Synastry: What If Love Natures Are Mismatched?

What happens when two people love each other but their love natures are mismatched? Can something like this be resolved?

Note, this video is from 2008. I’m talking about being influenced by the media. Clearly, I was aware of this then. It’s become a hot topic. Anyway, this is a merge between astrology and real life.

69 thoughts on “Synastry: What If Love Natures Are Mismatched?”

  1. I have Venus rising on a Virgo ascendant sextile Uranus.
    Love needs to be neat and tidy. Guys must be pleasant, well-groomed and be willing to help about the house.
    A sense of humour is a must, and maybe a bit of quirkiness.
    Unfortunately, as I have Sun conjunct Pluto in Leo I tend to scare off these mild-mannered guys….

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