Venus In Scorpio, Pluto In Libra… Quintessential Manifestation And A Song As Old As Time

From a consultation. She’s got a Sun Pluto conjunction in Libra AND Venus in Scorpio. She wonders if there is a way to resolve…

I write:

“Yes! I am attracted to taboo and also want the security and status and loyalty a marriage provides. True intimacy is always scary and treacherous so I can be committed still have my edge.

The biggest impediment to finding resolution to this type challenge is realizing what is in you. You have to uncover your true desires, bring them to your consciousness and integrate this stuff into your life.


Painful, maybe. But very, very fruitful and productive.”

Who can relate? Tell us of your success or failure.

4 thoughts on “Venus In Scorpio, Pluto In Libra… Quintessential Manifestation And A Song As Old As Time”

  1. After the end of a previous relationship I was feeling very defective as a human in general…being left is a blow to the self-esteem.

    I remember feeling like I was a financial liability to anyone who wanted to partner with me. In consultation with Elsa, she told me this was only IF I became partnered next time round with a similar kind of person (as the person who didn’t want to merge finances with any other person…period).

    I kept that in mind, and now I’m in a relationship with a person who has hired me to take care of their finances. Talk about a 180. Best thing is, both my partner and I feel great about it.

  2. Hmm… I have Venus Pluto conjunction about 3 degrees from my acendant in the first house…..

    Which is in scorpio… which means the ruler of my 7th house is in my first house, and conjunct the modern ruler of my first house as well (I wonder what that means all the time.)

    Anywho, yeah my last relationship I kinda took care of everything finacially myself, and it was a huge burden, but my partner did not want to merge fincailly even though I had to help pick up the slack. Most of the relationship was about teaching him how to handle his money since he wouldn’t let me get ahold of it so I could make sure nothing happened. He was a very indenpendant person even though he could barely take care of himself. And couldn’t see his own shortcomings so he could more easily achieve his ideal of totally independance. LOL!

    Anywho, I totally relate to needing a stable partner but being extremly afriad of intamcy (I used to dream and have fantasies about just intamcy alone when I was younger, I think I’m scaried of it now because I feel no one finds it as important as I do, so they can hurt me easily and walk away…)

    Sometimes I’m really uncomfortable with physical affection because it makes me happy… I recently also feel even more uncomfortable because I realized when a man is being physically affectionate with me he is very likely only thinking about sex (I have a very sexy aura, that I fprget I have all the time,) and I get really happy when I get the attention, only to get sad a few seconds later when I realise they dont “mean” what I think they “mean”

    Love and Sex may no be the same thing, but I mistake all the physical attention for what I think I need…

    I guess I need someone who heart and body is alined, because then I could trust the physical affection they were giving me, that it ment something.

  3. Briefly: have Venus Scorpio Sun conjunct (1degree) tenth house SQUARED by Pluto in 7th.

    Best description I have read is by Green in his book “Pluto” about Venus/ Scorpio is ‘that no one will accept you as you are”..He also goes on to say that that combination V/S makes a unsaid ‘promise’ to those we get involved with that is impossible to fulfill.

    Now, my experience…couple marriages, great kids, number of casual and committed relationships….and all the comitted relationships ended because each and every one of these women ‘turned’ on me and in essence drove me out of the relationship, and to be truthful, I do not think any of these women realized that that was what they were doing. I really believe in retrospect that they were subconsiously reacting to the “unfulfilled promise’ of that Scorpio/Venus conjunction, that Green spoke about. In addition, each of these relationships were INTENSE. There are movies made of these types of connections, because they have the potential to become tragic, and therefore good movie material.
    And along the way, I have met several Soul Mates, even the Twin Flame has been identified….but are we together? No. And yes, I am still trying to figure it out, and after my last intense experience almost ten years ago, have been unable to re-engage with anyone, and I am now doubtful there will be another or should I say THE ONE decent lasting relationship in this life time.

    1. Yours right on.
      I loved another Venus in Scorpio only to have the heartbreak of him loving another Venus in Scorpio. I knew about her for a long time tho it was never discussed. I respected what he felt but I most certainly pulled away and distanced myself from him to bleed out alone. The pain was beyond anything I ever experienced. It has literally transformed me and deadened a part of my heart.
      The only thing a Venus on Scorpio can do is to simply accept that there will always be a piece of themselves that has to be cut off in order for the rest of the heart to live.

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