Personality Traits Of People With Their Moon In An Earth Sign

earth moonWhen we talk about processing emotion, it’s important to acknowledge that not everyone does it the same way. The common advice is to sit quietly with your emotions, feel them thoroughly, and then let them go. But not everyone is built that way. When the Moon is in an earth sign, things work a little differently.

Earth signs are grounded in the physical. When the Moon is in an earth sign, emotions have to be grounded in the physical in order to be fully processed. And each sign has its own method.

·        Taurus Moons process in their own time. Taurus is arguably the most fixed of the fixed signs, and is well-known for being an immovable object. Taurus emotions are held in the body and felt deeply on a physical level. Here, the Moon takes ample time to truly explore and understand its feelings. That said, Taurus is the Moon’s very favorite place to be. Taurus is like a fertile garden, and each emotion plants a seed that, when given time and care, grows into a beautiful bloom. As long as they are allowed to process as slowly as they please, Taurus Moons can integrate their emotions more fully than most any other sign.

·        Virgo Moons process through activity. Virgos also feel emotions in the body, but unlike steady Taurus, Virgo’s nervous energy needs an outlet. My Virgo Moon father is well-known for dealing with his emotions by mowing the lawn, lifting weights, or cleaning the gutters. As a Virgo Moon moves the energy out of their body and organizes their physical space, their mind and heart also organize themselves. However, when they are denied this kind of outlet, emotions can become backed up and manifest themselves in health issues. So it is important for Virgo Moons to move.

·        Capricorn Moons process privately. Capricorn is symbolized by a goat with a fish tail. Capricorns feel things as powerfully as a water sign, but feel a duty to handle them like an earth sign. Capricorn Moons are fiercely self-protective, and are often secretly horrified by the vulnerability that comes with deep emotions. Thus they retreat to their own private space to work through them. Once in their protected space, they will reflect on their emotions and try to find both a practical reason for them as well as a practical solution. When they are successful, they are able to harness their emotions as fuel to drive them toward their goals. But until that occurs, they will deflect through humor, sarcasm, and irritability. So if your Capricorn attempts to retreat, let them. They will work through things on their own.

While each chart is unique and each person will have their own way of moving through the world, there are features all earth Moons share. They feel their emotions in the body. They need time and space to work through emotions in their own way. And they often prefer privacy while they do so. There are certainly challenges with this approach, but at the end of the day, earthy Moons are left with deep emotions that are integrated down to their bones. And that is a pretty good deal.

Do you have the Moon in an earth sign? What is it like?

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  1. So true about Capricorn moon! I’m a Scorpio with Pisces ascendant and Capricorn moon. Definitely need my time and my own solutions, with a sense of obligation to serve the common good.

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      bryant theresa

      Im Virgo, Gemini moon, Virgo mercury, Leo venus, Leo mars, Aquarius jupiter, Scorpio saturn, Sagitarius uranus, Capricorn neptune, Scorpio pluto.
      He’s Leo, Virgo moon, Leo mercury, Cancer venus, Leo mars, Sagiterius jupiter, Gemini saturn, Libra uranus, Sagiterius neptune, Libra pluto. Are we a good match for each other.
      I feel some chemistry, but am I wrong?

  2. I have moon and asc in Capricorn and a Scorpio Sun. Deep and private emotional work for sure. After decades of journaling, and hauling them as we moved and moved I learned to blog, and have been tucking them into many blog caves, I even lose track of where they all are.
    I certainly feel my emotions in my body. It’s important to have energy work/practices that help to move the emotions through, and out. Later this month I have an opportunity to work with a long-time heroine and teacher who ‘writes the body’ to ‘write the world’.
    Very private Capricorn Moon people, speaking for myself, need trusted allies to unearth or turn over ground to plant new tomorrows. I’m crossing my fingers. The work is tough stuff.

  3. Taurus Moon here, opposite Uranus. Processing emotions through the physical body makes sense.
    If I’m deeply distressed, or my anxiety levels are through the roof for long enough–it shows up in weird ways. Stomach cramps. Hair loss. Sore throat. Colitis flare. Diarrhea. Mysterious skin rashes. Itching.

  4. Moon and rising in Cap. I would say fiercely self- protective is the perfect description. You won’t see me actually really deeply opening up to anyone with how I feel and when I was close to do it, or let that part of me seen to two people (they couldn’t handle it and got very worried about me). The cons of being ‘stoic’ all the time means if you open that can of worms called emotions, people would have no idea how to go about it. And my emotions get dark. Luckily I can work through them. Honestly with my moon being in 1st house, I am usually the only one to get my spirits up.

    1. I also have a 1H Moon but in Pisces. I agree with you, X-rayed, that only I can make the ownership decision to “get my spirits up.” Chalk that up to Aries/Mars ruling the 1H.

      1. Hello 🙂 Yup, that’s probably a 1st house thing. Wondering if music or water helps you as well? It works for me, music also water like drinking lots of water, taking a good shower, playing with the sprinkle, walking near a lake. I am not a water moon but my moon is conjunct neptune and uranus so when hurt, I feel physically bad, dry throat, tummy aches, headaches so one has to do what needed to calm the emotions or the anxiety.

  5. As a Gemini Moon, the idea of “sitting quietly” with my feelings… huh. I do, often, put a brake on my words (Mercury in Aries, sextile Moon) now, but inside myself, never quiet about that.

    About earth sign Moons, thank you! That makes sense, a whole lot of sense about the Virgo and Capricorn Moon people close to me! (Especially Capricorn… I so hate having ever stepped on their emotional toes – and I have done that.)

  6. My Capricorn moon friends process by walking or biking for a long time or doing physical exercise to exhaustion.

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    I have a taurus moon in the 8th house. My relationship Im thinking of is with another Taurus moon. Our friendship is strong and steady. The emotional stability is there.its practical grounded reliable. I would have wished this on my cancer moon son but his taurus venus takes care of that for him.

  8. Also, Capricorn moons, what’s with keeping ancestral detritus in your home, why keep your mom’s terrarium, a collection of cut price spatulas, and your grandma’s lighters and grandpa’s uniform? It’s sort of depressing. Then again, people find it horrifying that I sleep under a down blanket throughout all the seasons (puts thumb in mouth.) I’m working on the tendency to find thrift depressing and also the idea of bulk buying sale items. Especially thrifty recipes. Yuck. Why bother eating if you skimp on flavor.. I’m really bothered by certain kinds of stinginess

    1. Personally I like old items that remind me of my grandparents (not hoards of things,just a small old photo or a small item they had), but they have a life of their own and a story to tell? I just like it. But I surely don’t know what kind of cap moon people have you hanged around that they fed you bland food. That’s outrageous. ?

      1. Hahahaha no they didn’t feed me bland food.. they just have collections of items passed down through their family and not exactly arranged in a cosy way.. I guess I can be creeped out by it.. I can be neurotic about things and want to feel safe where I live..

        I meant to say that I used to check food blogs for recipes and come across the odd thrifty blog.. where basically they chose substitute ingredients that were cheaper. To me it was so depressing to worry first about reaching a monetary target than to eat well and healthfully (I have Jupiter in pisces in the 2nd) so up til recently I found those blogs very depressing

        1. Ohh, got the imagery. I think it’s similar to what I’ve felt going to someone’s place and seeing lots of antique porcelain dolls, like that uneasy feeling, right? Oh,I don’t have such things in my home, nor like dolls nor like scary stuff. But it’s accurate that cap moons worry about (lack of) money a lot, or security, what if I’ll end up homeless and penniless and how would I be able to survive. Like this train of thought. ‘ve been hidden money under the mattress as a kid, saved for rainy days, always had some money to give when mom had none left. It’s how this moon is geared to function. But agreed that putting it ahead of a good meal can be depressing, it’s sad but some people don’t have a choice. Now if you have a lot of earnings and do so by choice, that’s different and personal preference. I like hearty, delicious meals so I wholly understand where that jupiter in your 2nd house is coming from. 🙂

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    The Two-Faced Editor

    Virgo moon, and this has taken me some time to figure out! I do think it’s true, though. I’m a professional dancer, and truly, I feel my best when I’m consistently moving. I’d almost prefer to be physically exhausted to fully rested. I just feel better overall. Virgo’s all over my chart, too – also in rising, NN, lilith, and mars as well as my moon.

  10. Is there a post on fertility and planting with/through the moon’s influence? I planted some flowers but I have a cap moon in natal and now it’s scorpio moon time. I hope they won’t die or that our everyday guest cat won’t have a war with them, they are a bit dry already..???

    1. The flowers were eaten by our flying chicken, so well done transit scorpio moon. 😄
      I forgot to mention about capricorn moon/rising. Anyone else having an internal clock or a specific relationship with time? I am always earlier than the alarm. Sometimes by half an hour, by ten minutes, sometimes by a minute but I don’t need a clock at all. When I was commuting by train I used to wake up, stop the alarm right before ringing, went back to bed five more minutes closing my eyes (dangerous game)- in four years I’ve never missed the train. 🤯

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