You Mean The Rules Apply To Me, Too?

Jupiter god 1If you have Jupiter well-placed, you’re probably pretty confident. Okay, you’re probably very confident. You’re probably inflated in some way…I mean, you’re probably inflated in many ways. I know I am.

If you happen to have Jupiter tied to Uranus (rebellion), like I do, you probably think that rules don’t apply to you, because you’re lucky (Jupiter)!

Well I am lucky! I have put my garden in as early as the first week of April in Colorado and had no problems whatsoever. I’ve been gardening for 5 years now and always put my garden in by mid- April, even though I have been told by many, many people not to plant until Mother’s Day.

Others say I should wait until May 14th.

Some say they don’t plant until June.

All of them say that this is so they can avoid a freeze, but of course, “freeze” does not apply to me, because I’m special!

I’m sure you know where I’m going with this. Earlier this week, I lost approximately 175 plants that had been in the ground a month, when it decided to snow and snow and snow and snow, beginning on May 11th..

Okay, okay, Saturn. I learned my lesson!

“You are easygoing, agreeable, and tolerant, willing to overlook others’ mistakes, forget the past, and begin again on a positive note. You enjoy making others comfortable and happy, and sometimes overdo your generosity. You often feel that “everything will turn out all right no matter what I do”, and so become lazy and lackadaisical…”

That’s part of what it says about the Jupiter placement in my chart in my natal report. It also says this:

“Because you see yourself as a lucky person, you may feel that you can “get away with anything”, without negative consequences. You tend to go to excess and have little sense of moderation (or even caution, at times).”

If you want to better understand where and how you push the limits, get your natal report here.  Focus on everything that mentions, Jupiter. The language is clear, concise and correct, as you can see! If it saves you one garden, one year, it will be well worth the ten bucks!

11 thoughts on “You Mean The Rules Apply To Me, Too?”

  1. I can relate! My Jupiter is in the First House, the only planet in my Western Hemisphere, in a Yod with my Sun/Uranus conjunction in 7th,on the cusp of 6th, and Saturn in the 8th. I am either over cautious, or too free wheeling.

  2. Well you know about my Jupiter Elsa, this post is so funny. It’s in Gemini, in the 10th, aspects just about bloody everything. AND that includes Uranus, Pluto, Saturn, Moon…etcetera, etcetera.

    Though I am plagued with doubts, and I think it must be the Saturn. If not for that, I’d be rich, d’ye hear me, RICH!!!
    Anyways, even after the toughest of times I manage to inflate myself, (that might not have been what you meant, I know what you mean by inflated here!) but somehow, I always manage to get back on the sodding horse and try again. 🙂

  3. I do have Jupiter conjunct MC from the 9th house and sextile my Leo Moon. I totally believe that every opening is a lucky streak and that every person in the world means well with me and I am totally surprised when it appears that it actually once again was not a goldmine that I hit and that some people actually look at their own advantage before thinking of lovely me. But I recover every time, feel there was gift hidden in every experience. I do hope that I have become a little better at reading signals as time goes by, but I can’t really say that it’s the case. The advantage is, that people actually often treat me very much like I do them. And what they do when I’m not around must be their own thing..

  4. This made me laugh because it is 100% me. Jupiter in 9H trines Uranus as well as Pluto, moon in my first. I feel like, la la la, I know best, I don’t like that rule I think I’ll change it. Maybe I’m lucky. Maybe I’m that clueless person walking away after a near miss with a car and a train.

  5. Weighing in. I have Jupiter in the 7th House in a wide trine to my Sun(9 degrees)- that’s pretty nice. But it opposes mars and saturn and squares, mercury, uranus and chiron. Right before my first saturn return (Libra) I was married but I fell in love with the man I should be with – I divorced my young husband and he and I spent 10 years together and then parted only to reach out to me at the beginning of my second saturn return…and of course I’m married again. So do I think rules apply to me? Yes and I hate them.

  6. This is so my husband, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Sadge. He has been incredibly lucky throughout his life, often saved at the last moment. As a result, he has learned to rely on his good fortune…because “everything always works out” you know. His levity, although good for me, often irritates the heck out of my Capricorn moon, since that “everything always works out” mindset works great…until it doesn’t. As a rule follower myself, I find this attitude incredibly inconsiderate when others are involved and affected. Like my coworker (a teacher) who is late to work and doesn’t go out to morning recess duty. She’s so happy and bubbly though, nobody does anything about it. Rules don’t apply to her. Guess it’s all good until some kid falls off the monkey bars and she gets sued.

  7. I have a 4th house Rx Jupiter in Aquarius opposite my 10th Mars/Mercury Leo. My Jupiter is also in mutual reception with my Uranus in Sagitarius so super inflated plus super ego in terms of not following the rules of any sorts. These aspects are good in terms of pushing myself above the limitations and rules people put on me. For example, if people think I cannot achieve certain things because I am a woman, then yes these aspects will push me to achieve whatever they said I couldn’t plus more to prove that their ignorance is pitiful. However, these aspects are bad for me when it comes to getting to work on time, taking advice from others, fulfilling obligations, self-discipline and most importantly the rules of marriage.

  8. Yes, I feel overly inflated against my will atm. T. jupiter on my ascendanct isn’t cool. Not when T. Uranus is simultaneously on my mars. I hate this devil may care attitude that seems to have possessed me all the sudden. You’re right, somehow ‘know’ Im going to come out on top, but then this transit is going to end and then i am gonna be like- wtf have i done? I’ve become addicted to scratch off tickets too. And all the sudden I feel so confident, no one can make me compete for shit and i have aries. 8|

    1. For instance, normally Id be bent out of shape about another female trying to be me or something (inflated i know. but i have pluto opposite venus in aries) but at the moment i find it entertaining. as if i were watching this behavior from some other place. This is the uranus playing out. I just think- ha ha have him…

      1. I feel like a doofus adding so many comments but i can assure you its jupiter on my ascendant. He tends to do things to excess ;). I think jupiter on my ascendant made me lazy in a way. I care less about my self image and not more as some texts say. I actually picked up a vibe (uranus/ jup this girl who is with the love of my life is ‘changing’ herself (Im a spy. . . sorry i have a a lot of 8th house) so i deleted my facebook. i have no idea how i know but i somehow know she knows about me. A couple of weeks after i delete, she changes her profile picture to the same black image i put up the day i left Fb. Coincidence? Im such a spy. its terrible. perhaps i should have put this in the 8th house section.

        1. I also ‘predicted’ this. everything about it. I knew this was the girl years ago when i stumbled across her picture. And he knew too. that kid does nothing that’s not premeditated. He’s a scorpio with uranus conj sun. They look like brother and sister and that’s what struck me. But he feels hardly anything towards her.

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