Strong Themes In The Birth Chart: Past and Future Lives

This came up my class. I wrote:

“…I just hope people are satisfied when it is all said and done. I am a very hard person to package and sell. It’s a catch 22 because if I become more manageable and/or predictable, I won’t be me at all.

When I did this I didn’t know if there would be ten people or what. This was a total stab in the dark and then once committed I just go on faith.

I wonder if there are other lives and I wonder if there are if I will be born with a Saturn Neptune signature again…”

It got me thinking. This Saturn Neptune / confused reality is a huge theme in my life, maybe you are getting a clearer picture of how huge.  If there are lives ahead and if the point is to get better at what you do, I would imagine I would be born with a Saturn Neptune signature again.

I think I have some kind grip on the energy. I  have written 100 posts on it at least, maybe 200 but I can’t imagine I’ve made much progress comprehending it as compared to what is out there.  What about you?

Is there something in your chart you understand well enough to know there is more to understand?


9 thoughts on “Strong Themes In The Birth Chart: Past and Future Lives”

  1. I am still mystified by saturn neptune. It’s huge in my life too. Mystified by the reality of my life 🙂 I have learned that much

  2. Haha, I just listened to your Problems Resolved in your 12th house video and you ended with, “I hope (Neptune) this clear (Saturn).

    For me it’s Neptune in the 12th house. Strong in it’s natural home, touching almost all my placements and squaring the chart ruler. It’s given me a pretty solid faith-based approach, but I feel like I’m at the end of something (balsamic moon talking) heading into who knows what.

  3. Yes, definitely….one to one relationships is one I probably need to study more and I understand this in my life. The picture is starting to get clearer, but there is more room for study.

  4. I have a Mercury/Sun/Neptune/Saturn T square, but my sag moon makes me question: Isn’t there always more to understand?

  5. I have a Saturn/Neptune in my chart too, but I’m still learning the ropes 🙂 Hahah… that’s what people like Elsa are brought to the world for 😛

  6. Pluto, Ceres, Juno, Vesta all in the 12th, with Vesta exactly conjunct the ASC. If ever a person was destined/condemned to get to grips with understanding the power of the female archetypes and living them……oh yeah, and I’ve just noticed the Neptune/Saturn square, thankyou Elsa!

  7. my jupiter baffles me.

    pluto i’m a lot more comfortable with… and anyone who says they “get” pluto is, well… i think, not paying enough attention. or being narrowminded. i see a lot of that with pluto. people avoid facing the scary stuff. would rather label it and ignore it.

    but, eh, there’s lots of things i feel that way about. saturn, for example. i’m living my life forced to face saturn and pluto (or well, perhaps, venus playing games with the two old men) and i wouldn’t presume to say i’d ever have a complete grasp of it…

  8. Lunalie, I agree with that. I do think I have a handle on the stuff but I also think I have many millions more things and layers to learn.

    It is strange because Venus / Neptune seems “comprehended” to me – Saturn Neptune my thing. However I am Saturn ruled and Neptune on the MC so maybe that explains that.

  9. Elsa, the Neptune Saturn placement as you describe it above certainly explains why you are delving into these mysteries in the public eye. We are the winners on that score, but I hope you get as much from us as we do from you.

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