What Not Do After A First Date (Texting) – Redux & Other Massive Errors, Misuse Of Energy & Being Your Own Worst Enemy

A man went on a date with a woman and the next day, she sends him dozens of texts, just spinning out into the land of crazy. You can read the texts here or join the discussion that provoked this post, here on the boards where people speculate around the root cause of this kind of behavior as well as remark on how common it is.

In thinking about this, it occurs to me that lots of people are this far off the mark in other areas of their lives. For example, they may have a Scorpio Mars and they run around slashing the hell out of people with no mastery at all. Or they may have a stellium in Leo and be unconsciously and annoyingly, attention-seeking, rather than using the creative energy that is their birthright, in way that benefits both themselves and others.

I am talking about being good at being you. This is something to strive for and astrology can be extremely helpful in that is shows you very clearly what you’re working with.

I would like to find a way to cover this topic, I think it’s so important. We may have to have a class or maybe I can just get a volunteer, work the chart up and post it to the blog. Because so many people are their own worst enemy, it’s not even funny.

Am I describing you?

26 thoughts on “What Not Do After A First Date (Texting) – Redux & Other Massive Errors, Misuse Of Energy & Being Your Own Worst Enemy”

  1. I have Venus in Leo and was strongly attracted to another Virgo with Venus in Leo. Talk about DRAMA. I reacted sorta that way with him. Shamed to say it but I learned A LOT from that. Not like this girl, but, I feel like the guy I had the drama with ATTRACTED that kind of thing from girls. I know he has drama situations with other ladies now, and I have NEVER done anything even remotely like this with other guys. So, maybe it was the combo of our/their planets together that made the drama. IDK, but it is not a good feeling being like that at all.

  2. Holy F@#$ING Crazy! That woman should prob just forget about ever being with anyone. She’s a whack job. She also can’t spell.

  3. I would love to learn how to work with my Mars Aquarius. Been having a lot of “lack of energy issues” lately and maybe it would be helpful to know more about this.

  4. Yes. Absolutely. I self-sabotage all the time. There are a few aspects in my chart that I express poorly, and I’d like to learn how to use them to my advantage.

  5. Well, since you wrote:

    “Or they may have a stellium in Leo and be unconsciously and annoyingly, attention-seeking, rather than using the creative energy that is their birthright, in way that benefits both themselves and others.”

    I think that you are definitely describing me. Obvs if you can teach us to be good at being us and to not self-sabotage, I’m in. ๐Ÿ˜€

  6. Yeah. I’ve got it good, but I insist on doing everything– the hard way. I create obstacles that don’t exist. I want to heal, but I dont always act like it.

  7. I’ve got a lot of Uranus so I’ll self sabotage, a lot…. only to convince myself that I needed the ‘space’ and ‘independence.’ Heh.

  8. With me right now, it’s the intensity. As of late, I have been attracting non-stop Scorpio stelliums. I read somewhere that, although Scorpio is the sign of intensity, when it comes go relationships, to them, there can be only one party who is the intense one- them. It sucks because I am also like that. It hurts my ego when this goes awry. (Leo Sun). I could and should detach (Moon oppose the sun in Aqua, rules the 7th), but I seem never to embrace this. I get far too attached, too quickly, despite the red flags, and it never works out. I blame much of this on my 8th house Venus in Virgo square my Rx Neptune in Sag in the 12th. I say, “I blame”, but I mean, I see where it comes from astrologically. That’s the worst part of it! I’m aware of this tendency within myself…but have a seriously hard time doing otherwise. Ugh. Plus, I can always see it in others and know exactly what thy need to do…by not with myself.

  9. Hey Thanks Elsa, it’s StarF, though – I left off the F by accident. Ha! I was just too lazy to log in to my account. ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Well, we are the only ones who can really do ourselves in the most. Also lack of good role models will do it – if you’ve never seen a good way to manage that Mars in Scorpio, for example, you’re going to do trial and error until you figure it out…while leaving bodies in the wake, yikes.

    The thing I’ve never wrapped my head around is the idea that you’re supposed to be the best of yourself that you can be – what if that’s not used for good but the person has NO idea?

  11. I was living in Crazytown, when I rediscovered astrology. I am very glad I found Elsa’s during that time. I hadn’t just fallen off the turnip truck, re: the shadows of the “woo-woo” arts, buuuut…I was in a bad place, and the good folks are not always as easy to find as the bad!

    Also glad I have enough experience to own my faults. Astrology helps me to be gentle and

  12. (…not be too hard on myself when glitches happen, heehee. Mobile woes.)

    …and gives me an idea of how to deal with these things, be aware and prepared. I don’t feel like a victim anymore. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. My recent ex was great at self sabotaging. I couldn’t wrap my mind around it…. still can’t.

    I’m pretty good with the dating scene, although I’m not free from overthinking every now and then. I just stop myself from acting out, so its my self-restraint that saves me.

  14. It’s another aspect of the Mars conundrum really isn’t it?

    “How NOT to misuse your Mars: learning to direct your energies in a positive way” ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. Yeah, sounds like the Mars thing.

    My Mars (Leo) works for being flashy and styling. Unfortunately, I have no performing ability, so it can’t help me there. I deliberately don’t use my Mars in my day job–it would not help me there, I should have Mars in Virgo for that job, really.

  16. Avatar
    capricorn rising

    Ha! Totally relate! Mars in Scorpio conjunct midheaven and stellium in Leo (sun, moon, venus) in the 8th house… When using my powers for good miracles can happen… for others and myself… However, when flipped or out of balance- emotional and psychological vomit ensues. Knowing when enough is enough just isn’t one of my strengths. I must say I admire the taurus men in my life that seem to have such a reasonable and sturdy grip on their emotions and reactions. The logic they use to deal with emotional situations is pure genius to me after I have lost all sense of reason in an emotional storm.

  17. i have moon in scorpio conjunct neptune, but also mars and venus conjunct in cappy in the first house and aquarian sun conjunct chiron in the second – im not sure how but i identify with that lady even though i know it is self-sabotaging (tho at the same time i did not warm to him through his responses, he didnt sound SO great) – i just get into relationships that reflect my parental ones, where everything i do is wrong or worse perhaps is only about reflecting their importance (their glory? aq sun is loosely opposite uranus leo) and as an adjunct to their needs/wants/lives. I dont exist as an individual and tho i know its all about self-worth, it is very very hard to change.

  18. my aries birthright is to burn my bridges myself and stub my own toe and cut off my on oxygen – I think it’s human, we have a gene or something that leads us to self destruct.

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