What’s My Destination? The North Node

golden compass“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”
–Jimmy Dean

If life is one big adventure, a trip, then the North Node is the destination. The South Node is the starting point. The South Node is the skill-set we start out with, attitudes and abilities we already encompass. The North Node shows the attributes and talents we need to acquire, the direction we’re heading, the way we’re meant to live our life.

Planets conjuncting the South Node are energies that are rooted in our inherent expertise and those near the North Node aid in drawing us toward our higher purpose. When we use our South Node abilities to get closer to our North Nodes goals, they function well. Conversely, using those abilities in the same old way without growth, reaching toward the North Node goals, backfires. It’s like using a perfectly good tool to do the wrong job. It seems like it should work, but it doesn’t.

There are two ways to look at the Nodal axis, by sign and by house. Each house is ruled by a sign by progression of the zodiac, for example 1st house Aries, 2nd house Taurus, 3rd house Gemini, and so on. The sign is of primary importance, the house secondary, and what you have to do is blend these influences in order to get a grasp on what direction you’re supposed to head.

But suppose they are opposite? How confusing is that. I’m supposed to use my Libra tools to achieve Aries goals and vice verse? What? It’s a bit more complicated than a straightforward placement, but yes, you blend them, with the North Node sign placement as your primary goal. Hoo boy.

I have 9th house North Node in Taurus with a third house Mars conjunct the South Node in Scorpio. I have a pretty well-honed, crafty Mars, a Mars that “has your back” if you’re on my side. In the third house this is more often with words. Because I’m so used to using it to defend others I can be really uncomfortable using it to defend myself, further my own goals, create my own comfort (North Node Taurus), but that is when it functions best. When I have defended others against my own interests, in the end it did neither of us any good.

Where is your North Node? Are there planets involved?

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  1. North Node in 3rd house Leo. My NN is actually the only unaspected body in my chart!

    I have to use my Aquarius tools to achieve Leo goals. Cripes.

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      Jason Lee Myers

      Haha I also have North Node in Leo in the 3rd house, unaspected. Are you a Scorpio baby? I was born in the first few days of NN in Leo, 1998.

  2. NN in cappy/7th house conjunct dsc. SN in cancer, 1st house, conjunct merc/mars & asc? I know I’m supposed to be learning through growing in relationships (nn in 7th). Other than that, it’s all still greek to me???

  3. NN in Taurus in the 12th conjunct Mars. SN in Scorpio conjunct Neptune.

    As a child I attended a church were God was scary and vengeful, now I attend a church were God is loving and forgiving.

    I volunteer through my church working to help people who have suffered a loss, or are trying to build a better life for themselves.

  4. Thanks for the post satori. I’ve questioned my NN/SN before because I do have a conundrum that I’ve been trying to solve.

    My north node is in Gemini in the 11th house and an interesting conjunction. My SN is in Sagittarius in the 5th and conjuncts my Sun/Merc (and Juno). I’ve struggled with trying to understand this because my Sun/Merc is very much a manifestation of who I am. I am very “sunny” – the sun is the 5th house, it’s natural home.

    However, the SN is the past, correct? So somehow I am to move away from Saggie-ness towards my NN in Gemini. It has taken me along time to realize that no, I don’t need to give up my love of long distance travel…I can incorporate that into my NN in Gemini by learning to give speeches or talks while I’m travelling. To include other people, to become more personal.

    1. My NN is in Gemini 6th, conjunct my descendant and opposite my sun/merc. I really had a hard time understanding this too. Multitasking, socialising is not my thing neither are routines or physical exercise. At least I’ve managed to be less outspoken and work routinely under a schedule as a language teacher.

  5. NN is 4th (scorpio) conjunct Uranus. South node in 10th. I had to move home and be with family, and not be so career focused. Now I am trying to blend the two! (hard I think)

  6. Transitting Neptune retro today smack on my NN in 12th. No wonder I’m confused about my destiny. 🙂

  7. I too have a Gem/Sag nodal axis, but I have SN in Gemini 8th and NN in Sag 2nd. Very unclear about my goal: travel? truthtelling? be better with money? I once did travel a LOT. I tell the truth especially when I’m mad. Not good with money at all, goes through my hands like water.

    So I dunno. Thanks for the great post, satori, going to keep reading to see what others say.

  8. south node sun. always felt very weighted by karma. starting to figure out how to do something useful with it.

  9. Where is your North Node? Are there planets involved?

    Natal North Node has Progressed North Node, and Progressed Mars, and Transiting Ceres

    Natal South Node has Natal and Progressed Pluto, and Progressed Juno

    There are other minor asteroids too, and a couple degrees difference between mean and true nodes, but some of these are within 10 degrees but not really that close.

  10. Oh my Natal North is in Pisces house 1p2e and South in Virgo house 7p8e

    And my Progressed North Sagitarius house9 and South Gemini house3

  11. Go Bruce you’ve turned into me, hahahaha. I was born with that.

    Seriously the nn is that where we are going to end up no matter what or is that what we are suppose to do? If we don’t attain it is that when people say, “WOW what a waste, she had so much talent and wasted it, she could have been . . .”

  12. North node in virgo in the 4th house. If I’m supposed to be solitary and home bound, I’m fulfilling my destiny nicely.

    South node in 10th in Pisces. Doesn’t make my Aries Mars or moon very happy, lol. Push, don’t push…be direct, no, hide…

  13. North Node in Aries, fourth house. I’ve got the moon in there. Jupiter in Aries, but in the fifth house. Empty houses on the other side of the chart.

    No idea really what I’m supposed to do with this knowledge.

  14. NN in Libra in the 7th. SN in Aries in 1st. No natal planets involved but my Progressed Jupiter conjuncts my natal NN. That sounds good…

  15. Interesting… My Scorpio Mars is conjunct the South Node (totally comfortable with that), while it opposes Venus/NN/Pallas in Taurus. I WANT to align with that V/NN/P deal, so much, but being an Aries, it’s so damned hard with the Mars being that dominant. It’s a constant struggle.

  16. Aquarius NN in the 2nd House opposite my stellium in Leo

    I really liked how you described it. It is also timely, because after Elsa’s post about getting the soldier to be more Libran (his NN), I wondered what I’m supposed to do with mine, if I’m supposed to be using my Leo sun. Although, I’ve got Uranus in Capricorn (goals) so maybe it’s more natural than without.

  17. In Scorpio and 2nd/3rd house, very tightly conjunct my Venus/Uranus. Very tightly opposing my Chiron and Black Moon Lilith. Sextiling Ascendant.

    My plan for the next year or so is to go back to school. Finally get my first degree, then study to become a therapist. Use that 8th/9th house Chiron.

  18. NN in Virgo 6 degrees in the 12th(Pisces) together with my Pluto at Virgo 6. Opposing my Chiron in Pisces in the 6th….in the same house as my sun and moon. I think about this A LOT!!
    Having the house and signs opposite, with Pluto smack dab right there… integrating Pisces with Virgo is mandatory business. This is a wounded (Chiron) fish who must clean house, body, soul and mind. Looking up from my compass pointing North I see the eagle eye of Pluto..seems to say, ‘stand up again, heal, serve’ … Mars sextiles NN and Pluto….so got some juice to do it. Thank god.

  19. Asc conjunct north node 0 degrees capricorn conjunct 28 sag venus conjuct ceres & juno


    Dsc conjunct south node 0 cancer conjunct saturn

    very comfortable and necessary for me to be with a responsible serious partner- (saturn conjunct dsc) Before i was with a partner that was just gone/ working absent always Saturn) Now, my partner is serious hard working, but present (he is a cap with saturn on asc)
    the trick is not to give away my freedom and ability to give and nuture myself and others- (n.node conjunct asc).

    but i tell you, i really don’t like doing things alone! mars 28 aries (ic) but it seems like that is part of the game too! i always seem to have to do many things alone… (mars in aries in 4th H cancer- saturn In cancer)…

    having the nodes on the asc/ dsc degree in my opinion makes everything you do very visible as well.

  20. Hi,
    North node in Virgo, in the second house. South node in Pisces, in the eighth house. North node is conjunct Pluto and path of fortune. South node is conjunct chiron. Thinking a lot about this lately – another failed relationship and abandoned suddenly. Lot of 8th house wounding – 10th house Taurus Sun. Mercury in Gemini square that pluto. Guessing need to focus on career and education – and getting grounded (second house).

    is what it is….Pluto is going to get me over to that second house no matter what…..

  21. NN in 9th in Leo, SN in 3rd in Aquarius – nothing aspects either of them.

    I know I was an outspoken, passionate child when it came to ideas and such – really serious kid. The realization that I can let loose and have fun? Came to me a couple of years ago…learn something, travel and have fun too!! What a concept *smacks forehead*

  22. Avatar

    My NN is in 4th house Aquarius. It’s in close conjunction to Venus, and my 2nd house retrograde Pluto in Scorpio squares both Venus and NN.

    I have no doubt that art has great significance in my life, yet I’m pretty self-conscious about pursuing that for a career. I’m nervous about putting my work “out there”, which- when I think about it- is pretty wierd coming from a 6th house Aries Sun.

  23. Avatar

    This sounds a lot like

    North Node = Sun Sign = destination
    South Node = Rising = the way we’re born


  24. I hadn’t thought of it that way, but it’s an interesting connection… particularly given that it connects the big three, sun moon rising. 🙂

  25. I like the evolutionary astrology perspective on the nodes.

    An ea reading I had said this about my configuration of 9th house Leo NN/3rd house Aquarius SN conj. Jupiter…both squaring 12th house Neptune in Scorpio.

    Many past lives spent relying on charismatic spiritual teachers to find my way on the path. This time around around I’m supposed to continue on my own–Ruler of the NN, the sun, in Taurus’ house 2.

  26. NN in aries, 6th house
    SN in libra conjunct venus, 12th house

    It’s been a VERY important lesson for me to avoid passivity and being too nice, speak up when I need to, and embrace independance!

  27. North Node:16 aries trine 18 venus in sag exact trine 18pluto in leo
    South Node: 16 libra exact conjunct mercury exact conjunt neptune

    (use my natural psychic abilities to partner with a passionate Aries???) Hasn’t happened!

  28. NN in Scorpio in the 2nd house. They’re opposite. I am still trying to figure out what it means. I read somewhere that it has to do with learning to accept changes as they come and also about understanding when changes are necessary. Could mean exactly that, sure sounds familiar….
    Don’t remember where I read it though, could have been one of your posts….

  29. Perhaps you are learning to become more independent from your own inner life through using your relationships with others to forward your career.

  30. Hi, I have my north node in Sagittarius 11th house sandwiched between venus and pluto at almost exact degrees. South node in Pisces in an empty 5th house. 10 years ago I gave birth to an extremely premature little boy who died shortly after birth. It was devastating to say the least. I feel very conflicted because I’m a midwife.. My vocation conflicts with my grief. My grief holds me back, I’m good at what I do but my heart is heavy. I want more children but I’m worried my afflicted SN is telling me to quit and give myself completely to a childless life. Very confusing. Anyway thanks for the article.

  31. (((Murren))) <3 I'd take a look at your chiron if I were you. the way you describe this pain sounds very chironic!

  32. Oh dear I didn’t realise how much this issue was effecting me, got a bit tearful receiving such a kind reply! Thanks you 🙂 my Chiron sits in my 6th house, conjunct the Descendant. scorpio Sun in the 12th conjunct the ascendant. I became interested in astrology after being introduced by a very kind astrologer after my sons death. 10 years on I’m still really struggling. Not really sure if I’m karmically punishing myself or not! I need to look a bit more into Chiron. Thank you Satori

  33. you’re very welcome! I think that Chiron placement is a perfect example of what you’re talking about. your personal tragedy likely makes you an empathetic practitioner. many of the the barriers we have about what we can do and what we think we should do get placed there ourselves when we experience emotional trauma.

    it sounds like you’re getting ready to address this issue in yourself, address this blockage.

    you deserve much kindness. I hope you remember to be as kind to yourself as you clearly are to others. <3

  34. My NN is in Taurus, but Im a Libra rising, so it’s in my 8th house (Scorpio). So confused! How do I achieve Taurean goals in a Scorpio house. And if anyone is interested: Leo Sun, Aquarius Moon.


  35. I have sn libra and NN Aries. Uranus in conjunct the NN now and trine sun in Leo. NN is in 5th house.
    I am using design skills libra to express myself as an entrepreneur Aries. Having to be bold and direct, instead of nicey nice. Not all that easy for me.

  36. Per my birth chart (done on the Jan Spiller website) I have my NN 16 degrees Gemini 20′ R, in the 4th house; another astrology website came right out & said this placement was a “bad omen.” Now I’m very upset. This is what I get for messing around in stuff I don’t know about. I also, per the Spiller website, have Moon 27 degrees Gemini 14′ in the 4th house. Maybe this improves things? (Hopefully doesn’t make it worse.)

    1. (((Susy))) neither Elsa nor I hold truck with that sort of “bad omen” garbage. it’s my opinion that “all the great people” have challenges in their charts, but in no way is there anything concretely damning. All energy is neutral until directed!

      1. Thank you for that reassurance. I guess I feel as capable as most people up to facing a challenge … but didn’t want to always be looking over my shoulder for bad “omens.” Better to look *forward* and with positive thinking in any case.

        By the way, in case there is any confusion regarding my original post, it was not the Jan Spiller website which had the negative comment, it was in fact Astrotheme, which I won’t visit again.

  37. I have a similar chart to yours I think – I’m a 8th house Pisces (Leo Rising), with a 9th house Taurus NN and a 3rd house Scorpio SN conjunct Pluto. Somehow for me, I see my path being the opposite of what is usually stated, I feel the need to force myself into Taurus activities to have my Scorpio strengths manifest in a positive way. Maybe its a function of the strong Scorpio influence I have, I don’t think I can escape/avoid that energy.
    And maybe you will enjoy this, as you have the same nodes – this is a line of poetry that I always loved, and thought of in connection with my nodes – “Every sorceress is a pragmatist at heart; nobody sees essence who can’t face limitation” from Circe’s Power by Louise Gluck (http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/circe-s-power/)

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