Transits To The Moon, “I NEEEED!”

Moon loveThe Moon is needs and feelings, what is emotionally attractive and what we attract. It is what satisfies. It is also cravings. Transits to other planets can create feelings in us because everything that impacts our lives will get picked up in our emotional body. However, if you find yourself thinking, “I feeeeeeeel… I neeeeeeed… I waaaaaant…” it is usually connected to something hitting the Moon. Something is hitting your Moon by transit in some way most of the time. It’s nice to be able to look at the transiting planets and figure out whether it’s a passing fancy or something you need to take more time addressing.

If it’s a slow-moving outer planet aspecting your Moon, that’s something that plays out over time. If it’s fast-moving influence, you may want to key in to that so that you can maximize any potential that might be there. Sometimes a square can feel unpleasant and figuring out what type of energy you’re dealing with can help you use up that flavor of energy and expiate the feeling. At least you can figure how long it’s likely to last and plan accordingly.

Transits to the Moon also draw in any natal aspects your Moon has. Any stressful aspect to my Capricorn Moon activates its sextile to my Pisces Sun, and I want to hide. That can make it more complicated to suss out the active influence. The emotion of “want to hide” doesn’t automatically say transit to a Cap Moon, unless you’ve already figured out your natural propensities. What says transit to the Moon is “want,” “need” or “crave” accompanied by an emotion.

So if you find yourself having emotions, needs or cravings you don’t understand, look to your Moon, its transits and aspects. If you find yourself craving pickles and ice cream, go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test.

How are you feeling lately? What’s going on with YOUR Moon?

20 thoughts on “Transits To The Moon, “I NEEEED!””

  1. Too funny. Fortunately I’m not craving any of those things… unfortunately, I have no reason to be.

    Natal moon in Libra conjunct natal Pluto in Scorp sq. Cap Merc. Pretty easy to figure out where I go for comfort. And when I’m not getting some, oh, the headaches!

  2. “If you find yourself craving pickles and ice cream, go to the pharmacy and get a pregnancy test.”

    Satori…:-) that made me smile. I needed that.

  3. Great post!! My Cap Moon is getting such a rough ride these days. But I do feel better than last month, no idea why, lol. Trying to understand…

    So–a stressful transit to Moon (or any other planet) activates the easier aspect to your Sun?

    Eg. does this mean stressful aspects to my Capricorn Moon will activate my Uranus (which it is sextile to?)

  4. yes, Kashmiri… in particular it activates that Moon Uranus relationship. but you can utilize it as well. innovating or taking space calms you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    debdeb, the Sun opposing your Moon would be like a personal full Moon. it’s illuminating your natal Moon condition. every year at that time it throws light on your Moon! it’s an opportunity to see clearly WHY you feel down then, maybe find some ways around the feeling over time. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. thanks satori. I’ve been feeling rather soothed by pretending to be an aquarian these days:)

    Shaina I am…my Moon is back in orb (9 degrees) and I feel it. I feel it very strongly and it seems to get stronger by the month. I recently went through Pluto/ASC conjunction so have felt in the Pluto zone for quite some time. What degree is yours? You have Cap Moon too, right?

  6. No, Cap Sun at 5’50″/Libra Moon cj Mars (22/23). Last pass of the Pluto-Sun cj and first pass of the Saturn-MM cj currently. It’s not too bad because I have Jupiter trining Sun too at the moment, and the Saturn aspects are giving me something stable to hang on to in the midst of the Pluto energy.

    I wonder if with the natal Uranus-Moon you will have some “deeply weird” experiences.

  7. my youngest has a 9 degree cap moon and a 9 degree libra venus… her auntie died recently. she also has an exact Jupiter aspect to her Moon. she is cheerful, buoyant… being Jupiteran is her outlet.

  8. I had a weird day at work yesterday. Anxiety. There was no reason for it at all but I had it and it didn’t go away until I got home and had a glass of wine. I can never figure out what’s up with that.

  9. Gotcha Shaina. I was confused. I have deeply weird all the time!! Thanks for pointing that out, it helps my understanding.

    Satori I got a very strong feeling my uncle won’t be with us much longer. I hope I’m wrong but his situation just seems to get more dire as months pass.

  10. The Sun right now is running over my Moon. I’ve been ‘feeling’ like it’s been lighting up my emotions. Sort of bringing them into focus so I actually recognize what they are and where they’re coming from.

  11. ETA: OK… I’m connecting the dots. In my chart, my Moon is conjunct Neptune and trine my Pisces Mercury. So naturally it’s a challenge for me to discern ‘my’ emotions from ‘others’ emotions.

    When the Sun hits that Moon, it pierces the fog (Neptune), and I’m able to discern (Mercury) what’s what. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  12. Uranus conjunct transit in 5th is making me peel myself off the wall and come out of the woodworks whether I want to or not. Stuff’s coming out sideways.

  13. Hm, thanks Satori :). I just can’t figure it out, but I’ve felt the need to cut things off, and that is a little saddening. This full moon also almost conjuncts what you called my personal full moon, so that is probably why. Anyway, thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I have my moon in Taurus and this last fullmoon.. The days before I was tired and sleepy, then I realized what fullmoon it was an let myself have some days off just to be alone and tend to my feelings. In opposition to my moon I have venus conj saturn in Scorpio. This sort of got highlighted. Mercury is positivly aspecting all the three planets. And what did I do? I got on the internet, found this page with lots and lots of wisdom and got some healing from it. Yey!

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