Neptune In Pisces (More For Virgo)

Neptune god paintingA Virgo client was concerned about self-deception with Neptune in Pisces…

“You have always been susceptible to this, everyone is!  You can have a dream…and misinterpret it.  And you’ll have no clue that you missed the plot!

Or how about illness that a person denies? Or weight gain? Or a lying friend?

All of us fall  prey to things like that so it’s not really new.  It’s just new to your consciousness…”

Are you a Virgo, dealing with Neptune in Pisces? How’s it going?


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  1. Pisces Sun people are in the focus of my interest this time around. Their Sun opposite mine. I find them interesting and more powerful than one can immagine. One of them is a relative of mine. She had cancer three years ago, we thought, she will die soon. But she recovered. Then she lost her husband two years ago. She recovered. She had some serious financial problems to face after the death of her husband. She is now on her feet to manage her situation. She is nearly 70 years old and dedicated to live.
    Another one is a young woman I know out of school. I call her a woman since she earned it. She is only 18. Her family cast her out because she stood up for herself against pressure of serious dogmatic religious concerns. She says, she loves her parents but she doesn’t want to get involved with a religion she cannot identify herself with. She fights for her freedom and she fights fair and with love.
    These two have their birthdays this time around, this means Chiron and Neptune conjunct their Sun. I think they have some serious problems. And I see them having the power to manage them, though they look dreamy and helpless on the surface. They are some hard asses. And I think my problems regarding self-deception in the past is actually nothing. Yeah, I had a dream and I couldn’t ground it. It was a dream. So what? I should live up my reality.

  2. My mother’s partner is sooooo heavily into his own self deception and denial. (This coming from Pisces Rising conjunct my moon and mars, even im stunned at how deeply this guy is ingrained into his own story)

    Long road ahead for him to see through the shimmery veil of Neptune

  3. Hm, it hasn’t been there for a bit for me, and it looks like it will be there my whole life (ok the vast majority of it), lol. Neptune in Pisces in 1st house..where my Jupiter rx is. I feel more spiritual..and around the time I believe it started transiting was when I started working as an intuitive. Now I’m slowly trying to build my own Tarot business online. So for me that’s how it has been playing deception..just spiritual work.

    However, if we talk about relationships – yes. The father of my kids is a Pisces Sun, and we ended our long-term relationship (8 years) in 2012. So, in a way I felt deceived because I thought we would “last the test of time”, but it was mostly an illusive relationship you could say…

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    Mads Elung-Jensen

    I am a very early Virgo, 2’50, and I have taken my 5 direct hits from Neptune already by now. Before that it was my Leo Moon and Leo Mercury, so I have had around 8 years of direct Neptune oppositions. What I ended up with was the secure knowlegde that you can never help others if you’re not able to open yourself for help. And then, when I finally found out how to do that, help came from every side. Somehow my weakest spots grew to be my strongest. But it was not an easy ride..

    1. Thanks for sharing that info Mads Elung-Jensen! great insight! a big clue for the rest of us with personal planets experiencing the transiting opposition.

  5. For now, Neptune has not hit my Virgo Sun yet (my Sun is at 25 degrees). However, Neptune in Pisces is squaring my Jupiter in Gemini (6 degrees), while Saturn in Scorpio is going through my 9th house (so my beliefs have been stripped down to the bare essentials, to whatever makes sense in my life right now.).

    I am learning to take a step back during Pisces transits and Neptune transits, realizing that I have to pause and that I don’t have all the answers (maybe a few, but certainly not all). I’ve already dealt with Uranus in Pisces a few years, and I rode the waves of the Pisces new moon.

    I’m going to have to look out for Neptune squaring my Sagittarius Moon (10 degrees) and Saturn conjuncting my Sagittarius Moon in a few years, that looks challenging. I’m doing what I can to build my emotional reserves to deal with Saturn in Sagittarius. I am looking forward to Neptune trining my Scorpio Pluto (10 degrees) and my Cancer Chiron (6 degrees) though.

  6. Thanks for asking, Elsa. I’ll do my best to respond accurately, as a Sun Virgo would. It’s very, very hard. I’ve become enormously aware of the levels of deception everywhere: at work, in my personal life, and in the wider world of politics/world events etc. This is deeply shocking to a Sun Virgo – I think we have a great respect for truth and facts and though we are no fools, it always comes almost as a physical blow that not only do people lie (yeah, nothing new about that), but they genuinely don’t care to distinguish between truth and lies. It’s one thing to know you’re lieing (we Virgos do that too, quite a bit, actually) but to discover situations where no one gives one continental dam’ what the truth is as long as their own perceived needs are met or they can impose their own power on other people is really disorientating. A Sun Virgo always has an idea that if you can just uncover the facts and put them out there, people will respond accordingly. They’ve been misled – that’s all there is to it. Well, lol, lol, lol, you can do all that and find out that no one is interested, because they do not care what the truth is.

    So the message I have been receiving is The Truth abides whether anyone is prepared to recognise it or not. It’s still true. The truth is it’s own reward, if you like.

    Agree that I am strangely draw towards Pisceans – the type who seem to understand this innately. But then I always was. 🙂

  7. I think I’ve been in denial about just how much I do for people and just how little I have left for myself. My natal Neptune is in the 6th, so I suppose I am especially vulnerable to turning “work and service” into “sacrifice”. I have been very inept during this opposition. It’s hard for me. I like work, activity, to be of use, but I think I need to get my priorities straight before I can become effective again.

  8. Virgo Sun conjunct Pluto here; I just finished this transit. The first time Neptune touched my planets I contracted pneumonia. It had gone undiagnosed for a number of weeks, although I visited the doctor several times as well as the emergency room. My doctor said I was “not a text book case”. There was some clouding, fog. As Neptune approached my planets again, my Pisces Moon father suffered a hip joint disintegration from necrosis; I left my home to look after him and my mom while he waited for surgery. He was in so much pain. I doled out his narcotics for weeks. I was not alone in caring for my parents, but I really was. In the end, I learned once again about trust, honesty, and dignity. And as Medb said so eloquently above, “The Truth abides whether anyone is prepared to recognize it or not.”

    I should also add, that Saturn was transiting my Scorpio Ascendant, North Node and wide orb conjunct Scorpio Neptune at the time as well.

  9. Virgo sun, merc, mars. I also currently have Saturn conjunct Moon in Scorpio along with natal Neptune in Scorpio in the 7th.

    I feel like I’m having an “out of body” experience. I thought I was firmly in control of my life and found out over a couple of physical instances (two car accidents, and an “accidental” pregnancy!) that I am not. Furthermore, I thought I was the best at everything I take on. I thought my partner was a slacker, as well, and was really growing to resent him. Now – I am seeing him in a whole new light, he is taking over things I normally do and doing them better than I would! And although he complains he is also doing way more than I ever thought he could including work, childcare and household management. I used to do EVERYTHING by default and now I realize I was knocking myself out for NOTHING. He can do it all!!! Sort of like magiczara, I’ve been killing myself for others and not doing very much for myself. It is hard to accept because I live to serve and take great satisfaction from doing everything perfectly.

    1. Virgo sun, mercury, mars, pluton ascendant. I know how you feel. Maybe it is time for us to let others do things too and pay some attention to ourselves…..? Is that allowed? I really don’t know. Neptune in Pisces is showing me…a lot, so far.

        1. That’s the funny thing about the neptune opposition. I’ll be typing along and all of a sudden I will type something that looks like pig latin. I started doing the newspaper crosswords to work my vocabulary so I don’t lose words completely. Right now communicating in sounds or singing to each other makes more sense. But how many people would do really bad pseudo opera with me? 😀

  10. Chiron return coming up for me and of course, the waxing opposition to my Virgo triple conjunction. Eventually, that lovely looking Neptune (LOVE its astronomical colors as evidenced from NASA satellites!) will be dancing over where Chiron has been.
    Hopefully my Libra Sun/Mercury conjunction trine Saturn can make “balanced sense” of it all… I think it will, especially with the natal trine from Neptune to it all…

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    Doesn’t sound confusing to me it makes perfect sense. Then again I do have a Pisces moon so I could be bias. Hehe

  12. Neptune has finished opposing my Virgo Pluto and now moves to oppose my 8-9 degree Virgo Mercury/Venus, then Virgo Sun at 23. My stellium is in the 6th, so you’d think with all the transits of the “natural” houses, it would be easier. But look to where Neptune falls in your natal- that’s where you might experience the disillusionment. In my case, as others, deceit has been the lesson, and the idea that no one is truly interested in the truth. I work for a large corporation and there is rampant corruption. My work is as an auditor. I audit, report the findings and when I found dishonesty regarding federal regulations, I was thanked for my great investigative work and then did not have my contract renewed after a year, despite the incredibly good performance reviews. The people on my team that I was hired to audit and report had such hard feelings towards me that they made it virtually impossible for me to do my job, I was threatened with bodily injury and despite the company “investigating” the threat, they did nothing to protect me as a contractor, and the contracting company I worked for is more interested in maintaining the relationship with the company than protecting employees. Their excuse for letting me go? “The dynamics on the team are not working”. As Neptune moves now to oppose my Mercury, I realize that I have a whole new idea of what “truth” is, and will need to adjust my communications accordingly. For any Virgo, the disillusionment of human behavior is the hardest pill to swallow.

    1. dog8818, can you instigate a lawsuit against them? I don’t know about your country but in mine, there are options to do that with circumstances of your case.

  13. If you’re a certifiable Virgo and your head is a technicolour playground 24-7, how do you know if you’ve misinterpreted a dream, they’re so personal? There are countless websites where I can type in “teeth falling out on a tree branch dream” and someone has a meaning. I think I’m very good at manipulating myself without realizing it and Pisces and Neptune are having fun at Virgo’s expense.

  14. Virgo Sun/Moon /Venus/Mars all in 9th House Sag raising. I feel oddly peaceful & going deep to clean up thoughts & feelings that just don’t fit me anymore. Also looking to change jobs. Its all about the energy right now. Best Wishes fellow Virgos.

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