Mystical Zodiac People

MoiraiI used to know this gal, she was a good friend of mine. She was a Libra with a Scorpio moon. You can peek at her chart here.

I’m going to tell you something I’ve never anyone before. It’s about this woman who used to say, “It’s up to the Fates!”

“I guess it will have to be up to the Fates to decide,” she would explain to whoever was listening. She always had an audience.

So what are “The Fates”?

I think she was referring to the Moirai though she never explained.

The astrology is interesting. Her sun conjunct Neptune in Libra would have a hard time deciding. Moon, Venus, Saturn conjunct in Scorpio. Whatever those women say, goes, I guess.  But she really believed this to be the way things worked. If you want to argue this with her, you can’t because she is dead.

My friend died after taking a lethal dose of drugs. She called poison control shortly after, in effect, leaving it up the fates whether she live or die.  The ambulance arrived quickly but not quickly enough. We never got to see her again and I don’t anyone who was close to her ever recovered.

Are you a mystical person? What do you think of this story? How does it make you feel?

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  1. I know a few of this ilk: always seeking answers from “outside” of their self.
    I can relate, since my Mercury squares my Moon and Pluto, but I don’t depend on Fates or something similar to answer large questions but I certainly will “listen”.

    She seems to have had a bit of a death wish, see and test what her notions about death are. Again, I can relate, but I’m one who would like to live for now, plus I’m a father.

  2. It reminds me of Anton Chigurh from No Country for Old Men. He would make people flip a coin to decide their fate of wether he murdered them or not. And then at the end of the film, has one of his victims call his bullshit and tell him that he has Freewill. I won’t tell you what happened Fantastic film (and book) on so many levels.

    I’m a Libra with a Scorpio Moon. I see that the ratio of things that we have control over is about equal to the things we don’t have control over. Basically we have control over our actions but not the consequences. The result part is the thing we have to ultimately surrender I guess.

    Personally I say the serenity prayer every day and it has clarified a lot for me. It’s simple, but most Wisdom is.

    1. To add: All that being said, yes I do have a mystical sense of life. But I am grounded too (depending on who you ask lol). Reality is still very mysterious to me.

      The story just makes me feel that this gal had a right brain imbalance- got a little lost in the surrendering (Neptune- ultimately she surrendered her life to Fate right?) and couldve benefited from accessing a little of that Saturn.

  3. Very strange, just an hour ago I saw a piece of art that reminded me of the Fates. I was trying to remember what they do: one measures, one spins, one cuts? and I come here and there they are. I’m mystical in that I wonder why things like this happen almost constantly. Coincidences? A message from somewhere? Someone? I have four planets in Pisces! Dwain the bathtub I’m dwowning! I’m sorry for the loss of your friend.

    1. Thank you. It was awful. And this came to me today. I think the Mercury Uranus opposition is very powerful but also, look at the transits to her chart.

      She and I had a profound connection. Just incredible.

      I wrote about her in my book. But I left her fate and her Fates out of it, so I’d not break the reader’s heart.

    2. I’m another Charlotte, how’s that for a coincidence. I firmly believe that coincidences are happening all the time, in fact they are the very fabric of our deeply interconnected lives made up of spinning atoms constantly spinning around each other (that’s scientific, not mystical). The mystical/character part comes in because we are aware of them when we pay attention. Most of us are distracted. You must be paying attention. I used to think they carry messages; maybe they do, but now I think they are there to remind us we exist believing life is one thing (permanent, separate) when it is really quite another.

  4. Avatar

    I am not typically a mystical person, though I do have an instinctual connection & have dreams, due to all the Capricorn and “struggle with the fates”, all the time… Mostly, I forget that I can’t control everything and I’m not responsible for everything that goes awry in this world. But I believe that I can try.

    My mom, a double Aquarius + Pisces Neptune Mercury—Jupiter Moon conjunct: pretty mystical.

    She sees me struggling with the limitations of this world and then says, stop, you’ve done your best. If they can’t be helped, you can’t do anything about it. Even though it is full of heartbreak.

    To me, relying on the fates too often feels not taking responsibility for oneself. Being an author of the story a little makes things better for others.

    But she is also right, sometimes there is nothing you can do and leaning on the Fates a little tiny bit means there is relief. Even though it might be a fully imagined mental-psychic relief, it might be what we need to cope with this world & our role in it.

  5. I think I am a very mystical person (Scorpui rising, Neptune sq Sun) though I have my pragmatic side(Saturn in first trine sun and Mars)Always trying to find a balance.

    I have precognitive dreams and stuff manifests stuff a lot around me. For example I needed a new second hand car and haven’t much money so I figured a hail damaged car – maybe year 2008… (lots of hail storm where I live) and told no one- but wrote that down and the very next day it showed up (via a friend). I could tell you more stories – just saying my life feels very fated or guided.

    I get remedies and insights via dreams- get shown stuff I dont always understand until much later. Its taken me years to feel contained and grounded- netter after second Saturn return. Not always easy to be off with the fairies!!

    1. It was sad. But I should say, I don’t think this was conscious. It’s just what happened. And it was life-changing for a bunch of us.

      I have some deeper thoughts about this. But they go in more than one direction so I stopped with the end of my story.

  6. this makes me cry and feel so mad.a friend today shared she has lung cancer and it has spread into her back ,she said it tearful ,then took an extra long drag off her extra long cigarette,I cant stop crying ;another friend who also died last year from 40 years of cocaine use ,said to me before she went and died in the hospital”you can’t save someone from themselves”I feel so shitty as I’ve avoided her for days because I was angry about her smoking.why don’t I see pain in others even when it is biting my face.I have no tolerance for cigs booze or drugs ,my childhood was so bruised with the adults caring for me, drinking and drugging,I wish I wasn’t
    such a bitch to people who do things I hate, things I am afraid of.I am in a constant state of fear and it makes so lonely, this day, this story, makes me mad at me.

  7. I think everyone is mystical in one way or the other, some more stronger than others and often it is hidden, even from the self – that’s the beauty that is Neptune or 12th house.

    There is also the mystic that is Chiron, who suffered for eons, wounded by a poisoned arrow. Seemingly an accident, but one can’t help wonder if the poisoned arrow was his fate.

    Also, the picture concludes very well, in that we cannot judge or know what events that led to the Fates standing on the seemingly lifeless woman. The Moirai is very personal.

  8. It doesn’t seem that it’s exclusively one way or the other. I think I have some control through intention and volition, yet from my experience somethings just weren’t going to happen. It’s like I’m on a very wide river and I can steer my canoe along the river…move to one side or the other….paddle to make it go faster…but the river is flowing towards the ocean and somethings just aren’t up to me.

  9. Racrae I understand- I’ve been there too. I believe its due to your trauma. As you heal yourself – you’ll find you are more tolerant and less reactive. Baby steps. Full Moon conjunction Chiron – let the healing wash over you.

    1. Beautifully said Raven.

      Yes I’m kinda mystical-12th House Sun, NN in the 12th and Ma a conj Neptune. I see 11:11 all the time (a notice to directly download from God/Angels). I stop, close my eyes and listen. I don’t “hear” anything but do feel the vibes. I also feel letting go is the way to liberation.

  10. Its one thing to leave things up to fate, but tempting fate is another thing. We are mini creators, having a part of Source energy. We have more power than we think to create the world we wish to live in, our personal world that is. Our fate is a product of how we act as well as how we react, combined with spiritual lessons, lessons that we agreed to learn even though we may have forgotton that we agreed to this.

    1. Yes – very good point!
      I always liked this statement I heard first from Liz Greene.
      “The planets impell, they do not compell.

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