Is Reality A Social Construct? What A Spokes-Thing?

cgi starSaturn is associated with “reality”. Aquarius is associated with humanity. I don’t claim to be particularly knowledgeable about the concept of reality being a social construct but it sure is interesting to contemplate. It’s relevant with Saturn (construction) in Aquarius.

Aquarius us also associated with electronics, the Internet and social groups. If I detach and scroll through social media, it’s pretty easy to see what disembodied entity is wanting me to think about today… which will be different from yesterday.

Actually, “reality” changes a lot faster than that. If you sign into social media and scroll, briefly and then sign (all the way) out. That’s that. It would be like a failed (Saturn) experiment (Uranus) assuming to goal is to keep you scrolling. If you sign back in, you will see a new array of content. This doesn’t tell you much because the goal (Saturn) would change (Uranus), perhaps in less than the time it takes you to blink.

Most are aware of how we are electronically controlled and limited. There’s a lot of pressure around what to think about and how to feel at a particular moment, less you get locked out (Saturn) of humanity and/or social groups of all kinds (Aquarius).

Going into this deeper; Leo is an actor. Might Aquarius be a disembodied actor? I don’t mean to be offensive but come on! It’s pretty funny and probably true. You’ve got your CGI tik-toker informing you of reality. There would be a creative element behind this, but it’s not the spokes-thing itself.

Back to the social construct idea, it is suggested or recommended that we prefer avatars to human beings? Have you been convinced of this yet?

The “gal” in the pic is available. She can be your girlfriend.

Is reality a social construct?

21 thoughts on “Is Reality A Social Construct? What A Spokes-Thing?”

    1. Not sure if she’s anywhere else now after being banned by Twitter repeatedly, but one of my old favorites there was “Swampy” aka “Swampy’s Ghost.” Biting, brutal, brilliant!

  1. Provocative writing! Reality can be a social construct but does not have to be. We still have free will & it is upto us to choose. There are those who have a strong sense of self and are able to find the courage and insight to step back and choose not to participate.

    1. I would guess, yes. But I don’t know because I wasn’t there.
      I don’t even know that there was a caveman era. For all I know, someone went in and tagged some caves and said, “Look! Cavemen!”

  2. Everyone’s reality is different. Was talking with my beloved Aqua the other day about how we see our mothers – of course it’s through the lenses of our charts. Sure, we can agree on some “facts” but the way she perceives how she was and the way we perceive how she was are not going to line up.

    Think social media also tends to display what we are most interested in. Mine typically shows food and sewing only. ?

  3. “Reality”, outside of what is here, is certainly a social construct, or projection.

    It’s all a conspiratorial agreement.

    I used to ponder how ironing clothing came into being. Someone had to convince another person that their clothing was wrinkled, and they or another person offered a solution to this idea that having wrinkled clothing is not acceptable. It was important to having clothing, but now this?

    The same goes for race. Humans identified by land, not by color, until some European folks scattered about and convinced/manipulated/forced others to identify otherwise (see E.B. Tylor or J.G. Frazer for instance).

    When about 7 years old, I was staring at a wall wondering how come I agree with the word “wall”, and how was it that those adults that told me the word and meaning came to accept it.

    I grok that we communicate in order to navigate our internal/external world but it appears we all participate in these words/meanings and such without much thought.

    It’s really fucking scary, really. The many, many generations of ideas small, large, & between that have so much influence on our experience in the world.

    I used to work as a private tutor at a school with a wealthier population, i.e., no thugs, overtly violent types. Laptops are used in every class, phones too are allowed. Many of the kids were deep into their games, or communicating with their pals in or out of class. Many have hunched backs from bad posture while on their PCs. So many physical ailments will sprout in large number over time.

    1. All interesting points to ponder, Dark. I hold the opinion that Gemini/third house gives value to projecting words out into the immediate physical environment thus creating ORDER out of chaos.

  4. “Going into this deeper; Leo is an actor. Might Aquarius be a disembodied actor? ”
    This is a reference to puppetry (a very ancient form of theater), yes? That’s funny I guess, Leo the actor & Aquarius the puppeteer. I mean, it isn’t like people are always willing to differentiate the actor from the role they perform, already.

    1. I like this remark! It should work either way. This is why I love oppositions.

      Leo is the actor but Leo also rules creativity. If you have a robot out there, acting up – who created it?

      Thanks for your comment. I wish there was more interest in this! 🙂

      1. But is that important, who created it? I mean, I don’t see why it’s inherently asinine; in the sense that both forms of expressions are a performance, it’s trying to provide us with an experience.
        As for the role of Saturn in all this-just to play devil’s advocate- isn’t there already a school of thought that says that life imitates art far more than art imitates life, because “What is found in life and nature is not what is really there, but is that which artists have taught people to find there, through art.”? (quoting Wilde here)

        1. I agree, life imitates art. There was a big debate on this here, oh… probably fifteen years ago. I’ve come to understand this a lot better.

          I suppose if I were looking at a real, live, cow and I painted it, that would be art imitating life. But generally yes, it’s the other way around.

          1. I guess being critical of the media, any media we consume is a hard job, because boy do we love a good story!

    2. In agreement that Opposites (Oppositions) are dueling Signs and Houses in constant motion back and forth, to and fro until the desired evolution is complete.

  5. Repeating the same word over and over again makes it lose its meaning. Looking in the mirror in your eyes reflection distorts your image to the point of hallucination and grotesque imagery. There are sounds, colors and dimensions that we can’t simply perceive at the moment and maybe we won’t even later. I have saturn in aquarius and used reality is a social construct sentence maybe more than once in my life. Reality is more than meets the eye and it could be a blob of meaningless too. We’d not know the difference. That’s what makes it interesting. As for social construct- a bunch of conventions that we adhere too because who the hell knows why.

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