What To Do About Bad Astrology?

brown scorpianShell writes:

“Now, about telling somebody the truth about their chart so things are not sugar coated…..
I have Scorpio ASC and I’ve read on 3 separate occasions from three separate sources that Scorpio ASC usually marry twice because they are widowed with their first spouse. This has bothered me to no end! I’ve even cried about it a few times. I know we will all lose people in our lives but the thought that I may be predisposed to lose my best friend KILLS me. I wish I had never read about it…and I wasn’t looking for it, it just was there, as I was reading. Elsa, or anybody, how do you not let this get you down? It’s easier said than done.”

Shell – Personally I would discount all three of these sources. There are a lot people not equipped to read a chart or counsel people. I can tell you right now that you ran into three of them!

First of all, there is no way they can know that.

Secondly, it is simply not true. Taurus on the descendant makes a Venus house, Venus ruled. That’s good. Further, Taurus is stable and smacks of a permanent love. Taurus is not involved with death!

It is very important to scrutinize the source of your information and in your case… well I’d say that you have been hosed. Someone was being dramatic at your expense.

Scorpio rising? I say purge! Write their names on a piece of paper and burn it if you have to. This stuff is trash. It’s an infection and it does not belong in your psyche so get it out and get it out now.

Anyone else?

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  1. I’ve heard that alot about scorpio risings myself, but I agree with Elsa, you have to look at the whole chart to determine whether or not something so dramatic like that will happen. That’s like for me. Some people and sites tried to tell me that having planets in the 12th house is such a bad thing and that it means that I’d spend time in jail or something -_-”…

  2. Don’t fret about the Scorpio-rising-widow effect–it’s not true. I have Scorpio rising AND Saturn in Scorpio in the first house, w/Libra sun. My first–and to date, only–marriage ended in amicable divorce. Just live your life with faith and hope in the universe, and the powers that be.
    It’s all good!

  3. I too have Scorpio rising and have been interested in astrology for 30+ yrs and never heard this . . . Elsa’s right! Burn the message and wash it away. Though I didn’t marry until later in life, once I did I settled down in Taurus on the Descendant fashion . . . 17 yrs and counting. 🙂

    Oh – and I have a loaded 12th House in Scorpio and even though I have visited others who were incarcerated, I’m a pretty law-abiding sort and have not had problems in that regard.

    Elsa is a great example of an ethical, sensible astrologer who gives out good information & advice!!

  4. I too have Scorpio rising and have never lost a spouse or boyfriend via death. First marriage annulled, second marriage divorced, both initiated by me. The advice you got was bad, bad, bad. File it away in the bad advice trashbin and get on with your life.
    Love, mz

  5. What a load of nonsense. I can think of two people in my life right off the top of my head who have Scorpio rising and both have been married and neither have lost spouses to death! Just divorce, and yes, they (my friends) were the initiators, not the spouses.

    I suppose the only way to consider this “widowing” notion valid is if you consider the nature of endings–both chose to “kill” their marriages. One is now “killing” her second marriage (to a Scorpio Sun, no less!), as it wasn’t promoting her growth and well being any more than the first one did. She is looking forward to being independent and focussing on taking care of herself the way she wants to be cared for, as she now sees she is not good at picking partners who will do it for her. The other friend, he is quite comfortably settled (unmarried but committed) now with someone who suits him quite well, and I suspect they will be together a l-o-n-g time. I just get really good vibes seeing them together & interacting. 🙂

  6. Thanks you all, for the words of encouragement! I really have lost (lots) of sleep over this. It’s also encouraging that although the Scorpio ASC examples given all have had divorces, it’s nice to know that they were amicable and for reasons that would better themselves.

  7. I wonder how this misinformation gets out there. Some twit writes it down somewhere and people read it and then go repeating it with no basis to back up what they say.

    Approx 1 in 12 people has a Scorpio rising and each of them is supposed be widowed? It makes no sense.

    Shell, it occurs to me you met these three people to teach you to never give over your power. Someone told me the year the soldier was going to die (I didn’t ask). Think I should internalize that?

    I really hope you not only get these people out of you but that no one ever poisons you like this again.

  8. i, too, have scorpio rising and was married once already to a crazy libra. it was a very unhealthy relationship at that time but in retrospect was an ENORMOUS catalyst for my personal growth. you name it, it happened: lying, cheating, stealing, beating…i endured a lot over what seemed an endless amount of time, but was really only 9 months. he had a bad drug addiction and the night that we finally broke up i snapped. it was a thursday and we had just moved into a new apartment together. he had the only set of keys and went off on some crazy binge and wouldn’t pick up the phone. i was wandering the streets of nyc until 4 am friday calling and calling him! when i finally made it home (determined to have the building manager tear down the door if need be), i kicked the s**t out of him with a belt and its buckle (i don’t regret it but i will NEVER lift my hand to another living creature again, nor will i EVER tolerate someone doing that to me) before kicking him to the curb. so i agree with elsa and tinkerer about the notion of “killing”…some people are unconscious (dead) to themselves. my ex would be the poster child for that concept. i don’t know where he is now but i’ve moved on to a place of compassion and love. i know that he came into my life to teach me some very valuable lessons and i would like to think he’s cleaned up his act but who knows? in the end though, it’s not my responsibility, i just try to send him healing energy and positivity when he crosses my mind because i wouldn’t be who i am or where i’m at today if i hadn’t lived through that experience.

    on another note my last relationship was with a guy who also has scorpio rising. he was separated but not divorced from his wife when we met. she lives in another country and last i heard is with someone new and has a beautiful baby boy. so there you go, shell, more proof! BLESSINGS!

  9. And one more testament… I know someone with scorpio rising. Her ex-husband is still alive and kicking, as are others she’s partnered with. Pay no attention to fatalistic “you will, you are” astrology.

  10. I have Scorpio ASC and I’ve read on 3 separate occasions from 3 separate sources that Scorpio ASC usually marry twice because they are widowed with their first spouse.

    I read that as an interpretation of Gemini on the eighth house. And I would think that you would need to see an affliction to the eighth house before you could ever start to suggest such a thing. (I’ve never heard it before and have no reason to go with it.)

    All that said, if you stay together for life, you are likely to be a widow, since men typically have shorter lifespans. So you could have a long, happy marriage that ends as all things must, and then luck into a second happy marriage. I don’t think that is a bad thing, unless you’ve got an emotional conviction of immortality. That doesn’t mean the interpretation is correct, merely that ‘going out together in a plane crash’ is one of the few ways to avoid having one member of a couple lose a spouse.

    [‘I like the old timey stuff. It tends to be right. But it’s a precision instrument; if you’re not careful you can lose a thumb.’]

  11. astrological counselors have to be more careful about some of the silly things they say or write… and those seeking counsel should remember that nobody has all the answers.

  12. Fortune telling is tricky tricky business. The reason that kind of astrology appeals to people i think, is because a lot of us are looking for simple truths; one-size-fits-all prophesies. Much easier than to deal with a multitude of possibilities and the unpredictability of life.

    I’ve had people tel me i would meet a new and important lover “in the near future” when i was not asking for that kind of advice. Needless to say, they were wrong.
    I’d say screw them and listen to Elsa.

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