Neptune Fog Machine

fog-machine.jpgThe veil has dropped! This surgery turned out to more serious than I imagined it was going to be, not that I regret my denial. There is a lot of swelling which I did not expect at all. Matter of fact, I look about 4 or 5 months pregnant which is sort of strange and Pluto Moon-ish. My whole stomach is just swelled out and it’s not possible to suck it in so I just sort of marvel.

I am going to see my daughter this week. She doesn’t know I’ve had surgery. I am going to show her the intense bruising for sure and I bet you she’s the only one who will want to see this stuff. The Taureans around here are hiding their eyes!

In whatever case, it hurts more than I thought it would as well. I can feel the staples exactly… at least a few of them. I understand they sort of staple blind which means they can get one in a bad place and I think I’ve got a couple staples that qualify. The staples dissolve but I don’t know when.

They tell you this stuff but who listens when you’ve got the Neptune fog machine going? Ah well.

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  1. Yeah, Vid just came in here with a book with a lock on it… “How to build spectacular forts” or something like that. He’s following the blueprint building a fort in the living room and says she gave him the book. I’ve never seen it before… this is all so spooky.

  2. Well if so then HOP SKIP AND JUMP to ER because post-surgerical infections are very common and heal nicely if they are lanced right away!!!
    When my SO had a post-surgical infection the incision looked “puffy” and fresh-blister like (liek water was in it).

    Never mind if you believe him or not…please check it out ASAP. (His healed within 24 hours of being treated).

  3. Ahh, hope it’s not infected, get it checked out, if anyone would know, he would!! Hope it gets better soon. How would that be for one last hurrah from Pluto in Sag? Arrghh!

  4. I was without my computer since Friday, but I was glad to see via my phone that you were up and at ’em posting all weekend. Keep an eye out for any infection – God knows hospitals are one of the best places to pick up some gross bacteria. How interesting the Pluto Moon thing! Hope you heal quickly.

  5. Feh. Overlooked this one.

    I hope it gets better soon, and I absolutely ditto kashmiri. Any hint of infection and you should get your butt to the doctor.

    [‘Heavy swelling at the incisions themselves would be a big hint.’]

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