Natal Moon Transits & Moving Home

moon girlDid you wind up in the wrong place? Your natal moon shows your home and you roots.  Sometimes a transit to your moon or your 4th house can see you make a move that may be all wrong for you.

For example, you could have a Uranus transit and try some nutty experiment only to find out you’ve moved somewhere that’s all wrong for you.  Or maybe it’s a Neptune transit. You take a leap of faith and it turns out to be stupid. I know these things can go well too. I’m just asking.

I wonder if this has ever happened to you. I think it’s happened to me.

I lived in Colorado for about twenty years. What the hell was I thinking? It’s way too cold there for a desert girl.

When my husband showed up, more than twenty years after we failed to marry in Arizona, he could not believe I was living in Colorado. I couldn’t see it at the time but I can see it now.

I moved there under a Uranus transit. It was the closest roller coaster to me at the time, if you can believe that. Yep. That was my reason for moving there, along with the fact I put a dollar in a slot machine in a mountain casino there and won five hundred bucks.

Was I having a Jupiter Uranus transit? Well, yes. Yes, I was.

Have you ever lived in the wrong place? Do you live in the wrong place now? How did it happen?

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  1. I have always had a keen sense of a place and whether it felt ‘homey’ to me. Some spider sense there,that ensured I moved to the right place.

    But then I had an Uranus transit opposite to my Moon and moved across the country when I met a man 7 years ago. I needed freedom – but instead I got to be all alone the new place, and with a different culture. Getting new friends and a job was sooo difficult and I started to hate my decision and myself.
    My relationship began to fall apart and I became restless. Things went south from there, ending with me moving back to my home island, newly single and more bitter than I like to think of.
    Today I wouldn’t have missed it because it made me stand on my own two feet, and to take responsibility for my own choices. But back then I was furious on myself for having given up my career and good job to gain what I thought back then: ‘nothing’. Truth is – I HAD to go. I had to make my own choices and learn from them. Neptune quincunx’ed my MC and Pluto was squaring my Moon. I was in a relationship with a therapist. It was my personal development journey and it made me more wise.

    A year after I moved back, I moved into a ghetto. The place was know to have gang troubles, and I wasn’t aware of HOW MUCH until it was too late and I was awakened one night by someone screaming. Someone had tried to gun down someone from a rival gang. Uranus was opposing my Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the 8th house and I got PTSD from it. At the same time I picked a difficult job, Saturn began transitting my 12th house. My progressed moon neared a square with the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in the prog. 10th house.
    I fell out of my relationships to almost everyone, and was incredibly lonely.
    When my progressed moon was close to enter my natal Ascendant my mother asked me to not call her anymore. I also got dumped by my BF (a blessing), and was close to a breakdown because of a mistrusting boss who was also very judgemental.

    It was all Saturn/Capricornian/12th house themes.

    When you are living in the wrong place, feeling depressed, your outer choices in life (the MC) reflects that.

    I met my current BF in the middle of this shitstorm. In the beginning we were just friends, and then it blossomed into more, exactly by the time my progressed moon hit my Natal Ascendant.

    I have lived out all of these transits for sure. Self undoing in so many ways, but so feel like I shed my skin and become a better version of me for sure. When Saturn went into Aquarius my foundation had shifted completely!

    When you are at

  2. A provocative post and questions considering our recent consult:) I think the many moves I’ve made in my lifetime have been for all the possibilities you’ve outlined. I have a Capricorn natal moon and need a safe and cloistered nest to feel secure. But, Uranus sextiles my dramatic Leo stellium in the 7th and 8th houses; and routinely sets me up for a roller coaster ride to test my karmic commitment — to live life fully! Someone once told me I’m new to Earth; it still doesn’t make sense to you, she said.

    Moving’s been the solution to finding my natal Cappy Moon’s requirement especially after becoming chemically injured. Neptune transit. Trying to find ‘safety.’ At this stage, and age, settling and rooting into the right or wrong place has to be tempered at least for a period long enough to experience Earth life IN ONE PLACE until Uranus finishes his transit through my 4th House (in Taurus!)Is it our last move? We’ll see.
    We are digging in now, literally. A hundred foot trench to connect us to electricity is 2/3 done. Ceremony and plans to plant seeds is in the works for the Pisces New Moon. Yep, I’ve lived in a lot of wrong places, and found out a hell of a lot about myself and Earth-life in the process. Maybe easy will come before it’s time to move on from this lifetime. It’s not all roller coaster. But it’s good there are seat belts and safety pins.
    Thanks for the post, you’re power-packing with this one, even as you redistribute your energy to your newsletter.

  3. I moved to a new state when my husband suddenly got a job transfer. In the beginning, it was a lonely experience but I still live here 30+ years later. The transits, at that time in my natal chart, certainly reflected it: Tr Uranus conjunct my MC; Tr Chiron conjunct my IC; Tr Mars and Tr Pluto were conjunct my natal 8H Libra NN, this state’s asteroid name, and asteroid “Yes”; the Tr company’s asteroid name was conjunct my natal Virgo Mercury; Pr MC was conjunct my natal Saturn; Pr asteroid “Jayne” and Pr asteroid “Karma” were conjunct my natal 7H company’s name.

    Today, I’m curious to see what will happen when my Pr Moon ingresses into my Gemini 5H in five months. Maybe increased social activities as more of the population receives the Covid-19 vaccine.

  4. I’ve been living in Colorado for over a year now. I too dislike the cold! On the upside, the Sun shines a lot! And you can’t beat the Spring and Summer seasons. First time in my life I wasn’t eaten alive by mosquitos! I’ve often felt I’m living in the ‘wrong’ place. This may have to do with a Sagittarius Moon (I’m full of wanderlust.) And also with Aquarius on my 4th, I’ve lived all over the country since I was a small child.

  5. Where does a 12th house Aries moon belong? On the beach. On an island. In a smaller town with warm weather. During the Uranus transit of my Moon, I moved to Atlanta. I am landlocked in a crowded, smoggy city.

    Elsa, should I rectify this mistake? What’s the lesson behind this transit?

  6. Dear Elsa- great writing! Uranus will join my South Node, The Moon at 11 Taurus and Jupiter at 14 Taurus soon.Uranus rules my chart. I feel total inner pressure to break out and move out of my hometown, quit my 12th-6th house job, I feel i literally need some fresh air???, i live in very polluted area now, smog can be intense. And the question is are always Uranus transit so disappointing, inconvenient, not right at the end?
    I am suffocating emotionally, physically etc

  7. I moved to my current apartment when my progressed Sun was exactly conjunct my IC almost 13 years ago. It’s been a good place for me. I’ve had Uranus transiting my MC and will be squaring my natal Uranus and Moon over the next couple of years, so we’ll see if that signals a move, but I certainly don’t want to make a mistake under that influence. Of course I’m renting so that could happen as something I don’t choose.

  8. Been in same house 33 years about
    A mile from mother’s home, this apple
    Didn’t roll far, lived with wrong man
    Too long ,been spending time with some one I’ve known since 8 or 9
    Loving it, praying , too good to be true feel,would would I go back and change it? don’t think so, or today might not be today, today has the best feeling . I am living in my faith
    That I was supposed to be here, exactly right here ;with all my past mistakes and right here beneath these stars.

  9. What a post, Elsa – I just checked and what shall I say
    the year I took the leap from home and moved to a quite chilly place (emotionally) … yes yes Uranus opp my IC and later on opp my Mars and moon conj! How glad I am that I had the guts do go back.

  10. I am just going through Uranus transit and thinking about moving from my homecity where I’m living my whole life. Uranus is exactly opposite my natal Uranus which rules my 4th house. I got incredible urge to move suddenly. I was thinking moving nearby to a town just hour away, but much less crowded, with slower pace and less pollution.
    Soon Uranus will oppose my Scorpio Ac and Moon, but even sooner Jupiter will conjunct my Ic in aquarius. I can’t decide if it’s a wright thing to do or if its gonna be a huge mistake.

  11. I just checked to see where Uranus is and it’s at 7 degrees in my 6th house, trining my 8 degree Capricorn moon, 2nd house. I have thought about moving home, literally, to my mother’s house, where I would be living in her basement, in my old bedroom (house is open on the back, so not a total dark dungeon). Mother needs taking care of and my consulting business has been slow in 2021 so far. If I lived with her I could live rent-free, and pay off some debt. It would be less stressful financially, but I would feel like a failure, being in my 40s, single, living in my mom’s basement in a less interesting city that I could’nt wait to leave 12 years ago. If I did it, it would be a total last-resort, throwing in of the towel in utter defeat and disgust.
    If I don’t want to do that then I need business to pick up, or to find a side hustle that helps support me but still allows time for my consulting which pays more than any side hustle would.
    My brother moved back to the “home” city last year (but not into mother’s house) and had been helping our mother during the pandemic. He’s had it with her, though, and recently took a job that takes him out of town entirely for long periods. He’s a Capricorn ascendant and sun.
    My Venus is at 17 degrees Taurus. I’ve been single forever. Am hoping the Uranus conjunction is going to shake up my love life for the better and maybe then I’ll partner up or start the process of partnering up. Having a second person to shoulder the financial burdens, create the stability my moon craves, would be nice.
    Need a consult with Elsa……when business improves!

  12. Why can’t I find any articles anymore on moon conjunct ic,nadir,fourth house cusp. (Same thing). Are people afraid to talk about changes or moves. All I see is about emotional stirrings in such a transit. Which isn’t helpful. I have moon conjunct my ic . All I want to do is know if I’ll be moving soon. Do I need more aspects to clarify or what??? Help would be nice.

    1. Also, the moon conjunct your IC does not indicate a move. You want to look at transits to your 4th, but also your 1st, 7th and 10th because they aspect the 4th.

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