on another front, but forging ahead physically in the meantime, and loving it.

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