Natural Healing Of The Body, Mind & Spirit

Gordian knotMany have become interested in natural or alternative healing in recent years. My grandfather, Henry, became a vegetarian in the 1950’s.  He started jogging around the city, for exercise, in the same time frame. This was unheard of at the time.

Henry was also into raw food. If you doubt me, consider he built his house with no stove or oven, though he did have a hot plate sitting a plywood table, in case he wanted to cook an egg or something. It wasn’t that often. Once a month?

I grew up with this, and alternative everything, really.  These ideas are baked in.

There are plenty of knowledgeable sources around healthy eating and healthy living. I want to cover something else.  It’s the idea that our bodies are designed to heal themselves.

This is obvious; when you think of what happens when you cut yourself.  Healing starts right away. Blood flows out, pushing germs away; then it coagulates, then forms a scab… it’s miraculous, really.  But we’re also designed to degrade over time. I mean, you’re going to age!

If you are older, your body will still heal itself, but it’s a slower or even much slower process.  If you register this and embrace reality, you’ll be less bothered by this.  Your body really is taking care of things in the background.  We’re all living miracles.  What more do you want?

yogaI’m going into this because I also think your mind can also heal.  Let’s say you’re drowning in bad information, which is pretty much describes the modern internet. Further, you’re addicted to it. What would happen if you took yourself off the drug?

Well, I’ll tell you. Your mind will untangle itself, the same way your body repairs itself. How cool is that.  Your brain will immediately begin sorting itself.

The Gordian knot is meant to represent your mind in chains. It looks defensive to me… people curl in to protect themselves against the constant onslaught.  But what if you look away from what you know is harming you, deep down?  Would your mind unclench?

Yes.  That’s exactly what happens.  And if you can unbind your mind, you can help the person next to you release theirs.

That’s, Henry, pictured. He’s sixty-five years old. I try to think of him with a Gordian Knot mind. I can’t.

I hope I wrote this well enough to be understood. If not, I guess I’ll try again later! I mean, if you can un-stupify yourself, this is a big deal, right?  I’m the test case here and I can tell you for sure, it’s working.

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  1. I believe you’ve written this well enough to be understood. Three years ago I found I could no longer blog. I started to write in 2008, to help chronicle what was happening as my life turned inside out and upside down. I was allergic to the world! I found a diagnosis and a doctor (who is now 82 yo) and we still work together. He told me what I was dealing with said it wouldn’t be easy but it could be done and would change my life.
    I wrote more than 30 separate blogs, and what I called medicine stories —mythology to get me through the many dark nights of the soul.
    I also found Elsaelsa when I learned what a blog could be. Big bonus: I have Jupiter conjunct Venus 11th house. Storytelling and friendship sow a perennial garden! I took to blogging like gardening organic seeds.
    By the time my body was over saturated with the internet my ancestral connection told me I could unplug they had something else to try. In faith I started drawing lines. No idea what they were. These were heartlines.
    The drawings I color like a kindergartner—I loved kindergarten snd my kindergarten teacher!! I use color crayons.
    Natural healing. I’m back on the internet mostly here on Elsa’s place and the cards travel via Snailmail called by an acoustic methodology. Giving them away I receive the love and healing I couldn’t get if I’d not learned to listen with my heart.
    Humility and compassion.
    I am older. My body mind and spirit heal more slowly; deeper and then my heart talks with my head. That doc I met back when I needed a diagnosis suggested listening to my heart the other day when we met to talk about the west and tear of life.
    I’m grateful for that Jupiter-Venus 11th house it helps soften the ground (fixed) ifmy nature.

  2. First thoughts: l am glad Henry had his egg once a month. The body knows. I eat intuitively too and with the seasons. Elsaelsa is my first blog…ever. l made the odd comment on others, but never regularly. l waded in here…l needed people who spoke the same language, even if we dont always share the same opinion. I consider this blog part of my healing
    and l learn from all of you too and l am grateful. And yes, true healing takes time and patience. My knee ‘went’ on the first day of the Ukranian war, two years later and l walk with out a limp. Imflamation is still a problem but l have other signs that it is reducing.
    I still have to have a lot of couch time with ME/cfs and found myself watching ‘House’ from the beginning and ‘Dopesick’ about what happened in The States with Oxycontin. I do use Western Medicine when l need to but l go very carefully. I once went to a dr, l couldnt make it to my regular. I told him my story. He didnt listen. ‘Let’s do a kidney biospy’ was his response…didnt hapen. I gave it more time checked in with my dr, after asking for a test to be repeated l got the ok. Another one of those illness in the grey area of modern medicine.

    Eg. Do you know that in this tick riddled country, Australia, the Medical profession does not recog. Lime Disease?

    1. A very loved Canadian author’s wife is in hospital doing on 3 or 3 years. Through global fan and family support Go Fund Me Mary Ann slowly gets help from alternative and caring health care after a tick bite.

      This is an author and wife team who have created urban fantasy to cross the borders of myth and twenty first century universe. 8.1 billion humans on one planet makes for a multitude of as alternatives 🌱✌️

      1. I know Australian’s, who can afford it, go to The States to get treated for Lyme disease, Moki. Some say they go to be belived.l know I am lucky not to have it.

  3. So great to read about naturally healing all three; body, mind and spirit. Very true about the mind healing (neuroplasticity). We are all capable of internal positive changes 🌈 🌞.

  4. I want to let everyone who reads and responds to this blog know that I know we don’t live in the same bubbles, but we care about each other and we want to support each other.
    I’m glad we hardly ever get into the internet weeds and start to attack each other…. We stay supportive of each other. I hope and pray it stays that way! Thank you all for putting yourselves out there for others and Thank You Elsa for promoting this version of the truth and giving us all a place to go without JUDGEMENT.

  5. Western medicine completely failed my family. “Nuf said. Three of us who live under my roof follow more chinese medicine traditions.I use diet, exercise,meditation,creativity,astrology,tarot,friendship,marriage, to heal myself.
    I take no medications.
    Acupunture is my go to when I feel unwell.
    I have not had an antibiotic in over 10 years..took one then for a dental infection and broke out in hives all over my body,scalp and inside my mouth. No thank you!!!! Told dentist I would load up on goldenseal and on vit C, he told me most dental infections have become resistant to every antibiotic out there,anyway (so why ingest them???)

    Sometimes natural healing takes time, that’s ok. Less side effects!

    Also,accepting that I am now 70, and have had to revise my exercise plans, my hikes, my activities, a bit, is, well,HUMAN! Cars get old,so do we!!

    But mostly, I just try to KEEP MOVING!! And, as Elsa has mentioned in other posts, keeping hte MIND AND SPIRIT nourished and healthy is very important too.

  6. This is good information for people like me who have an addiction to information and digging through it. I can get obsessive. Not too long ago I looked away and I stopped thinking about things I never would have in the first place. It’s definitely less stressful.

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