My Daughter Has Her Moon square Venus – Help!

mom clothingHi Elsa,

My daughter has Moon in Cancer square Venus in Libra in her chart. Both planets in domicile but in a square. I’ve read the interpretation of this aspect in my many various Astro books, etc. Many of the interpretations show many difficulties.

Any advice on how to support her meeting those planets needs? I am aware Moon-Venus aspects relate to the mothers’ actions and attitudes (to self and child) often.

Mom in England

Hi, Mom. This is a great question.

Moon square Venus is a difficult aspect to deal with. Venus is about the sweetness in life. With the square to the moon, it’s as if the sweetness of life is not emotionally satisfying. I know this is harsh, but I am spelling this out, to make my point and also because adults who have this in their chart, are not going to want to read a fluffy lie.

Your daughter’s situation is helped by having the bodies in the signs they rule, as you mentioned. The fact her mother is here, asking about this and wanting to help, illustrates this advantage.

I do think you can help but it will be challenging. Keep in mind, this aspect will play out on a daily basis over the course of her lifetime. I can’t cover all the potentials so let me give you one example of what happens with this aspect, as well as an idea how you might mitigate the situation. It will be like a template – you can take it from there.

This aspect might create a situation where your daughter falls in love (Venus in Libra), but her mom does not like the partner.


Or maybe your daughter develops her aesthetic and again, you don’t like it. Like my son and his tattoos! There’s the clash.  But if you let her have her love and her own tastes, you would cut her her a break on this aspect. It would be a loving (Venus), mom (Moon) thing to do.

I guess you might say someone is going to get crushed in this situation. It’s possible for you to absorb the blow to spare her.

Good luck!

13 thoughts on “My Daughter Has Her Moon square Venus – Help!”

  1. Well, you are the expert Elsa, but I suspect that the favorability of the Moon aspecting Venus, both in their homes, is pretty good, and only somewhat diminished by the square…An amateur’s opinion!

    1. Maybe.
      But Satori has moon sq Venus in her chart and I have watched it play for 20 years. I see how she handles it.

      But this was about the mother who feels involved and wanted to spare or support her daughter. I think it’s good advice. If she takes it, her daughter will experience what is feels like to be in a relationship with a supportive person. I do this for, Satori, see?

      Anyway, not to argue. Differing opinions are fine.

        1. You’re right all parents should do this, but not all do, and it impacts children in different ways. Those with Venus square the moon in their charts May resent their parents for doing so, while the rest of us may not.

  2. I have an extact semi-square my closest aspect (Moon in Leo /Venus Cancer) my mother’s Pluto sat on my Venus, not nice with a sun Taurus. l did not like my mother and she did not like me…and my mother did not like her mother (she told me). Very undermining. The photo was a bit freaky. My mother bought 3 pants suits all the same colour in nylon(l hate artifical fibres to this day) …the younger two sisters were delighted; l as the eldest was ashamed. There was one time my mother and l shared the stage trying on wigs in a department store…we drew a crowd. But mostly, it was stressful. l was often ill. Depressed. l got out as soon as l could. ‘The poison apple syndrome’ (She cut my hair like a boy). l was a treat to her throne. She controlled through money too. All sorts of with holding. l got her back in the end. Planned for it(because l learnt early not to trust her) and won.

  3. I didn’t mention it but I have learned to compliment my son’s tattoos. To be fair, his more recent tattoos are much nicer than when he began!

    I love him so much, I don’t care. That’s the bottom line.

  4. My nephew has tatts too, sleeves. l like them (mostly) on him…but not on me. He tries to shock with hair cuts too– from the mullet to completely bald. The only cut that really disturbed was ‘short back and sides’.
    I like your ‘bottom line’ Elsa. Kids know.

  5. I have this aspect (widely) b/w Libra Venus & Cap moon, & it always surprises me just how difficult this aspect is, considering one of the planets is a Benefic.

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