54 thoughts on “Saturn Square Mercury: Control Your Mouth!”

  1. This can go both ways. I find people don’t talk to me (back) either. I have mercury square saturn at 0 51′. I was in the position to help someone once with my ideas. After some time I asked that person (which was not something habitual, I don’t prod others after a thing is dead and done) but that time I was curious on how it went. They told the other person that it was me behind it and there was an string of compliments that I haven’t heard before. Haven’t I asked about it, I wouldn’t have known that my ideas were well received.

    1. a string* I usually make spelling mistakes and misuse expressions but this time it was a typo. ?
      Also, Mercury Saturn gives blocks to communications but it increases self introspection and the d̶e̶s̶i̶r̶e̶ pressure to give a decent output when communicating in speech and writing.

  2. My 8H Virgo Mercury squares my 11H Sagittarius Saturn. I don’t offer unsolicited advice. However, when asked, I also rattle off filed-away suggestions.

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