Murderous Thoughts, Emotional Crisis, Caustic Comments

Leo vintage purse 1960sDear Elsa,

Bloody murderous thoughts / depressive reminiscences about my partner of 8 years – major emotional crisis, seems to go on forever – can’t reach a ‘happy medium’ for more than a day, fighting or arguing all the time or exchanging caustic comments ’bout each other. Long for the past when we were so madly in love……..

Double Leo

Dear Leo,

You sound like an addict. I’m not trying to be insulting, I’m trying to help. You’re killing your love here, a propensity shown in your chart courtesy your Venus Pluto conjunction. If you don’t stop this immediately and refocus on healing I’m sure you’ll kill this love and then what? Chew your arm off?

The addictive tendency is also shown in your chart courtesy the Neptune squares. So what are you going to do here? Are you going to clean up your act? Or will you yearn for a situation where your act is cleaned up?

You have the power to turn this around. It’s simple. Shut the hell up with your nasty comments. Protect your relationship. This is also a Venus-Pluto thing. Get a therapist and yelling at him or her for a change while you get to the bottom of your problem here. Judging by your last sentence, I think you were far happier in love than you are in hate.

Good luck.

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14 thoughts on “Murderous Thoughts, Emotional Crisis, Caustic Comments”

  1. Elsa is right on this one. You can choose to keep picking fights with your partner and finding reasons to be miserable or you can begin to look for the things you love about your partner. The decision is up to you.

  2. moonpluto – yes, absolutely. Nothing quite as a nice as Scorpio got your back. Nothing quite as deadly as Scorpio out to get you. It’s only energy which can be directed in whatever way a person deems.

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    Could be completely wrong here but I wonder if the writer’s partner started out very docile and sweet and has maybe grown more confident and assertive over time. And the nasty comments are expressing anger with and discomfort from that. Of course that never justifies being malicious and nasty.

  4. After a very stormy 2016 with nasty fights my BF and I split up in September.

    To top it he made sure to mash out his emotional affair right in my face (which was the last nail in the coffin) while I sat in the same room in the time up to and after.
    Luckily I moved out a week later. I asked him politely to fuck off the rest of the time while I got packed. Took everything, left only the cat and some furniture.

    He is being petty on Facebook. He is probably visting her this weekend, even if she lives in another country.

    I have 7 Scorpio planets in either the sign or 8th house. I am tormented emotionally, playing with thoughts of how to torment his narcisstisc sorry ass in this aftermatch.

    We have Venus square Pluto and Venus square Saturn in our midpoint chart. The malefics is in the 7th house, Libra.

    I knew this would happen. That when we split it would be nasty. I’m using astrology to be a better person, to fight this urge to go down on his level of manipulation, even if I feel drawn to all this. But I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and know I was the more mature person in this drama he created.

    I have moon in Libra, 8th house. He has Mars in libra, 5th house – Rx.
    I could smash his face on Google (via SEO), smash his reputation online so that no one would like to hire him as a therapist.

    But I’m choosing not to. Even if I could. I am stronger than that, even with Venus, Sun and Jupiter in a stellium in scorpio – and even if they oppose Chiron, even if his Taurus Moon smacks my Chiron down all the time.

    I am the bigger person. I will simply cut him out of my life with a silent knife instead.

    1. 5 planets in Scorpio here….I understand and I have done it. You are right to be the bigger person and walk. Amputate. No one does it better!!! 🙂

      1. You said it: No one does it better than scorpio. We amputate people from our lives and we make it look so callous. Even if it’s like dying inside. We have too much pride in that regard.
        Who did you do it to, Soup?

        I’m afraid also. Scorpio does not let go easily.
        But… Even if he’s being a smart-ass with a teenage-self I will find a way to come out of this as gracefully as I can. My inner voice guides me, even if it itches in me to go down on his level.

        And oh that itch is hard to ignore….

  5. I have transit Pluto conjunct 2nd house Venus in my progressed chart and Saturn is currently conjunct my 3rd house sun. I have no murderous thoughts, thankfully but feel more detached than I like and am definitely missing the days of being madly in love.

  6. as someone amputated after 10 years by a venus-mercury opp pluo gal, I gotta say it is pretty mean… & I do wonder about what Scottish Fold Soul said, though it has to go both ways… I went in with a still active willingness to “save” relationship through doing super-Neptune self-erasure adaptation stuff, but as I healed was less willing and maybe less able to do that, at which point…

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