Saturn In Pisces: Defenses Dissolve

floodSaturn will ingress into Pisces on March 7th of 2023.  Saturn rules barriers or blocks of all kinds. This is fine but when block Pisces, the energy seeps through anyway. It’s like water, flowing like feelings, under the closed door.  It’s mesmerizing to witness but it can also terrify you and I’ll try to explain.

We all have defenses and/or blocks (Saturn).  You’re bound to be aware of some of these barriers. They may take the form of a boundary you placed to protect yourself from some person or something that threatens you or is know to cause you harm.

“No thanks, I don’t drink.” That’s an example of a conscious person’s healthy boundary.

But we all have other blocks or fears that prevent us from growing and maturing. These blocks can literally disable us and we don’t even know they’re there.

Saturn’s transit through Pisces this.  Basically, the tide goes out and there’s your problem.  If you’re heavily defended, it can be quite horrifying.

Saturn in Pisces is a Saturn Neptune exchange. The clash of these energies is something I’ve written about, prolifically because I have this in my natal chart. I am forever having the veil drop, to find the bloody reality, staring me in the face. Think I’m kidding?

8th House: Facing Your Own Horrifying Disposition

Oops! Slipped on a banana peel and caught my own reflection!  Someone get a doctor and make this truth go away!

It’s insanely humbling and funny too, if you have a sense of humor.

This post is also related. You don’t know you’re blind until you realize you’re blind!

Criticizing & Judging Others While Blind

My last post is also on this topic.  A person focuses on what they know. They don’t think about what they don’t know. If you happen to know a person has something wrong and you tell them, chances are they will defend themselves, though there is no attack underway.

Saturn in Pisces will alter this as defenses fail and reality floods in.  This is rarely fun but until it happens, you’re living in a prison with walls you can’t see.  People trick us and we trick ourselves.  This may serve you in certain circumstances or time frames but the time comes to clutch it up and deal with what’s real.

Pride, Psychology & Limitation

Writing this, it seems this transit is exactly what’s needed at this time. I don’t think it will be easy but seeing the blocks that cripple people be revealed and dissolved seems a smart way forward.

What do you know about Saturn in Pisces?

14 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces: Defenses Dissolve”

  1. I guess Saturn in Pisces could bring boundaries where there are non with Pisces. When Saturn was in Pisces in my younger years, I was in foster care. My mom made the boundaries in making sure I wasn’t allowed home. I thought I was loosing my mind. She made up horrible things about me to make sure I could come home.
    Saturn is coming up again in Pisces, I hope I won’t loose my mind like my sibling is now losing his, and he undergoes the same transits as me. I hope Saturn in Pisces makes sure I won’t lose it. And that it helps in making me stronger mentally. I could be so wrong. But that is what I feel. My Saturn in Virgo makes me meticulous very good in tracking things, and I always had my bills in order. Make sure everything is paid on time. But lately I’m in a fog . Forgetting things because of huge fear. Gladly my bf is there to pick me up. Preventing me thinking worse things. Because I’m in fear , fear I’ll die. Fear I won’t survive this. Or even get psychotic like my sibling is going trough now. I feel lost so lost. And hoping Saturn while slapping his belt makes sure I won’t lose it.

  2. So the Saturn opposition could bring maybe better times ? Since my Saturn is in Virgo.
    Having to deal with a psychotic brother is hard enough.
    I distanced myself from him, and hope that is enough.

  3. First Saturn transmitted my Neptune in Sag.
    Well, hello hard truths!

    Then he transitted my 12th house.
    Hello, undoing of your boundaries!

    Now Pisces?
    At least he is trining my Scorpio Stellium. It’s my 2nd house. So, less spending I guess…

    If you don’t like seeing the ugly truths (and Neptune rarely does), you’re in for a hard time. Wait. You are, anyhow you’re looking at it. Tighten your water pipes, tighten your savings and go to a swimmingpool to learn to swim.

    I mean it. Learning how to swim will be a great way to roll with the punches and still knowing how to keep your head above water.

  4. To the extent that any of the other mutable signs – Gemini, Virgo, and Sag – function as repositories of judgement on others and the world that mask and project self hatred – they will also be profoundly affected by Saturn in Pisces.
    There is a linkage – a synergy – between between Saturn, Neptune ,and Pluto that is here now and emerging.

  5. Hmm. I’ve been under the gun and forced for so long now…I’m beginning to wonder if I should stop analyzing these Saturn and Pluto transits…especially because after all this horrifying upheaval due to Saturn and Pluto on my 24Capricorn moon/2nd house, now I have my Pisces Mercury and Venus to be impacted. It’s just…a bit too much to worry about anymore. I’m still floating on flotsam from the last iceberg. Am I supposed to just die? Because after Pisces, comes my Aries Sun, Chiron, Mars, and Saturn in my 4th. Maybe it’s time to give up astrology. All this worry about specifics. Life happens as it happens. Im exhausted. I just dont have the resources to care anymore.

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