Saturn Transit The First House, Square Venus

This morning’s client has Saturn transiting her first house while squaring her Venus in Virgo.  This is an example of a “double whammy”. Venus transiting Saturn as it opposes the Venus-ruled, seventh house.

Some people don’t realize that any planet transiting the first house will aspect the seventh, but it you think about it, it’s obvious.  The first house is all about how you go out in the world. How you present yourself.

How you present yourself affects how people interact with you; this is seventh house, business!

I don’t think this is an easy transit by any means. But it’s an easy transit to get ahold of. If you don’t like your relationship situation, you can alter it by changing the way you assert yourself (Mars-ruled first house) in the world.

I think a lot of people are super stubborn when it comes to this. They want to dig their heels in and make the other person change. This is the path to failure!

If you have Saturn transiting your first house, or Saturn transiting Venus, you have the opportunity to get real about love and relationships.  If you need help with that, it’s here – Finding Your True Love & Soulmate. I have cracked this code!

Do you have Saturn transiting your first house, or in aspect to Venus? How’s it going?

7 thoughts on “Saturn Transit The First House, Square Venus”

  1. “Some people don’t realize that any planet transiting the first house will aspect the seventh, but…”
    I’m such a novice that I don’t know what I don’t know. It’s exceedingly nice there’s a friendly place to mingle with people pursuing the same studies. Really grateful for

  2. My Virgo Venus square my Sagittarius Saturn. My 7H love relationships have been drama filled (Leo) and numerous (Uranus). However, post my Second Saturn Return I believe I’ve found real/mature (Saturn) love (Venus) and, no less, with a Sagittarius Sun man (complements my Prog Sagittarius Sun)! We met in a bible study class (Sagittarius ruled), of course!

  3. Wow, got this happening with Saturn transiting my Saggy house 1 with Venus opposite in house 7, Gemini. It has not been a fun time at all. Work is up & down all the time with work relationships being a part of it, as are all types of relationships. Feast or famine comes to mind but at least we rock & roll with it. Another thought provoking post. Thx

  4. Yep, having Saturn transit in the 1 st house transiting my Venus Geminin in the 7 the house! it’s all about redefining my relationships…and I’m also having major financial responsability coming to me, but something I have asked for.

  5. I currently have a Saturn/ Venus transit. At 52 I am finding it reassuring in a way as it seems to be encouraging me to look again in a mature way, at my ‘love life’ values and define them.This transit is pushing me perhaps to act and think with more personal authority (about myself)that I knew I had with a bit of a dysfunctional,immature relationship history behind me.I have to say that my recent consultation with Elsa regarding this helped me feel more empowered in the face of Saturn, rather than than quaking in the presence of his authority – authority which I formerly felt I lacked(and probably wanted to lack as I was not really able take proper responsibility)when younger.I feel if I have the right attitude,in short,it’ll go well like a
    last chance to do things properly!

  6. Saturn transiting my first,Pluto in Cap cj my natal venus. My husband doesn’t want to live together any more and I feel very lonely.I’ll move out soon (bought a flat), but we are living together as friends for the moment. It’s complicated

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