Venus In Leo Opposite Pluto In Aquarius – Jolt To The Heart

lightning strikeVenus in Leo will oppose Pluto in Aquarius @ zero degrees, tomorrow. Yes, you can expect old lovers to show up. I call them “corpses”. It’s common to want to breathe life into a dead thing but it’s not always a good idea.

Leo with Pluto in Aquarius sounds like a jolt to the heart. Jupiter is involved which raises the odds the surprise is a happy one.

There’s a Alfred Hitchcock vibe with this.  Shocking drama, but you’re not hurt by it?  But Jupiter’s involvement may also indicate a worldwide situations. Watch all things (Venus-ruled) finance, this week.   Giant drops and/or reversals fit here, but so does worldwide manipulation so you tell me.

Venus square Pluto also features relationship triangles, obsession, and the shadow side of love, money and vanity in general.  It’s a freakishly interesting aspect which explains why I’ve written more than 100 posts on the topic.

Here’s a sample:

And here’s the entire collection: 100+ posts tagged Venus-Pluto.

This two minute video applies.

What do you expect to see from this?  Do you have natal planets involved?

15 thoughts on “Venus In Leo Opposite Pluto In Aquarius – Jolt To The Heart”

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    Going to have this as a transit in a year or two, also opp mercury at same time. Wondered if that is similar?

  2. I would love a day/week/year without shocking revelations! Alas, we are alive and CHANGE is the only constant.Life in my neck of the woods has been improving quite a bit. Some health issues in family are getting slowly better. My own nervous system is recovering from the repeated shocks to my Soul since 2020. I have some Saturn movement in my chart which is almost always a GOOD,slower,structured time for me that reaps great rewards, so I am going to focus on that and be grateful. I feel the Saturn time will be the consolidation of my rough experiences of the past couple of years..I will assimilate al that has gone down, into my spirit and my being and move on with productively (I have moon in Capricorn!!!!) with my we all must always do… Venus in Leo is a Venus return for my husband— he has been more romantic than usual..I’ll take it! Four months??!! YAY!

  3. hello everyone , as for me i see this as a shock to the world whether good or bad, pluto is a deep shocker ,aquarius rules groups, and w jupiter in taurus hmmm, i say that with jupiter in taurus venus house, anything can be a shocker to us all whether good or bad from creations to entertainment, to the world or even individually ! we just got to make sure we’re well prepared emotionally,mentally, spiritually for what ever is digged out w the sun shining on it . its like watching the plumber work under the sun , theres no telling whats being digged out
    go w the flow w integrity

  4. Read your post after I roared at the nosey neighbours – married couple, male decided I would be his bit on the side years ago. ( I am single) My rage knows no bounds;- I worked for and built my house for peace and privacy,( and to get away from unwanted male attention) but these people seem to believe my life is of great interest to them and have worked on my adult son, and there is now anger and mistrust between my son and I as he has only seen them sunny side up) I never felt a pinch of attraction for this man, and instinctively avoided him. His passive aggression towards me had me so frightened, I truly felt I could not live anymore, and it went on for years. I couldn’t leave the house, – I would go for a walk and he would come charging down the street until revving up until I went inside. That was his downfall, people noticed, and he knew it. That’s when the prey became the predator, and it is he who is frightened. I also told his wife to stop telling him I was interested in him, as it suited her to have him pre-occupied with me, and also suited her to see me suffer. I would trade these people for decent neighbours,in a heartbeat, and not have to become such a bitch, however I enjoy taking my power back and exposing their callous disregard for my privacy, human rights and messing with my family. I know initially they have dismissed me as a bimbo, with my pretty face and blond hair so what do I matter? I have no husband, so what do I matter? Now they are seeing my Aquarius Sun, Uranus in Leo, Aries rising, Mercury in Cap trine Pluto in Virgo. I am an educated articulate professional woman, and they don’t understand my vocabulary- and are truly pissed off at how much I am throwing back at them. And it will continue, if he ever looks at me sideways again, or I hear them shuffling around windows to listen to what’s going on in my house. Aquarius hates to be suffocated, especially by such ignorant people. Yes, I know, I should take the high road. Nah, that didn’t work. In fact I waited too long to face them- I thought they would see that their behaviour was low – but I came to see that they felt that I would put up with it – it would have gone on for years more -5 years is enough.

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      Irmi1969 / Char555

      You go, girrrl!!
      Being a bitch is not always a bad thing. After five years of taking the high road, what else would have worked?

      1. Thank you Irma, I am feel uncomfortable when I have to use my dark side, and also resentful that I have to use so much energy on these people. Your words make me feel that anyone would do the same.

  5. My Venus is an Aquarius my Pluto is in Virgo both are 3°. I have decided I must be positive and as you suggest cut your losses not looking backwards and I will not fight with you unless I really like you it’s just a total waste of time I’ve got legs I can walk I can run maybe not fast but I have options.

  6. Out of nowhere, an old flame re-emerged on my radar and sent me down memory lane. And then realized the transits and how I AM the corpse. *face palm*

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    Had two aquarian male friends resurface after long time no contact, as if checking in, ‘am I available yet’. No more than that. And, no, still not available.

  8. Had TWO different “friends” read me the riot act this past couple of days.People are VERRRRY touchy!! I am annoyed.

  9. I guess on grande view of Venus in Leo opposite Pluto in Aquarius…

    Could be burning (fire/Leo) down forests (Venus/Earth) for lithium (AI Aquarius) mining slit overall Pluto feel

    Canada wild fires in QC happening right in those spots of new contracts for just that plus some _ very fitting!!

    …and lets not forget jolt to the heart via smoke inhalation and leaking into bloodstream affecting the cardiovascular system.

  10. this squared my chiron, and it really really did. still navigating the aftereffects.
    i mean, it all shook out ok, and i learned some things i needed, but june kind of sucked.
    there was also some weird magic going on that i think connected to it.

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