Need A Love Triangle? You Can Always Make One Up!

love-triangle.jpg“Oh hell yes, you’ll get a new girlfriend and when you do you’ll not remember, P, at all,” I told the soldier in the tub last night. “Yeah, you’ll act like I didn’t exist. P, who?”

He laughed. “I’m not getting another woman!”

“Liar! (Venus in Gemini) You only go about 4 minutes between women and you know it.  But you’re going to have a hell of a time with your new gal, Tammy.” (swearing below the break)

“Tammy? You think I’d go out with a girl named, Tammy?”

“Yes I do and you’re going to have a hell of time with her too.  You’re going to be right up a creek trying get her trained.  Just try it. Er, Tammy… could you make me some black beans?” I roared.  “Not that P did that for me but say.  I wonder if you could start bringing me my breakfast in bed… you know because I do that for you.  So you’ll will try to get her to do it even though I never existed and guess what she’ll say?”


“Get your own breakfast, asshole motherfucker!”

He laughed… hard. “Well that’s what every other woman I’ve ever known in my life has told me except you so I guess it’ll be normal again.  But no other girlfriends for me. If I ever lose you, that’s it. I’m done.”

“Heard that before.”

“From who?”

“Every man I have known in the last 10 years, 15 years. It’s a bunch of crap. They go right out the next day  and start sniffing around. Yeah, they are out there like dogs and I can’t say I’d blame him. If I had a void like the one I leave, I’d fill it myself.”

More laughing…

“Personally, I can wait. I wait awhile but the dog men I know they turn this shit around in about a day…”

When you lose (Pluto) a relationship (Venus), how long do you wait before you’re out shoppin’ again?

22 thoughts on “Need A Love Triangle? You Can Always Make One Up!”

  1. It took me thirteen years to even start trying, but that’s because I was afraid to go there again. He didn’t leave a void, he blew up my life.

  2. I’m a weirdo. You’d think it would take me a long time to get over guys, with Venus/Pluto conjunct, but Venus is also conjunct URANUS.

    There was only one time that I went into deep mourning, for someone that I thought the world of. It took me over a year to get over losing him.

    The rest of the guys? I’d cry a little, then think about how bad the whole thing was for me, stop crying, pick myself up, and get back out there to find the next Mr. Right.

    Before I got married, none of my relationships lasted longer than 6 months (Uranus). Even now, I don’t see my husband that much–he’s starting up a business–and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

    I don’t want people hanging all over me and in my face all the time. It took me a long time to figure out that I wasn’t the type that could handle those relationships where people met their “twoo luv” in high school and stayed together forever and ever.

    There are people out there who think the way I handle this whole area of life is nuts, but hey. It works for me, so it’s not changing!

  3. I agree with Indy %100. And it depends on if I’d been getting laid or not.
    Extraneous activities yes; relationships most certainly not.
    (The last time it took over 2 years).

    Pluto opposed Venus

  4. I’m one for triangles too, I can’t help triangulating. In everything I write there’s a triangle. To be fair, even my Venus is in a three-some, between Saturn and Pluto, the naughty gal 😉

    How long? Long, very long. I can pretend I’m out shopping again immediately but my heart’s not in it really.

  5. Saturn in my 7th is dictating that I refrain from using men as distractions. I go out with a guy a few times, think he’s a fine person but not The One. By the third date he’s considering having a relationship, then he’s flummoxed when I say sorry, I don’t feel that way. Then I get “feedback” that I’ve led him on and wasted his time, though I made no promises and was just having a good time.

    This “feedback” is teaching me that they’re people with feelings and I need to act responsibly. Needless to say, no triangles, probably ever again. (But today it sounds wicked inviting. 🙂 )

  6. A very long time before I shop around again. I quit dating just for the sake of having someone. It’s wasn’t fair or fun.

    I can’t cook his beans for him, I’m allergic to beans, so he would have to cook them himself. Better just stay with Elsa soldier. 😉

  7. Yeah, so…triangles. An old lover I haven’t talked to in 7 years contacts me out of the blue. It was one of those relationships that was heart to heart love but just didn’t happen because of timing and maturity.

    And now I’m all married with children.
    Venus Aries opp Pluto, trine Saturn and Neptune.
    I’m not going to play with him.

    I’m growing up.

  8. ”If I had a void like the one I leave, I’d fill it myself.” That’s like brilliant drag queen humor. *clap clap clap* Nice!

  9. Elsa. This is crazy. When I talked to my ex like that she was always Tammy too. “You’re not going to work, you are going to meet up with Tammy from Terrace” I swear to god that is too funny. Sorry to all the Tammy’s in the world.

  10. “Tammy” is the name I picked for a roommate I had back when I knew the soldier. She was the anti-Elsa but we kicked some ass together, I’ll tell you what. 🙂

  11. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I have Venus-Pluto, have been single for almost a year now, and am emotionally not quite ready to start all over again with someone new. Unless someone came along whom I’d be crazy to pass up. I’m open, but not looking;)
    My Scorpio ex had his Pluto within minutes of my Venus. He brought me back to life in many ways, and I will always love him.
    It was a mutual break-up (my initiative, actually – but someone had to do something!:P) and we’re still very good friends. I miss our talks very much, they were rarely trivial: With composite Mercury/12th conjunct ascendant in Scorpio^^, we talked in bed into the wee hours, almost every night!

  12. Well, I guess I am just awful but once I realize the relationship isn’t going to work, I go on the prowl. I’m secretly packing up my stuff, prowling for my next potential mate before I have even found the exit. Not admirable, I know. To my credit, I make good and damn sure the beast is dead before I start packing, every avenue has been explored to make it work.

  13. I like being partnered, so I’m almost always shopping…however, I have Saturn conjunct Mars, so I don’t always get the ones I want 😛

  14. I’ve only had one other serious relationship, my first, and it took me about a year to get over it. Of course, the guy strung me along with “I want to come back” for six months, so that prolonged it, but still. If this relationship (8 years and counting) ends, I don’t know how long it’ll take to land back on my feet or if I’ll want to. *sigh*
    But I’ve been known to juggle four or five “puppies” at a time. 😀 So who knows?

    Mars-Venus-Pluto conjunct in Libra.

  15. a “relationship”… years.
    a “boy that was there”… ten seconds, if that. actually with as forced platonic as these things go for me, i keep several at once.

    gemini. *shrug* i get bored. still, venus in taurus… if i do the relationship thing, i mean it and am not likely to just cut myself off emotionally when it’s over. takes about a year to repair the damage and maybe another year to get my head back on straight.

  16. depends on how seriously invested i was, and how much processing i need to do. for serious heavy relationships it could take years. for the last one… i did most of my mental processing before it was over, and by the time i finally decided it was done, i’d finished most of the work i needed to do in my own head, and i moved on pretty fast.

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