Astrology and Music – Venus Square Neptune, These Things Cannot Be Explained

Over the weekend the soldier and I watched, “The Sound Of Music”. It came on, so we watched it. And it’s a love story of course and we were going right along until they came to the part where these two get together at which point we both got very emotional.

They sing to each other, if you don’t recall. They song goes, “Somewhere in my youth or childhood… I must have done something good.”

This, because someone loves them, see.

And as I was watching this I realized I had seen this movie when I was young and was profoundly affected by it. I was going to try to be good so someone would love me like these two loved each other. I wanted this very badly and decided on the spot to be worthwhile… worthy an deserving of love and I decided to share this with the soldier.

Well it turns out he had the same experience when he saw it when he was a kid. Same effect, so there you go. It sure is nice when people have the same script, I’ll tell you that.

But anyway, it was very emotional. It was the way it is when you contact these very tender, potent memories that you know have shaped your life and we talked about this the next day. Or he texted me about it, rather. Several times. Point is, we were moved. This was a big deal to us. Seeing that movie…

So this afternoon I went into get the shot in my spine. I would not say I was scared, but come on. Who wants a needle stuck in their spine? So I was a little angst-y and had opted for no sedation (numbing, yes) so they rolled me in the operating room and I grinned and bared it except it wasn’t all that bad actually and I felt thankful for this as they rolled me out and parked me in recovery.

The recovery room nurse asked me how I was doing (fine), reconnected me to a blood pressure monitor and told me she’d be back to check on me. I said, “Okay” and just as she left… just at she left the music changed and next thing I know, the room was filled with the Sound Of Music. Yes! And it was blaring. The Instrumental version… “The hills are alive…” I burst into tears.

Tears and tears and tears. I sent the soldier a text to let him know I was out of surgery and the music was playing for me. Eventually the nurse came back… music still playing. It was the whole soundtrack, see.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, I just love somebody,” I said. “Er…” I waved my hand in front of my face. “Yeah, I’m good, I feel real good. These tears are fine, it’s the music…”

13 thoughts on “Astrology and Music – Venus Square Neptune, These Things Cannot Be Explained”

  1. Awwww – Elsa! I hope you’re feeling fine now.

    That song was always my favourite of the whole film. I can understand how you were affected.
    Hugs comin’ atcha!

  2. Somehow, I wind up in the recovery room just as this soundtrack comes on… which has got to be part of some big loop of music, right?

    Elsa, I love that imagery – outside of our normal reality but real nonetheless – music loop!

  3. Cassi – thanks, and you know something? There is more to this story.

    I had the MRI last week that determined I would need this procedure. The holiday came… delay and then I called yesterday to see about an appointment, anticipating at least a 2 week delay. But they’d had a cancellation, so all the sudden I was going next day.

    And this is how it works with us. We are delivered to these places to have these experiences and we have NOTHING to do with it.

    Somehow, I wind up in the recovery room just as this soundtrack comes on… which has got to be part of some big loop of music, right?

    Anyway, this is why we keep coming back even though it is ridiculous, what we are going through. It is because we are fed like this…. our currency which happens to be very strange.

  4. Climate Control! 😀

    sorry, recurring thing with me. to be in that place, and that song that comes on the radio/is played in the restaurant/you name it, has Significance. my crew of friends decided it revolved around me (and i think they might be right), and we dubbed it Climate Control.

    it’s nice to know i’m not the only one this happens to…

  5. Pluto changes direction tomorrow, that’s what’s happening for you and the soldier, it’s finale time, off the two of you go into the sunset..

  6. I love that story…and I love that you treasure the respite that the Universe sends…I’m really working on that and it’s not always easy. Thanks once again for setting such an example.

  7. you’ve done it again (heart strings are tugging a bit over here even though i don’t consider myself a romantic 🙂 ). thanks for sharing

  8. Bunch of love from me too, hope all goes well. I take the music as i sign all will be well. I’m into ‘music signs’ and the like and you cant get better than a ‘love’ one.

  9. I just realized that this happens to me too. The music sign reads ‘you can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave’, and its always there when I’m checking out of a place. Like, emotionally checking out. I have venus square neptune, with moon conjunct the latter. It’s so weird that its creepy!

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