My Love Affair With The Lunar Return Chart!

moon woman waterI used to think that lunar returns were for moon-ruled, Cancers, which I am not.  What does a crusty Capricorn care about about the squishy, sobbing moon, huh?  But I have to check things out for myself so I started keeping an eye on them.  Twenty-five years have passed and my appreciation of  these charts has done nothing but increase.

For some reason, breaking life up into month-long chunks seems to make it more manageable.  This is appealing to my Cardinal side.  They also make life more interesting and enjoyable which pleases my Mutable side. As a bonus, these charts are educational… endlessly, so. Jupiter and the 9th house are prominent in my chart. I always want more. I like to learn!

I’ve written about lunar returns before. I may even be enamored with them. But I am prompted to write this today because my current lunar return is stunning.  But what kicks this over the top for me, is the follow-on lunar return is as stunning and the two charts relate.

Specially, I have that large stellium in Capricorn in a Cardinal house… and my moon right on an angle.
Next month the chart flips. The Capricorn will be in the opposite house and my moon is again, right on an angle, but it’s the opposite angle.  That got me thinking.  And this is when the (new) learning comes in.

I know what to do with Cardinal energy. It doesn’t matter if I like it – taking charge – I do know what’s required to make a chart like this work.  I probably wouldn’t choose to have two of them back to back but whatever… I can deal.  So if this is true, which modality is least preferable?

I’m probably asking the question to better accept my situation over these next weeks. If I don’t like this… would I like to have two months with Mutable signs and house, dominant? What about Fixed?

I haven’t come up with the answer yet, but it’s a question you can ask yourself.  Each month, you’re given a map and some tools and a task.  What type situation might suit you?

For example, you might have the 6th/12th house emphasized or Virgo/Pisces. How would feel about thirty days of self-sacrifice and service? Or what if it is your 2nd/8th house and you’re suddenly stubborn and staying put, till your dying breath?

It’s so cool. These charts are a life-school. I just love them.

So what do you think? If you’re new to this, I sell Lunar Return reports very cheaply, due to my love affair with them.  If you select the thirteen-month option, the reports cost less than four dollars a month.  There is no end to benefits of these charts.

Do you mind your lunar returns? How does they help you?

11 thoughts on “My Love Affair With The Lunar Return Chart!”

  1. I always seem to have a lunar ascendant in scorpio/aquarius and moon/conjunct pluto, square saturn. I’ve tested this numerous times. Every single time it’s the same old. It gives a hint of how much on a pain scale do I have to deal with that time of the month. But moon raport is very important for various reasons and it would be useful for people to check it out. Mine just gives no surprises.

  2. Elsa, you are a truly unique voice in the astrology realm, hell you’re a unique voice PERIOD! I really appreciate your work, insight, humor and ethics – I just ordered your 13 months of Lunar Return charts, looking forward to delving in to my chart more deeply. I am a Leo Rising/Libra Sun and have earned advanced degrees from the many years I spent attending the School of Hard Knocks, your blog has helped me immensely, thank you!

  3. You know, I WISH I could love them this much. But lunar return charts are one of those things that have never clicked for me: I’ve been practicing astrology for almost half my lifetime and I’ve spent hours and hours on trying to read LR-charts, but I’ve never been able to see what you see. And it bums me out so much!! ?

    I’ve really tried to understand and track them too, drawing up charts for months where events significantly changed my life or my perspective, or just months where my focus was very clear and singular, but I come up with nothing. I can’t see a pattern, though even if I could it doesn’t even seem like I would understand it anyway… I’ve seen my birth certificate so I know for sure my birth time is correct. It’s just a huge mystery to me and I wish it wasn’t.

    So what I want to say is: I am absolutely certain that the reports you sell are great and worth the dollars. But you know what I would really love if you did? A workshop or course on how to understand and interpret your Lunar Return, Elsa-style. I’d be the first to sign up! ??

      1. Wow I’m glad you like the idea! And yes well I would only expect you to try to teach your method, but that goes hand in hand with your philosophy, no? 🙂

        Point is I trust you enough as a person and astrologer that really, I’m just willing to see what you got – like, what am I missing? Obviously you’ve cracked a code that I have not been able to do on my own. So I’d be down for whatever you find appropriate, though I’m sure I’ll personally find value in it either way!

          1. Oh Elsa how lovely, thank you! Though I live a couple of countries away from you so unfortunately that’s probably not something I could take you up on 😀 But I’m very sincere in my wish to learn from you, so I’m happy just knowing that my idea maybe is making you consider creating some kind of online course on the topic 🙂 Count on me if you do!!

  4. Wanting to learn too, days go by so quick I think we all get about 1-2 hours each day maybe to enjoy ourselves ponder our direct paint that fantasy ,cappy here do so love the planning or I just seem to keep that pencil twirling , love to read what happens here too, it can feel like my oxygen kisses

  5. I have the exact same experience as Ivs- and I am excited for this lunar return as it is *exactly* conjunct my moon in the 8th house. Surely this will help me to see how they work?!

    Elsa, I know workshops are an enormous amount of work and maybe this is not a good time for you to do it. But maybe we could get some good real life experience-sharing going in the forums so people hone their understanding of how they can work – and then when the time is right and you can do a workshop, everyone will be primed and ready. Going to go see if there might already be some lunar return threads we could build on…

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