Scorpio Mars Regarding Men – Are They Jackals?

“So do you think men are jackals?” I asked satori. She has Mars in Scorpio.


“Me too. I’ve never met a man in my life that did not at one point see a hole he wanted to put his dick in. He’d do whatever it took to conquer.”

“Me either.”

“Yeah, they may not do it all the time. They may be sleeping but a sleeping jackal is still a jackal.”

“Sleeping, or maybe he’s not hungry,” she said.

I snorted. “Yeah, that’s even better. He gets hungry, he’s going to act.”

16 thoughts on “Scorpio Mars Regarding Men – Are They Jackals?”

  1. maybe i have met a few. or it could just be they’re more polite about it.
    i think that’s the difference. which jackals are polite about being hungry ;P

  2. I’m a gay man who has a lot of love and respect for women and what they go through and I also acknowledge that men can certainly exhibit this trait. That said, to the extent that women choose to accuse men without accepting their own responsibility for things as well as to ignore that women can be as equally manipulative is an exercise in blindness and hypocrisy. In that, you demonstrate that which you condemn.

  3. Marc – I just saw your comment and I demonstrated no such thing. I never said women were innocent. As a matter of fact I am a jackal myself (since I was a mere child)… and I have “taken responsibility” for myself (and others) for about 40 years.

  4. Elsa, as I mentioned in my previous comment, to the extent you’re not implying that “women are not jackals,” then I’m taking issue with you. Of course, I’m puzzled why one jackal would bother to call another jackal a jackal.

  5. Marc I didn’t imply anything. Your post is a total projection.

    It’s like listening to Nick Lowe sing “all men are liars”. He doesn’t mention women so we have no idea his opinion. If you make up an opinion and assign to him, that’s a projection because it has no basis in reality, you just made it up. There is no “blame” in my post, or evidence of a lack of responsibility not only in that post, but in my life in general. This is like having to defend my bad mothering to some guy since I leave my kids at home to go to work… and I don’t even have kids!

    As for calling a jackal a jackal, I’ve already explained to Chris that I never applied a judgment to “jackal” behavior. I think it is normal in nature and to me judging it would be akin to judging rain or the color green so this explains?

  6. Elsa – having a man sing “all men are liars” is a very different thing because in essence the man is describing himself… he’s owning those traits, so his opinion about women is irrelevant.

    In any event, my original comment was clear — I was directing it to those who choose to stand back and accuse others without recognizing those very same traits in themselves. Read some of the other comments and I think its clear that I’m not just projecting. If you’re comfortable that you weren’t implying anything, great, you have no need to justify yourself.

  7. Well I’m still confused about how the original story has to do with jackals .. the story being how military women are ‘preyed on’ by men behaving ‘like jackals’. There’s probably no one on this blog who’s studied jackals extensively but if they’re like wolves or dogs .. um .. a bitch behaving in an instinctually intact way who was healthy etc. would rip an inadequate or inappropriately behaving male’s head off (slight exaggeration) before being ‘conquered’ and mated with. I think I understand where Marc’s coming from in that the females seem to have had their individual will and participation in the drama negated…

  8. Chris –

    It’s a lot easier to prey on someone that’s lonely and weak than it is to prey upon someone that’s whole and healthy.

    When someone sets out to purposely conquer someone because of their mental state at the start (weak state = easier to get) = they’re a jackal.

  9. I’m thinking someone didn’t like getting called (by virtue of being a male) a jackal…

    Personally, I think men (and women) tend to come up with behaviors toward each other that far outstrip anything an animal would think of in terms of emotional entanglement, so perhaps comparing someone to a jackal could be a back-handed compliment. At least animals have no hidden agendas! If they’re predatory, you know they’re going to be looking for lunch. If they’re prey, you know they’re going to be looking to avoid being lunch (if they’re smart…if they’re not, they’re just lunch).

    Clear as mud. 😉

  10. Now are we speaking strictly of sex drive or of overall traits? (Being specific in this instance would help.) Because the comparison between the male and female sex drive is to compare to entirely different entities. Men are biologically designed to sow seeds, to exploit “niches,” if you will. Does that make them jackals, or good at accomplishing the task with which they have been charged? Maybe jackals are highly efficient. Maybe there is something endearing about a jackal being a jackal – because if you’ve got enough meat, it’s an easy enough creature to bait.

    As far as Mars in Scorpio is concerned, I get the sense that Mars is never fully expressed if not in the Scorpio vibration. There is an exhaustion to the exertion of power – if it were entirely spent in the Aries sense, at some point it must run out. “I, Me, Mine” all day long. But combined with the morbidity of Scorpio, the realization that all things die (and are reborn in death…) that is Mars energy worth taking seriously. Mars in Aries is a taking, Mars in Scorpio is a corrupting…at least there is intimacy there. (Hades kidnapping Persephone and such.)

    If this post is about Mars in Scorpio, Men as Jackals, what woman who has ever loved a man has not struggled with this? (Maybe all men who love men do too, tho I can’t say.) But be thankful for a Mars in Scorpio – for all their wander lust, there is a love there that will defy death. There is an ability to cherish and honor and revere – a thinking, metaphysical jackal. Take these words as you will. But a jackal with a Mars in Scorpio is a dangerous but valubale (and dare I say beautiful) entity.

  11. gawdamm that last paragraph was beautiful, C. that will sound self-serving coming from a mars in scorpio, but i feel like i just got hugged from the heart.

    while i wouldn’t deny the appetite (for lack of a better word) elsa refers to, i would also liken it to a river that can be channeled, dammed, diverted and put to uses other than just greasing the slide at the waterpark.

    not that i don’t really like that slide.

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