Intro To The Composite Chart

Maxfield Parrish“Most people would have found it grotesque, but when you’re in love nothing is so abstract or horrible that it can’t be thought of as cute.”
—David Sedaris, When You Are Engulfed in Flames

I find nothing so compelling as love. It is the subject in which I am most able to lose myself in a drug-like (or tv-like) state of bliss. While synastry is the best tool for assessing how individuals interact, there is something fascinating about the idea of a chart on how they merge. The composite chart is the chart of the relationship itself. It is a chart made from the melding of the two individuals’ birth charts, made by plotting the midpoints of each placement. Instead of the comparison of two individuals we are looking at the chart of a third entity, the relationship itself, which only exists in theory.

I find the whole concept very Neptunian, very Piscean. Melding, blending, a chart of something intangible, that is wholly Pisces and Neptune, as is bliss.

So the composite chart can be read much like a natal chart. It’s helpful to compare each individual’s natal chart (synastry) to the composite to see how the relationship energies affect the individual. Also helpful is looking at transits to the composite chart. Though this is a theoretical entity, the chart of the relationship, it is also a chart of the midpoints of two people, midpoints that can be activated by transit.

Do you find the composite chart reflective of your relationship?

Check out the composite chart of your relationship!

13 thoughts on “Intro To The Composite Chart”

  1. I started looking at composite chart of me and the men I like in the past year and there was always a sun venus conjunction or sun in the second house 🙂

  2. Without a relationship to compare the composites to, I don’t know how they’d actually manifest. But man, I love looking at them anyway. I can definitely get lost in them…

    With the crushes (three) that I’ve fallen hard for, we’ve had eighth house Suns (dang Virgo Risings!) and Sun Opposite Neptune (dang natal Sun square Venuses!).

  3. So are composite/Davison charts that have chart patterns common as dirt? What does that mean, if you have that with another person?

    Anecdata: 1)last long term boyfriend I’m still friendly with — A Fire Kite
    2) First long term boyfriend – a mystic rectangle in air and fire
    3) My mother- a Fixed T-Square ( if you include the AC)
    4)My father- a Water Grand Trine
    5) My brother – An Earth Kite with a Cardinal T Square
    6) A friend I’ve had since childhood — a Fire Kite if you throw in aspects to the AC

  4. satori–

    what’s your take on neptune in the first house of a composite chart?

    never heard very good things about this placement, but i know it can’t ALL be bad

  5. I don’t know what I was smoking… That was supposed to be: Venus Opposite Neptune (dang natal Venuses square Neptune! And it would be more accurate to say Virgo Risings/Suns.

  6. One does between a friend and I….we are still trying to figure out what we are to each other I think..Pisces asc…sweet but very Neptune tainted issues here I think…

  7. ThankYou Satori !!!

    I have Venus & Mercury conjunction in the 11th house ihave had relations with girl friends !!!

    I also have Saturn in the 7th so some relationships are not so easy !!!

    I will try to seemy composite chart with some partners to see what pops out !!!

    Blessings !!!

  8. Thanks Satori for opening my eyes to this more fully! Had a quick scan before but now fascinated by it… me and my OH have a grand fire trine in the composite, sun in the third, moon in the fourth and venus in the fifth. Which I think is nice… 🙂

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