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pisces gold koiDear Elsa,

My husband has a sixteen year old daughter; she’s lived with my husband and me since she was 9. We get along fine until it’s time for her to go see her real mom down in Florida. We start fighting, she starts speaking to me like I’m crap, and she tells her mom that she’s tired of me acting like her mom. Then she goes down there for summer, spring and winter breaks, and throws my husband and me under the bus.

When my step daughter comes home, it takes a good month to deprogram from her visit with her mom and then she loves us again. We do so much for this child, while her mom does nothing to help. She is supposed to help pay for child support and she never does. She told her daughter that she’ll be damned before my husband gets any of her money.

Please help, I am tired of my stepdaughter throwing us under the bus!

Double Pisces

Dear Double Pisces,

Anyone with their Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury and Chiron in Pisces is going to be sacrificed – PERIOD. But I wanted to help you, so I looked to your stepdaughter’s chart hoping it would yield something and it did.

For one thing, now I know your head is on completely straight. See, I thought she might be a generic teenager! You know. Duck and cover until they grow up. But this is not the case. This gal is a true conundrum, so how about we talk about her.

First of all, she’s a Gemini rising, so very naturally she’s two-faced. Forget about curing this! She is going continue to pull this crap because it’s “interesting” for her.

Further, her Moon (home) is in the third house (more Gemini, the Twins) and what’s she got? Two homes! Two Mothers. Yes. And this is as it should be.

She’s also got a stellium in Scorpio. She very willful and has some serious muscle and she wants to flex it! This is what early life is for, yes? She needs to find out who she is and what she can do. And last, as if this is not enough, she has a second stellium in Capricorn. Can you say “control freak”?


So there. I think knowing this will help. You’re going under the bus and she’s not! Got that? Every time! Thing is, eventually this will catch up with her. Because no one but parents put up with this kind of shit.

So basically what you have is a super-angsty teenager on steroids and all you can do is use your Pisces to work with her Scorpio. Because there is great affinity on an intuitive level. That, and read up on Gemini. Because once you understand the nature of the beast, your compassion will kick in. And she’ll grow up, of course. She’s definitely holding some excellent cards. Hopefully you can help her toward a positive expression of her energy.

Good luck.

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