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SpiderwebI’ve met a lot of people here. I like pretty much every single one of them, but two women have emerged as “friends”. Β “Friends” in this context would be defined as someone who comes to my home or I to theirs. Alternately we might meet for lunch of some other activity.

The women who have become my friends both have their Moon in Scorpio, as does my husband. I can feel the web around me.

I have other contacts here. I’m building relationships of different kinds with different people but I will also recognize these women as the ones showed up in my life first, with no reservation.

You read a lot of awful stuff about Scorpio Moon women but not on this blog. I admit I’ve met a few freaks with the placement. But generally speaking,Β there’s no better friend out there for a person like me.

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  1. Just read through your article – my Scorpio Moon has been interesting to live with and has left me puzzled about ‘friends’ on occasion. I learned a lot from my first Astrology reading (in 1975) and from the woman who became my teacher. She said that I will have people divulge their deepest, darkest secrets to me – they trust me and confide in me. But, I will have a hard time finding people (friends) that I can trust . . . and this has been true my whole life. Anytime I confide in someone my ‘secrets’ become front page news!

    1. On the plus side, I think we Scorpio moons are very loyal to “the good ones,” when we find them. And sometimes we’re too loyal to the wrong ones.

    2. I’ve had a hard time finding people I can trust as well, toni. (Scorpio moon). Ive never had anyone I could lean on.

  2. Sounds like your adventure in moving is working out to be profitable in making new friendly relationships that is a wonderful thing. Best part of moving anywhere is meeting the local people in my opinion.

  3. [*raises hand*] Moon (conjunct Venus) in Scorpio! Been reading your blog since 2009. Adding Neptune/5th in Scorpio to that mix, widely conjunct my moon/venus in 6th, perhaps explains further that I had a lot of strange, unexplainable stuff happen in my dating life when I was younger. I could *feel* the weirdness, but couldn’t put words to what I was feeling. Over the years, I’ve had to get comfortable with the idea of saying, “I don’t know why this person did that thing, and that’s okay. Some things can never be explained to my satisfaction.” But you know Scorpio; it wants to dig down to the very bottom of things, and that can sometimes shadow-express as obsession. I’m grateful to have ended up with a fantastic husband, but I had to wait a long time for him… we didn’t meet till I was 48 and he was 51.

  4. Neptune/Moon conjunct in 4th house scorpio (square my leo sun) …People also tell me their secrets, I’ve had jobs where i had to keep peoples secrets (personal info) and it’s not an issue with me, but I do hate to divulge any of my personal info lol. I also feel ‘i know’ intuitively about people I think my nept/moon is very intuitive.. These ladies must “know” you as well πŸ™‚

  5. I’m a Cancer with Pisces moon and my friendships/relationships with Scorpio moons are interesting. We always seem to have a natural affinity. It doesn’t always “work” in the long run…but it’s always intense, whether it does or doesn’t. I can just sense their intensity bubbling under the surface.

  6. I found when I was searching for info on Scorpio Moon and I’ve never stopped coming since. You’ve created a home away from home for this Scorpio Moon. I’m pretty sure its unexplainable but I’ll try anyways… sometimes, I get these feelings from the depths and I know that coming here is going to help aliviate things, or comfort me, or give me an outlet. How selfish, huh!? But, it’s truth. Just now, I was out and about with my daughter… feeling like I just can’t connect with people. Is it me? Is it the culture barrier? …or is it Saturn transiting natal 4th house/Moon/Saturn? I don’t know and sometimes I just need to accept that I’m never going to know the answers and to learn to be okay with that. Scorpio/Virgo/Leo issues. This pocket, this diverse and deep group, the honesty, your questions, questions that need to be asked, the directness… and handfulls of more reasons are why this place pulls at me so. It’s my own little secret home I guess…

    1. Thank you, Shan.

      Years ago I did a poll – who reads the blog. Moon in Scorpio was over-represented for sure. I try to serve meat around here. πŸ™‚

    2. Ditto your sentiments for this place, Shan. I don’t have a Scorpio Moon, but I do have the Moon in the 8th. I noticed there an overwhelming amount of 8th house people+Scorpio/Scorpio Moon here. I think I found this place looking for info on the 8th house or Scorpio when I first got into astrology a decade ago.

  7. 5th house Scorpio Sun here and I can tell you from my experience that Scorpios find each other like a tribe! My closest ‘soulmate’ friends are either Scorpio Suns, Moons or Ascendants. We are the only ones that can deal with each other – LOL.

  8. My mom is a Scorpio moon/Pisces Sun super sensitive and loyal. Also kind of psychic with her dreams. Would love to hear about Scorpio moon men. πŸ™‚

  9. I love Moon Scorpios as well. My partner is Moon Scorp, as is my father. I was almost a Moon Scorp too (29 degrees Libra instead). I love the depth of feeling. I guess it helps that I have Moon/Pluto.

  10. Scorpio Moon here, Gemini Sun. Unfortunatelly I have once again discovered that friends are not having the same priniciples like I have. For me loyalty, honesty come first. It’s not the first time happenenig to me, but I feel the same deep sadness.

  11. I have Virgo Pluto squaring my Gemini Moon and that is a peach of a position to have. And since Pluto has transited my 11th house, I have made friends for a short while and then they are gone from my life forever. But like someone else above, I was looking for information on Scorpio and found this site and have been reading it ever since. πŸ™‚

  12. My mother has a Gemini sun and Scorpio Moon. I marvel at her ability to connect with people and their problems on such a deep, potent level. She always finds the good/potential in those that our society would consider “lost causes,” and I will always admire her for that.

  13. My Scorpio moon/Mercury/Venus tight conjunct Libra friend is an absolute keeper. She says she’s not close to many so I’m so honoured too.
    In fact my crabby ways seem to appeal to most Scorpio placements full stop. πŸ™‚

  14. Scorpio Moon friends are awesome because you don’t have to look for them, they look for YOU *creepy grin*

    Scorpio Moon is such an extreme personality, either you deal with the super psychotic serial killer types that you wish you never met or the extremely intuitive healing doctor types that stick with you for life when no one else will.

  15. My Capricorn mom has a Scorpio Moon and she is of course, AWESOME – my closest companion so far in the whole life journey.

  16. I don’t have a Scorpio Moon, but I’m gonna be your friend! ha! I even registered to “Walk to End Lupus” in your name, well I didn’t use your name, but you are the reason I’m doing this walk!

  17. Of course you know I will join this party!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh…. lets give it up for the Scorpio moons. I LOVE THEM! They are my friends. They will hold me up when no one else will. They will show up out of nowhere. They are loyal and true.

    My favorite Scorpio moon is just a wee little thing. She gets it! She has got it going on. She understands things she should never be able to understand at a soul level.

    I would fight to the death over my Scorpio moons. They are all I need when there is a crisis. I can call out to them and they will come running with pitch forks in hand….ready to prop me up and go into battle with me….or just love me in spite of all this fixed water I have to live with.

    I just adore them!!!!!

  18. Ok Scorpio Moon here…showing much love..exploring the emotional depths with Scorpio Sun & Merc as well, I sometimes wish for “lighter days”.
    When I was a nurse, it was fulfilling to feel close to & help people intuitively as they came face to face with Grimm.
    Sometimes I am too much for my friends…just learning to back off from my “know it all” ways…silence is golden at times

  19. Virgo with Sag moon here, and I have two wonderful close friends who are Scorpio moons. We have deep discussions, share our secrets, trust each other implicitly. They are private but honorable and deep, more philosophical, and have quiet strength that is impressive even though both can feel wounded from others in their lives. When we are in the same cities, we LOVE to hang out — sisters in a way.

    One is another Virgo sun, one an Aquaius sun.

  20. Dare this little Aries stick her oar in? Sure, what’s the worst that can happen, ha! Nearly all my ex boyfriends and several I remain lifelong friends with have Scorpio Moon, it’s soul family. Mars rules us and we are sympatico on a deep level, although the romance is dead and gone, the connection remains. I suppose we have gone through a kind of emotional death together and been reborn. I have Libra 11th house / cusp of 12th, ruled by Venus in 3rd Aquarius.
    So am used to hanging out with the more interesting types, lovers who become lifelong friends but more than friends, like my extended family. It doesn’t seem to apply to my women friends, I have no really close Sun Scorpio friends that last beyond a short intense friendship that heals them in some way, then they move on, which is ok. I feel really blessed to have Scorpio Moon men with me through life.

  21. From a Scorpio moon/mars/mercury/neptune, 5 degree Scorpio stellium perspective, I have to say we are the friends we wish we had, if you know what I mean…
    I used to say I would walk over broken glass for my family (it’s in my 3rd house), until they kicked me around so much I walked away. But they really had to kick the living hell out of me before I accepted that they were not worthy of me.

  22. Thank you for your wonderful support of moon in Scorpio over the years. It’s why I began reading your blog and purchasing reports and why I keep coming back. When Saturn was conjuncting my fourth house moon, I found this site to be a place of comfort.

  23. I’ve been friends with Scorpio moon people… and those with just about every other moon sign too. But with my Uranus (retrograde) in the 11th, they’ve always suddenly had to move across the U.S., or to far-away, “exotic” places’ or there’s a sudden, sometimes unpleasant, end to the relationship. So I very seldom get a chance to see how any moon sign would be in a long-term friendship, in person, anyway!

  24. …oops.. wanted to finish by saying that my oldest, dearest friend has a Scorpio ascendant – loyal through five moves, all OVER the place!

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