Uranus Conjunct Pluto In Virgo People (Tweaked By Uranus Square Pluto)

1960s upheavalI wrote this for a client with Uranus and Pluto in Virgo conjunct her Moon:

“You have Uranus and Pluto conjunct your moon. These planets squared off, impact you deeply though they don’t aspect planets in your chart.  

Many feel the problems we have now began when you were born. You may be feeling the chaos and upheaval you felt in the womb!  In fact you, probably are…”

She has Uranus and Pluto exactly conjunct so having them exactly square at this time, I think what I’m saying makes a lot of sense.  She was born into upheaval…and now she feels it again.

Do you have Uranus conjunct Pluto in your chart (born mid to late 1960’s)?  Are you tweaked? If so, in what way?

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  1. Nothing spectacular. But deep down it is like when you want to get rid of your chains, reborn
    as a happy and independent person.
    The conj. is in my 1st house

  2. Yep, feeling it big time. Health is taking a dive. Finances too. Considering a move into my sisters home to get my head back above water so to speak. This is a very private, quiet person moving into chaos. Scary thought as the last time we lived together many many years ago, we fought so much I finally left in the middle of a fight, in the middle of the night, with my clothes stuffed into a big black garbage bag. Driving around thinking of everyone I knew tucked warmly in their beds, and me with no where to go, and all my worldly possessions in a trash bag. i’m scared. I can’t take that kind of drama anymore, that is why I live alone. other peoples drama drives me nuts, so I stay away. that’s probably not good either, but I just need peace and down time to recoup my energy that being around people drains away.

    1. I’m in a similar boat. Health and money issues. Optimism issues too. I’ve been struggling way too long. I’m so sorry for your situation. Hang in there.

      1. Ill weigh in too. Mine is Virgo Uranus Pluto conjunct in 12th house. I feel your pain.
        Health and money issues too.
        I have to admit I dont mind chaos. A stark difference to the quietness of a graveyard. To me noise means life. But not TOO much drama please i.e. people who Would rather fight than argue.

  3. Yes Ma’am I’m feeling it. Kind of having the same problem as T. I can’t seem to make a decision is the worst. Recovering from surgery, which has taken longer than I thought, and having to move in with my parents, so that I can pay for everything. I’m single and my only child is in the Army, so I have nowhere else to turn. I’m usually upbeat and positive, but I have not been able to shake off the negativity, coming from my now new home, that used to be my past home. It’s been really hard these past few days. I was born 66 so I must really be getting the pow pow

  4. Very much so. In fact it feels as if nothing has changed although everything has changed. Born into it, still stuck in in it. It’s almost as if the last 20-30 years were just a diversion. Bringing it all back home ..

  5. I was born with Uranus widely conjunct Pluto (1968), square natal Sun & Mars. Turmoil to some degree, or at least responding to constantly changing circumstances & events is the norm. However, the last 4 years have been particularly potent in their upheaval. It’s hard to keep up with all the changes, as well as processing the aftershocks.

  6. T, I relate. Quiet time along is so vital to wellbeing.

    Yes I feel it. 1965, they are a degree apart and aspect personal planets. This chaos, underlying panic, thread of exhileration and uncertainty feels familiar. Will I surf, will I go under and suffocate.

    I feel like the waiting, the drifting stagnation, the feeling blocked has stopped and It is happening. Whatever ‘It’ is. There’s a floating grief. Birth all over again.

  7. Oct 1965 here…Both Uranus and.pluto at 17 degrees in my 7th house….husband is constantly traveling so it’s hard to connect…but thank heavens we are also good best friends. Yes have been struggling but not suffering. ..now sandwiched between caring for 89 year old mom and two kids…alone. I feel the tension but I like Pluto in capricorn….I like the strength it seems to give me some how in my 12th…it keeps pulling me to go deeper be grateful…reflect. (I am also having Chiron conjunct my Saturn in pisces…) Uranus is a welcome snap out of it rrelief at times. I like my Pluto in Virgoness…I am sorry but I do not have a lot of patience for the Pluto in Leo crowd…I feel like they shoved a lot of their baggage for us Pluto in Virgos to clean up after them…..I want to take my Pluto power back and maybe this is a good time for us to awaken to that potential.

    1. I’m glad you said that. I am a 29 degree Pluto in Virgo and I cannot wait for the Pluto in Leos to finally go away. Sorry to say that, but they have caused so much trouble we have had to clean up and yet they keep hanging around, keep working, won’t retire, etc.

  8. ah, yep!! 😉 Big time!! … Born with moon, Pluto & Uranus conjunct near midheaven, Pluto’s been in my 12th house some time now (though I’ve only recently understood that fact) – he’s due to cross my Ascendent in late March – & freakin’ Uranus in my 4th house causing me so very much grief re: housing/accommodation … managing my health, despite being homeless for the umpteenth time … Thankfully, I’ve come across numerous positively-oriented internet sites & apps that assist me to see all of this as (a) historical, & (b) a challenge to my sense of power & to reinvent myself, but it’s damn hard ;-/ that’s for sure. “Chin up” to all of my ’60’s-born brothers & sisters – take comfort from the fact that this stuff is so much bigger than us & it’s NOT all our fault.

    1. I used to feel resentful towards the Pluto in Leo crowd – always got on better with Pluto in Cancer! They seemed such spoilt brats. Eternal Peter Pans. But now as they are getting older, what I see is a lot of confusion and fear: not just because of their greatly diminished prospects as they age, but because not many of them have built up the inner stamina to deal with the new realities. And it’s getting real, real late for them to do anything about it. So my attitude towards them has changed. By the time that generation shuffles off the stage, they’ll cut a pitiable figure in many ways. Always excepting those who didn’t buy into the “Good Times for Me, Me, Me”! contingent.

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    Mads Elung-Jensen

    The Pluto/Uranus conjunction opposing the Saturn/Chiron conjunction, trining/sextiling Neptune is either a heavy load or a tremendous gift, or presumably both. I have Uranus 14’25 Virgo, Saturn 14’40 Pisces, Pluto 15’37 Virgo, Neptune 17’26 Scorpio, Chiron 21,2 Pisces. The only connection to the personal planets is a direct Neptune/17’38 Leo Mercury square, and I’m not lying 🙂 The Pluto/Uranus squares have in their own not very discreet way unwrapped layer after layer of that gift, I’m very happy that the pieces of paper will get off around my 50’th birthday next year, hopefully I’m sort of ready to appreciate the gift to its full extent..

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      Mads Elung-Jensen

      Meanwhile, every transit is like, first Uranus tears everything apart, then Saturn stabilises, Pluto kills what can’t live anymore, Neptune gives an transcending anodyne and finally Chiron heals the open wound.

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    AstroHerbalist Lisa

    Yes, indeed! It is even more intense that feeling of healing birth trauma because Pluto is conjunct my Sun and South Node now, and Uranus is conjunct my Jupiter! Progressed Moon is in the 12th house as well for about another year.

  11. Gosh so true Else you nailed it, they do touch other natal planets (Uranus is hitting on my Saturn) but this speaks more to me I have them exact conjunct my MC ….whole family or origin/immediate family/ home break up and break down, nothing unscathed….tough but I feel like I’m coping most of the time, sometimes thriving…just extremely worried at the deeper consequences of the stress on health despite everything I do to manage it 🙁

  12. No, but I was born in December 1961 so my Pluto conjunction Uranus is so wide I really don’t even count it. My Uranus is at 0.28 Virgo and my Pluto is at 10.07 —that’s a really wide orb. In my progressed chart they aren’t even within orb anymore. However, yes I am seeing it in my younger sibling effect my younger sibling and a few friends of mine that were born later in the 60’s than me. But I’m sure as I post this they will both bite me in the rearend. 🙂 I have noticed that the squares between these planets are really effecting a family member born in 1989 but she has a peculiar chart and Uranus has been creating chaos through transit and aspects to personal planets in her chart.

  13. Oct 64′ here, triple conjunction in 9th house. I do feel transiting Pluto in my 1st providing “hidden” strength at this stage in life, combined with all the other planetary influences simultaneously impacting.

    Lets just say, its best to take one day at a time and prey to God for help and protection during this global upheaval period.. After all, he’s the one who created it all!

  14. My Libra partner born in 66 has appeared to be strongly affected by the transits. He has transiting Mars conjunct his Sun until June. His anger seemed to congest within him and then an intuitive shift to subtle yielding to his perceived inner turbulence and embracing everything he found in himself. I automatically mirrored this embracing back to him and it feels to me like we’re falling in love on a new plane of existence. It’s possible Neptune and Chiron close to my Sun and Mercury could be the cause of this paradigm shift as love seems inevitably opening and deepening literally beyond words. With transiting Mars conjunct my natal Uranus in 10H until June, if I might die in a sudden accident I can only live each day to it’s fullest and hope for the best for everyone.

  15. Alright G.G. & Tones, you humble me with your strength & wisdom!
    way to be strong & use this intense energy instead of letting it use you. I mean it still uses you, but sounds like you both have the right attitudes. no “poor me’s” going on here! i’m a 1967 taurus/gem cusp and a sag rise with libra moon/mars.
    that virgo pluto/Uranus has been my blessing and my curse if you know what I mean. virgo grounds that intensity as much as possible, but it’s PLUTO AND URANUS!!! very heavy man, and yes, i’m stubborn and at times do need to be hit over the head with a frying pan by the universe to get my attention, this combination works just fine thank you very much, wouldn’t change a thing.

  16. I find comfort knowing there are others with the moon conjunct both Pluto/Uranus and the Chiron return conj natal Saturn/Chiron. Elsa please write an article for us. If anything, I feel like I am finally getting my life together. My Pluto/Uranus/Moon is in 6th and Saturn 29 Pisces/Chiron 26 Pisces AC 21 Pisces in 1st. I’ve always felt like life was “harder” for me, though I know better. Work has always been challenging. I come up against integrity issues and don’t stay at jobs very long. I have always been into astrology/yoga and alternative health. I am also unsuccessful at intimate relationships, my feelings change suddenly. I have just learned not to go there and keep everything in the friend zone. Maybe this is because my 6th house conjunctions are 3-5 degrees from my DC.

  17. I have Uranus/Pluto/Moon conjunct at 17° Virgo 11th house, hard opposite Chiron, all hard square Mercury in Sagg in 2nd. This thing lights up like a Christmas tree on regular transits, and the trans-Saturnian planets know how to grind away at the emotions. I feel I have led 100 lives of birth and death and rebirth, also being Scorpio Sun and Asc, lends itself to the deeply transformative power of these placements. Go with it my intensely driven emotional dreamers, there is strength beyond the ordinary, there is depth and truth. Use the pain and obsessive thoughts to unwrap your shrouds, be vulnerable again and again. Know this, my unique Plutonian visionaries, the world senses our presence, but nowhere near as much as we sense our place in it.

  18. **IMPORTANT TIMES** We are all experiencing a natal Pluto/Uranus in Virgo being trined by transiting Pluto in Cap at this general time… a time when keys will unlock doors that have been long closed…

  19. It’s all really hard. I was born 9/17/65 st 12:27pm. I have Pluto within 1 degree of both Uranus and Mercury in my 10th house of Virgo. My Sun and MC are also part of this stellium, but a little farther away. They oppose the conjunction of Saturn and Chiron in Pisces. Ceres is also conjunct Chiron in the 4th. I think they all square my Moon in the 7th. To say that I am atypical would be a severe understatement, as well as it would be to say that I have suffered severe abuse from my Mother.
    The Uranian conjunct Plutonian and Mercurial energies pack quite a punch intellectually and metaphysically.
    This whole lifetime has been about experiencing pain,mental and emotional abuse, suffering from it and the consequences of it, then trying to understand it, transmute it and share the knowledge, as well as advancing in metaphysics.
    I’ve done the best I can, but it’s so hard and challenging sometimes. Honestly, I can’t wait for this incarnation to be over, but I know I have so much inner work to do, or I will be reincarnated in another equally difficult circumstances. Really, it sucks, but I know it’s my karma based on past experiences. It’s just very challenging

    1. @Susan…..I can relate to your story. I have Uranus conjuct Pluto in Virgo ascendant and a 7th house Pisces stellium with Sun/Moon/Mercury conjunct & Mars conjunct Chiron

      1. Rick,
        So sorry to take so long to get back to U! I have not checked my emails in a long time.
        Thanks for your comment. I am glad U can relate. I want to give U hope. Things r getting better- at least in the sense that I am obtaining more clarity and inner-confidence.

        I bet U make quite an impression w Uranus conjunct Pluto in your Ascendant! Unfortunately w those 2,maybe not the easiest(Damn, I could really use some emojis here! This is a new Chromebook, I haven’t loaded them yet). Maybe that first impression,at times, could turn some people off, but at other times the seductiveness and power of Pluto could be quite captivating. With Uranus U could present as very original and innovative w flashes of brilliance. But I know w the conjunct especially, sometimes the strength of the emotions can be so powerful – and w the unexpected from Uranus, it can sometimes be very problematic. But when U do make a good impression,It is Quite Dynamic and Appealing. And the Ascendant is not just about first impressions or even just what is shown to others,as is many times taught,and that the Sun is our “real” personality. It is true that the Sun is our essential essence, but the Ascendant is also an integral part of our personality/self as well. It’s not just a mask or something,it shows our instinctive reactions to our environment as well as being our physical which is a direct result/manifestation/densification of previous incarnations which led to the current physical form.

        With a stellium in your 7th house(Pisces of which can be extremely romantic- but w the Sun and Moon in ur 7th house, U give ur all to love, both your essence,your Sun and your Moon, your emotions, and Mercury-your mind, U think as a lover.

        This is already extremely powerful stuff, but then w a conjunction also in your 7th house of Mars conjunct Chiron, I see alot of potential for pain. Wow, U also have Mars in ur 7th hous-what a lover-lol.

        But seriously, I see alot of potential for trouble w Mars conjunct Chiron. I see deep wounding in your youth, so deep that Mars is entangled/impacted by the emotional wounding. This could be,probably has been very troublesome for you. There is an inherent possibility of violence, maybe not physical, could be emotional,with the pain of Chiron so close to your Mars, U probably lash out when hurt. It comes from deep pain,and the anger comes from pain. I can relate to that pain and deep rage,which comes from the pain,because my Chiron is conjunct Saturn in the 4th house of my family and it opposes my powerful stellium in the 10th,including those powerful planets Pluto and Uranus.

        Since your’s is in the 7th house, I would expect very intense feelings and experiences in your personal relationships, and maybe much pain experienced in them -with Chiron in there, and then conjunct Mars there maybe reacting too strongly,etc.

        What I want to say to U, is try to remind yourself when your mad, that it is coming from pain. I have done the same thing too,many times. With Pluto conjunct Uranus, and in a stellium w my Sun and Mercury-Holy Shit, I have been a nightmare sometimes. I know why I am the way I am tho, and continue to work on it. I am not as explosive as I used to be, but it has taken decades of inner-work.

        I just want to tell U, I bet you have so many wonderful, wonderful qualities as a partner, as so much of yourself gets invested in a relationship. The strength of that Mars conjunct Chiron in your 7th house could definitely cause problems tho, but U probably already know that and have worked on it as you are interested in Astrology,etc. So I would just say-when and if you feel really upset, see that your anger comes from pain, then be gentle and kind to yourself. It really does hurt to feel that pain, in so many ways anger is easier to feel-also from my own experiences, and I am working on that too. The anger is also a defence mechanism against the pain. I still struggle w it, because I was attacked so much all my life in my family-that was the only way I could defend myself.

        So give yourself a break, understand where ur coming from, forgive yourself for things in the past, but also realize that U might be too hard on your partners sometimes,etc.

        I could be wrong. I’m sorry if I am or if I offended U. I was trying to give helpful advise. I hope I did. If I’m totally off-base, I’m sorry, but that’s just what I thought when U described your aspects.

        Blessings to U in every way

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