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  1. I have this natally – it works beautifully on my husband lol. He thinks he is talking me in to things that were my idea the whole time….

  2. Nope, I’m too busy seething, at having been underestimated. 12th house Leo sun, 3rd house Neptune/Scorpio sq. Saturn/Aqua.

  3. No. But I am aware often that that is the game that is being run. I find scorpio defined as manipulating odd. I find that my libra planets are far more manipulating and controlling. Can’t resist the temptation. And my libra friends are extremely manipulating. But oh so sweet and I can’t resist loving them for that sweet airiness. It’s addicting. Just need to avoid the traps.

    le_soleil, I get what you are saying, but it exists, so I have to get wiser and not get sucked in. It’s easy when you know and understand how someone works but there is always “the stranger.” It can be tough depending on how destructive the person is.

  4. …to put people off guard while i figured out how to get the heck out of an unpleasant situation…

    luckily not something i have to do terribly often.
    (i blame my pisces mars.)

  5. I’ve done this and am actually quite good at it, lol. I have no Scorpio tho, well, Uranus is there but he isn’t a heavy hitter in my chart so not sure what makes me do this?

    Because of my personality (and all my Gem prolly) A LOT of people honestly believe I’m naive & ditzy. I’ve also let people think they’re getting one over on me. Hey, it’s a huge advantage sometimes lol.

    People always underestimate the “ditzy” Gemini πŸ˜‰

  6. I don’t understand…does that mean that when someone is manipulating you, you outwardly go along with it so that the other person thinks the manipulation is working? And if so, how is it advantageous?

  7. I am sure I have. At least I know when I am being manipulated and then make the decision “do I want to go with this?” If there is an advantage..then I will.

  8. I’ve just learned from my husband, when you’ve got an enemy, it’s best not to keep them informed, lol. So if they think yer stoopid, this is good.

  9. Got this natally too and have at times acted dumb so I can get someone to finally reveal what they’re really doing, really thinking…Wish I could see things more clearly without having to do this, but sometimes have to check out what my intuition’s already telling me. As a Virgo I want to check the facts…

  10. Avatar

    I have this Natally too. I always thought it was my Pisces 8th house moon that caused me to do that….

  11. “. I always thought it was my Pisces 8th house moon that caused me to do that….”

    That is also a Neptune – Scorpio/Pluto exchange.

  12. We watch a lot of war movies around here, and I can see that it’s really quite stupid to stand up in plain view of the enemy and get shot.

    Take cover, fool!!!

  13. Hee hee I am doing this right now πŸ™‚
    Virgo sun 5th house and Scorpio Moon in the 8th

    I am pretending to submit to a situation(having my labour induced 2 weeks early due to advanced maternal age) that I have already gathered the evidence about and decided against (there is no medical reason for this to happen to me personally, and my risk due just to age is miniscule).

    Better than that, I went into mock protest initially but now I am saying “you were right all along and now I agree with you!” which is making all my care providers feel really smart and helpful and they think they have persuaded me. Big ego boost for them. πŸ™‚

    Even better, I am going to be allowed to leave work for my maternity leave because of the planned induction. My employer (also in the health field) thinks the induction is a fantastic idea and wants me to rest up. I couldn’t agree more (wink) now that I am getting two weeks additional vacation!

    And in the end, when the call comes to go into the hospital at 38 weeks, I just won’t pick up the phone. I may even be out of town. LOL

    I’m only 33 weeks pregnant know I’m going to do this already but on earth would I tell anyone? It is so much nicer on their egos to allow them to think that they converted me and I am going to follow along like all the other sheep. Plus if I stand my ground on principle I will cause myself all sorts of unnecessary trouble. Now why would I do that?

    Duck and cover and then vacay here I come! πŸ™‚

  14. 4. @ notch: “And my libra friends are extremely manipulating. But oh so sweet and I can’t resist loving them for that sweet airiness. It’s addicting. Just need to avoid the traps.”

    I asked a Libra, “is it manipulation, if you know they’re manipulating, or trying to?”

    She didn’t reply. Haha

  15. Scorpioandproud

    Neptune in Scorp…. oh, I do it and do it and do it….it sort of funny when people think you are clueless….like a little game

  16. Being quite a Neptune Pluto person, I often attract the projections of those who do silly stuff and need a peg to hang their evidence on.I don’t think I would last too long in a war. But yes I have occasionally allowed myself to be apparently manipulated. Told the story from back in the 70’s on here, where a work supervisor threatened to fire me on the spot for a misdemeanour that was 100% hers, to cover her tracks. After being very courteous and honest and trying my hardest to show her the evidence that proved I could not have been even present at the time of the misdemeanour (this was a hotel and she was in charge of booking suites, and had overbooked in her own very different to my handwriting)she reduced me to tears, stabbing viciously at personal matters (“I believe you have a 3yr old son, where is he? Why are you out working anyway?” My son had been kidnapped so that was painful). I dried my eyes,looked docile and compliant and at lunchtime went and got another job from an agency, worked the day out and sought her out five minutes to closing and handed my notice in with immediate effect, leaving her to sort her own nasty mess out. I won’t be dragged in to murky deceptions(they take way too much energy to sustain) and I won’t be unfair, but I will defend my integrity to the end. Neptune in 8th in Libra beside Saturn.

  17. I’m having an I’m such a dufus day. I think that natal neptune in scorpio naturally has this gift to see underpinnings. I have some heavy hitters at the end of signs like saturn, pluto, and neptune and with everything going flippy in the last years, my progressed chart seems to be making sense. Like neptune progressing into scorpio. However, those darn underpinnings shocked the crap out of me. I had no idea. There are good things happening in that area too, and that would be the gift in seeing those really wondrous changes in others. They too shock me sometimes but in a good way.

  18. Another one who has this natally and does it all the time, often unconsciously. Neptune exactly conjunct Scorp Asc. It’s my natural self defense mechanism and can be ruthlessly effective.

  19. I do this all the time. I have scorpio stellium in the 12th….
    Pretending to be manipulated is a form of manipulation itself, isn’t it?

  20. Hi everyone.
    I know someone with that placement. Manipulation is there 100%. Emotional, mental, sexual.
    Neptune is the worst planet to have…

  21. Back @ hltb: You little dickens, are you trying to make trouble? πŸ˜€

    I don’t like hangin anyone out to dry. It’s just not fair. I was surprised to realize how many libras I know and have known besides being born into a cartload of libra energy.

    The common denominator I see is they all work hard. They are willing to do what it takes to get what they want. Libra will use what works. If I cave into libra against my better judgement, it’s my bad. I may be perceiving libra energy that way because libra is my 11th house (goals) with some bleed over into the 12th?

    I thought of my earliest manipulation. My libra bro several years my senior was sweet talking me into trading my little dimes for his big nickels. My pisces bro overheard and whispered to me that I should only buy nickels with buffaloes on them. I mean I was teeney tyke. All of that meant nothing to me. It’s still that way with them, it’s always a let’s make a deal game. Makes me crazy.

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