Who’s The Most Intense & Violent – Scorpio Sun, Moon, Or Rising?

Painted scorpianElsa,

Who is more intense and violent a rising Scorpio or a sun Scorpio? I am a rising Scorpio with a Sun in Gemini and a Moon in Scorpio. I used to have a very bad temper, I have calmed down a lot of the years, but sometimes I still get the urge to strike out.


Hi, Curious. I don’t think you can judge something like this without considering, Mars.  A Scorpio (Sun or Rising) with Mars in Pisces in the 12th house would use subterfuge as a tactic. Gaslighting and the like.

In contrast, Scorpio with Mars in a Fire sign would fight overtly. Mars in Aries strikes first. Mars in Leo might stage a dramatic battle or fight creatively, etc.

Also, when you’re talking, “cruelty”, then Mars would be involved with Saturn somehow. You get the idea. Intensity and violence take different forms.  Bottom line, when evaluating, Scorpio, check Mars!

Does anyone else have ideas on this?

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  1. I’m a triple conjunction Scorpio with Sun-Venus-Jupiter and Mercury in the sign. Moon in 8th house. My Mars is in Capricorn, as close to the 12th house as you can, without really being there.

    Mars in Capricorn is cold.
    My anger is cold but boil underneath the surface, self destroying me sometimes because I can’t seem to get it all out (12th house play). It just boils up with my Mars square moon, and then erupts when I am finally DONE working to make things better. If I don’t see any improvement and the person just keeps going at it, I either give them a scalding verbal hit (Mercury Scorpio) which either amputate the connection or results in much greater respect and integrity for both of us.

    Capricorn has this “If only I work a little harder” mentality, and that’s perfect for Mars, because he is well suited for this – but when we’re done, we’re DONE.

    My anger is cold, hard – like the Capricorn season or winter earth. That CAN seem a bit cruel I guess?

  2. I have Scorpio rising and Mars in Aries. I have a lot of Pisces so I don’t usually fight, but when I do, I am direct and don’t play games.

  3. I have Scorpio Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn and Pluto in Scorpio too.
    I can say that at early age I’ve attracted violence also permanent intentions of suicide any time I dont find sense in humanity (Saturn and Pluto in 9th). But at that age and so many years of digging in my own issues and after such an extreme experience I pogressed the quality of these planets in something extremely positive and helping others find the root of their issues. So Scorpio in my oppinion cannot just be set in frames this or that, and violence dont forget is just a piece of negative energy not a permanent attitude. For me the degree of violence has one reflection and power for others the degree is different.

  4. I would never consider myself physically violent (I was the one abused). But, I can strike with words that devastate. Pluto Rising in Scorpio. My Mars is in Gemini opposite Saturn.

      1. As for Mars/Saturn. Yeah, I’ve seen pissed off Mars/Saturn people. It’s amazing (not sure if that’s the precise word) how cutting they can be, you almost feel sorry for their victim, even if the victim deserves it.

        I also see a lot of ‘instant karma’ with Mars/Saturn people who do bad to others. I’m think Mel Gibson in this type of case. They don’t really get away with much, at least from my view.

        1. I have been on the receiving end of a person with a 12H Aries Mars with an out-of-sign square to their 9H Sag Uranus/Saturn conjunction. Sudden, extremely cruel verbal attacks verging on physical attack.

  5. I have a Scorpio Mars in the 4th house. I didn’t like being told what to do by my parents or any one else really. ODD must have been created by those with a 4th house placement. Loving is easy, but with a big demi-god like ego even as a child, it’s hard to listen to others when you doubt them based up what you see and feel.

    I cannot hide my emotions at all, but it takes a bit to really piss me off. My father would say, “put your hands up”, and I knew what that meant every time. I can say that it’s hard to beat a man with 2 high ranking belts in 2 disciplines along with 21 years in the infantry, but I tried even though at times I didn’t ask for it.
    We are much better now. It has allowed for more openness with my emotional history and given more focus and drive. I practice mindfulness and some medication, stretch/yoga and work-out. I must have a physical outlet, and a spiritual one too, where reading and studying religion and participating in discussions regardless of sides chosen. You see, I’m good at confrontation when it’s either physical or mental, such as chess or strategy games. I’ve nationally placed for chess tournaments at 14 and some video games as well. I love games involving in-depth tactics.
    I should also mention my Mars opposes Moon and squares Sun. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve gotten into altercations with random people, or may have started one due to my tone or misreading me. Not being aware of ones own interpretive actions is a hindrance. Still I struggle with this at times.
    I’ve taught at an At-Risk H.S. due to my own history and work background, and it’s paid off in a lot of ways. Still much to learn though.

  6. violence came via aries(sun) with Scorpio rising and Lilith in Aries
    For me,I always will ask
    “When are you born”
    No time for repeats

  7. Hmm – mother dearest who tried to abort me twice then forever told me I was no good & will amount to nothing, has her Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio trine Mars conjunct Pluto in Cancer with a Gemini Sun.

    She hated me intensely; her Mars is conjunct my Sun by 4 mins. Did not matter how much I tried nor how hard, nothing would please her so the counsellor I had in my late teens/early twenties told me to stop trying as I was wasting my time.

    In the end, I had to cut ties completely or she would have kept on trying to destroy me. Who needs that in this life?

    1. (((Louie2U))), I’m sorry you were treated so poorly. You feel like the counselor’s advice helped you? Late teens seems a bit early to have to make that kind of realization.

  8. Scorpio Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, Neptune (4 planet Stellium) Gemini Mars square Pluto.

    I haven’t hurt a soul yet! Never in my life…ever once. I have a sturdy Taurus moon and a nurturing Cancer rising.

    If I have to defend myself, I do it with my mouth.

    My DIL is a Scorpio rising conj. Pluto. Lord have mercy…her last go at me ended with me saying….sister girlfriend…you better pack a lunch! She has Mars in Sag. She’s impatient (and so two-faced) but her Mars is pretty harmless. Lets put it this way…she doesn’t scare me in the least. I can say all this and still tell you that while she has been a handful, I do love her.

    1. That sounds like a 5 planet stellium to me – the same as I’ve got. Same day too, in 1958, but I’ve got Aquarius rising, in square to that stellium. I think you have a gentler chart with the Cancer rising. I too have never been violent. My tongue can be sharp though. Mercury and Pluto in mutual reception. Mercury in Scorpio. To me the Mars square Pluto is more relentless than violent. I get sick of hearing it associated with violence. Same with Scorpios for that matter.

    2. SO LOVE THIS – me, too / PERFECT description & analysis Soup!

      “ I have a sturdy Taurus moon and a nurturing Cancer rising.”


      1. Our birth charts are so similar! That is so cool.

        Yeah, my Cancer rising just wants to love on everyone in a huge way (Taurus moon) am I feeding my people every chance I get haha but I do have the Mars in Gemini square Virgo Pluto (those mutables- damn!) This mouth will run amok – death by a thousand papercuts insults right back at the perp… haha They come at me and boom… this mouth is triggered …I work hard to stfu!!!

        1. Just amazing the POWER of ElsaElsa.com!

          So nice to connect.

          I absolutely love to cook so your comment of
          “feeding my people” resonates / what a better way to get together than by a shared meal?

  9. Scorpio Moon and rising, just one degree apart. Mars in Gemini, 8th house, Pisces Sun. I’m not a violent person. it’s not in my personality at all. I can be harsh with words when really provoked. And my intensity comes up in conversations when I’m discussing something that I really care about. Then I regret what I said, if I was too intolerant to my friends or colleagues. it’ often black and white for me….

  10. Whoa. I have Mars cj Moon at 6*, Mercury at 8*, and Neptune at 10* Scorpio. My Sun is Libra. My sister is Scorpio Sun. She was wicked and cruel to me my entire childhood, and extremely judgmental and destructive and backstabbing(writing letters to the court on behalf of my alcoholic ex saying I was “vindictive” and she recommended that custody go to him.)
    I have never been cruel, underhanded, or mean. Naive, yes. The victim of most of her cruelty, yes. I am intense and intelligent, and generally use my energy in purer activities.

  11. I’m a rising with a Libra Mars with some favorable aspects…while I feel like I could be a violent person, I try to mitigate my rage with what will get me further/closer to my goals. So if, like, I want to punch my boss, for example, I’d avoid doing that unless I was prepared to go to jail over it. If, however, I’m backed into a corner and my best option is to go at it like a rabid tiger, look out world! My violence HAS been physical in the past, but that’s pretty much as my breaking point. For the most part, my rage is subtle to outsiders. I will (and have) work the long con to get revenge if I’m passionate enough about it. I have some childhood PTSD, so frankly, Libra mars is probably the best placement I could have gotten. With my internal rage, I would probably be serving a life sentence if I had an Aries Mars.

  12. I can be violent.

    Leo Sun. Moon & Mars in Scorpio rising. It is triggered by the thought of sexual betrayal. Insecurity?

  13. I would say Scorpio Moon.

    Moon is feeling, and let’s face it, Scorpio Moon is/are/has super intense feelings.

    A Scorpio Sun can be softened, and rising is just rising…it is not pure ego or emotion. Yes, rising has influence too, but…I still say Moon.

    1. Avatar
      Humble Yourself

      even if a Scorpio sun “can be softened” that still doesn’t mean anything… By that same logic any other sign (non-Scorpio) with a Scorpio moon/rising is already softened before the Scorpio influence. Even the softest Scorpios have the POTENTIAL to revel in the Scorpion power and use it to whatever degree they choose. For a moon or rising they don’t have that power to choose what amount of energy to put into whatever. A Scorpio DOES, so even if they CHOOSE not to, that doesn’t mean they aren’t MORE CAPABLE than others (non-Scorpios, even ones with the moon/rising placement)

  14. I am Scorpio November 21, 1964 (don’t know much about charts.) I would fight fiercely and crazy fiercely if someone I love is being hurt. When I am provoked I do get angry, but attacking is not a tactic for me. I prefer peace. As a child and teenager I was physically abused by my brothers and mother. With my brothers, I would get to the point when I would chaotically and haphzardly hit back. With my mother, I never did.

    Am I less of a Scorpio if I am not vindictive, manipulataive, and irrationally angry/violent? Am I less of a Scorpio if I life peace and simplicity? I like Astrology, but at times it can be used to “type” people in ways that are not very rational or fair.

  15. I have found Gemini to rival Scorpio in the tyranny department. After the simple of Taurus the individual of Gemini can be quite ruthless I have found. But as always with Gemini there’s another side, a very sweet one. Actually Scorpio too gas a very loving side.

  16. It should be remembered though that the Moon is exalted in Taurus and so falls in Taurus’ opposite, Scorpio. This means that Moon in Scorpio is a weak placement.

  17. Hmm, I have Scorpio rising, with Venus and Saturn in my ascendant as well as Black moon Lilith in Scorpio. All in conjunction. Passion and temper try me lol…

      1. LOL… I’ve had my dealing with Leo’s. As long as you stroking the main they are happy. They are very passionate as long as you devote everything to them. However they couldn’t begin to understand my deep dark unscrupulous emotions. So I was forced to stop the stocking lol….

        1. It depends on whether the “stroking the mane” is genuine or not. We can usually tell whether people are being fake and just because we can be easy-going doesn’t mean we don’t also have a fierce temper. Just like a real lion, its playfulness doesn’t make it any less a predator. So too people shouldn’t mistake a Leo’s kindness for weakness.

  18. I am a scorpio rising with Pluto conjunct asc, mars trine Pluto Mars trine asc also Mars opposite Saturn and Pluto sextile Mars. I am not a violent person and I will avoid attacking people but I can get triggered specially in a life or death dangerous situation or when cornered. When I’m triggered I have fractured someones forearm with one punch. Since all these aspects touch my asc it gives me all that energy physically on my body. I am also not very big about 5’7” but ill tell you I got jumped once by 3 football players from my hs all 6’+ and buff. All three against me taking punches and none of them hurt thats when I punched that Guy in the forearm. When he started screaming about his forearm they all stopped and walked away from me just like that! Joke was over. Other than that im mostly calm and gentle with people like a dormant volcano you never want to activate.

    1. Understand that Scorpio vibe that you write about. I like the intensity, but wouldn’t want to poke that bear! Tis the fool that does.

  19. I clicked on this because I am also a Gemini Sun with Scorpio moon and rising. I have always had an intense was of living, even when I don’t mean to draw attention and am keeping to myself, people still always either are drawn to me are hide form me. I have struggled with deep emotions and anxiety. I usually control my feelings very well. I’d also say, I am a very kind,giving and understanding person but on the other side of the coin if I needed to defend myself it would be a quick and powerful attack. I have a lot of strength because I am always holding the flood gates at bay.

  20. Scorpios born in the season (Scorpios sun’s) have the highest captivity for all thing Scorpio and it’s not a competition. Moon and rising could compete for this, actual Scorpios already have them beat, EVEN the “non-violent” ones, when they CHOSE to get like that.

    1. It seems more like a survival thing that Scorpio is interested in? And owning their own power, which can rage invincible. That power embodied really does not need to prove itself by beating someone else up. That would be like power with a small p. Or just plain twisted.

        1. This isn’t about other signs, but either way that fact applies to Scorpios (Scorpio suns) more than any other fixed sign and obviously more than every other sign

          1. No, it doesn’t just apply to Scorpios and that’s my whole point. People here are making Scorpios out to be the only sign that’s capable of “power” or whatever and that’s simply not true at all. All the signs, and all the fixed signs especially are capable of that. So maybe you should “humble yourself.”

            1. Avatar
              Humble Yourself

              Dude you’re the same clown you spent how many years doing the SAME shit you’re trying to accuse me of? You even feel the need to go where you’re not even welcomed or wanted to spread your bullshit (hence you being here,salty because Scorpios are being recognized for our power and you aren’t), the same bullshit you’re trying to accuse me of right now… What a contradiction… Only difference is you tried to promote Leo’s now you’re talking about all fixed signs (which I don’t disagree with). Regardless of that, when it comes to the fixed signs in general Scorpio is still the power player and could hold it down by themselves. No other sign, fixed or not, could. You mad, use your own advice

              1. You’re the one who replied to me first, dude! And now you’re making it personal with the insults. I was “giving you advice” because I thought your username was a sarcastic dig at me first.

                Yeah, you Scorpios ate “recognized for your power” when the astrologers is usually another Scorpio. And don’t give me that “you’re not wanted here” nonsense!

                Whenever an astrologer praises Leo, all the other signs try to chime in and insult us about our “ego” or whatever but when the astrologers praise another sign, suddenly Leos aren’t welcome to chime in??? Sounds pretty hypocritical to me.

                And NO. Scorpio uses power in a different way, but there only one sign ruled by the Sun itself. Puny Pluto doesn’t come close to the power of the Sun whether you anyone else agree with it or not. And no other sign comes close to THAT.

                So maybe you should deal with THAT and take YOUR own advice since you’re the one with the username.

            2. Avatar
              Humble Yourself

              This is a response to the last comment left on October 16, 2021 at 2:16 pm by ThePaganBum…

              Listen goofy, do your research on “puny Pluto” and do your research on how it interacts with the sun. Then do your research on MARS, (which you failed to mention) and what it’s all about. THEN you could imagine the sun MERGED with BOTH “puny Pluto” AND Mars. Put that up against the sun alone… It’s no competition you clown. Now kick rocks. You’ll never find a Scorpio creeping and lurking on a Leo anything because you PUSSYcats are IRRELEVANT to us. We DON’T CARE about y’all. We’re not “every other sign”, so whatever you said about that DOESN’T APPLY TO US! You must be bored, you should find a better hobby. Move tf around clown.

        1. Oh a Scorpio agreeing with another Scorpio? What a surprise. If it was a Leo agreeing with another Leo, no doubt some other sign would accuse us of having “egos” but I guess that just goes to show the double-standards on Leos in astrology.

          1. U mad or Naw? That’s cuz Leo’s are LYING when they claim whatever they claim. That’s not the case for Scorpios. Cry me a river bro

  21. I guess I would tell the questioner that she or he needs a conduit to channel that power. Probably deciding not to let it run loose in attack is a good start to owning that power. And so begins the journey down to the seat of power.

  22. Intense – yes (Sun Scorpio). Violent – no (I see violence as a weakness, i.e. not being strong enough to contain or control your urges). A temper – yes (Mars in Sag square Uranus-Pluto in Virgo) but it doesn’t last and I always seek to reach a ‘philosophical attitude'(Sag) 🙂

  23. Asc, Mars, and Saturn in Scorpio 12th House. I have a temper, but my words cut like an axe. I keep it on a leash and God forbid I let it go. All my life I’m trying to control it, but 12th House helps. But if my anger takes over, I will crush the other side, and sometimes I’m sorry, but sometimes I’m not. Instead of killing with words, I choose to amputate, less damage. If I allow my anger to be free, the other side will probably never recover. I have a friend, I was her MOH. She was always putting us, friends, down when she was feeling bad, in those moments bringing out our bad choices or faults, made her feel better, bigger than us. I’ve put it for years, but when I found out she came back living in our country without letting me know, I found out on FB, I decided that’s it and cut her off. Better than releasing my anger. But sometimes, people tend to bring the worse in me, it’s like pushing my limits and then I lose it and at the end, they wonder how nasty I can be. I have a temper, but it’s slow-burning, which makes things worse, I go way back in past since day one. I know, terrible, but at least I’m aware of how it is and I really try to avoid such situations when my temper comes out and decides to burn everything. Self-control is pretty much everything in my life.

  24. This is food for thought. I have acted strongly towards people who were attacking friends. I once. literally had to wrench her from an abusive boyfriend and was ready to fight, but he saw I meant business and let go.
    I do have Mars in Scorpio conj. Neptune which could be considered a gaslighting aspect, but I also have Mercury is Sag, so if I am trying to convince someone, it’s not to gaslight them. I want to argue to get them to see. But my truth is not the only truth. And I see that too. The two planets are only at 4 degrees at the very beginning of the 12th house cusp so I see that as a “baby Mars”. I also have a Scorpio Sun, and ASC. I’m sure there are people that are scared of me or don’t like me, though I would never want to hurt a fly or spider for that matter. I capture them in jars and let them go outside. I do eat meat, fish and chicken so am I a violent person? I am human and try to buy organic and humanely raised animal products. I also eat vegetarian sometimes. In the end though, we all have blood on our hands when you really look at the big picture.

    1. Your mars Neptune is acting with compassion I think by the way you stand up for your friends. I have mars in Pisces and tended to stand up for the underdogs. Maybe you are more fortunate than I for the same people I stood by eventually turned on me. I guess they were not ready to be propped up. My 8th house ruler is in the 11th house of friends so that’s the way it goes. Twisted. Another Astro feature that has pushed me to be more independent. Everyone with a grain of salt or something like that. I don’t feel bad about it or anything. All part of the bigger manifestation of me. Whatever it takes. Nothing to do about it.

      1. @Notch Yes I do have lots of compassion for my friends Notch. To a fault sometimes!
        I am sorry to hear that yours have turned on you. That must have been hurtful and confusing at first, though it sounds like you have resolved it for yourself. Good job! It’s usually about them you know? But you’re right some folks just aren’t ready to be propped up as you say. I have had friends like that; they haven’t turned on me just continue to let themselves down. It’s sad. So I certainly have backed off on the propping up.

        1. I think too it is important to know when to let people go as well. Virgo needs to know who is an actual friend and who is befriending because they need something (kinduv like a service is provided). And there have been those who I have helped get back on their feet by introducing them to things and taking them places to revive their interests and then they get angry when I run out of things to show them. In some cases, the person has far exceeded my interest or ability in an area. They become specialized in the area which is great, but not where I am at so it is time for them to move on.

  25. My Scorpio ascendant, Aquarius Mars sister is way more intense and not beyond violence than my Scorpio Sun, Cancer Mars husband. Her ASC degree is my DSC degree, mirror charts. Her Mars opposes my Uranus. The intensity is emotional volatility with Pisces Sun-Virgo Pluto opposing 4th to 10th. I have Sun parallel Pluto. My 2nd house Venus in Gemini, 3rd house Cancer Sun-Mercury not afflicted is done with her drama queen imaginary need to compete.

    1. You can’t compare a your sister with your husband wtf? Why/how would you expect your husband as a man to be violent or feel the need to compete with you?

  26. People do go on about Scorpios. I have found Scorpios to be quite ordinary people, don’t get all the stuff about sexuality, intensity ect. Generally likeable, easy going people. Aspects can make any person’s horoscope challenging, not just Scorpios.

    1. Avatar
      Humble Yourself

      No. Scorpios are all that and more. If YOU didn’t get it, that’s because you’re not in tune with them. It doesn’t mean they don’t still possess the power others obsess about… Aspects could make any person’s horoscope challenging, but not like a Scorpios. Also, who said “aspects only make Scorpios horoscope challenging?” On top of that, that (challenges) is what Scorpios live for and thrive at, so again. Don’t try and take away the credit from us because you’re envious of “all the stuff” we’re known for and you’re not.

      1. No, I agree with that guy. Scorpios are no more “special” and “powerful” than any other sign. Wow…and astrologers claim we Leos have an ego. You Scorpios certainly have one as well. You’re NOT any more special than the rest of us.

  27. I have a Scorpio rising child, not at all quick to anger or to lash out. Mars is conjunct Mercury and Jupiter (and Pallas, whatever that means) in Cancer.

  28. I’m a Scorpio moon with Mars in Capricorn, in the 8th house. One thing I have learned from the past year of staring at myself in video meetings is that when I get angry, my face gets really red! I usually try not to say anything, but I’m a lot angrier than I thought I was. I am not a violent person, but I’ve learned that my words can be pretty brutal. It’s a blessing to be able to dial it back when I can.

  29. Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. My Sun squares Mars-Saturn conjunct tight, and in a trio with Pluto all in Leo. I’m intense and can be very creative about how I express the anger and the rage. The thing I’m learning at a very late stage of life is how to direct my anger at the true source (person mostly) of anger and along with that know the source and the ‘trigger’ it is probably pressing. If I’m just getting pissed because my ego’s rubbed the wrong way it’s cause for me to have a good rewind in my self-care: am I caring for myselves(all the parts of me). The other ‘trigger’ that sets me off is when I see/feel someone threatening my family/my legacy (all that Mars is in the 8th House).
    Right now, I have a situation where that Scorp-Mars let it fly with a direct hit. In a mushy PC circle, it didn’t fly well but I had my say (direct and specific) and now I get a chance to be with that (these are my current/new community).

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