Neptune In Pisces: How To Discern When Caught Web Of Lies

neptune god statueNotMyCircus started a thread in the forum, Stupid Is The New Normal. It’s a great title, but it’s also a supremely worthy topic. I jumped right in with this:

“I see this too but I see it across all generations… and I see it in myself as well.

We’re set up at the moment to have lots of things and people we can point at, that look or seem stupid… or who are stupid, or whatever. What this does, is distract us from looking at how we are failing.  And we are all failing in some way.

That’s the real stupidity. We pick the low fruit and failing to examine our own life and conscience.

And if they really are that stupid, then why, in all our wisdom, aren’t we helping them?

Kids are stupid?  Well, who raised them?

There is that but there is also, the simple fact that eventually age will take a toll on everyone. You may badly need the younger person you are insulting and alienating today.

Last, a person can be brainwashed which is very different from being stupid.  And a person can become un-brainwashed.  So all the superiority… it’s fleeting whether you realize it or not.”

If you’ve been reading here awhile, you may know that I am married to a retired Green Beret. I rarely mention this anymore because people don’t believe me.  I think this is because people started scamming women online, claiming military backgrounds. I wrote about this in 2015: Fake Military Profiles

My husband’s military service is real, but if I were to read this claim on a blog in 2020, I would be very suspect.  That’s astonishing, but it’s true.  The truth has become unbelievable!

castle rockOver the years, I’ve written about my husband’s service or involvement in various events or conflicts.  He had to help clean up the bodies in Jonestown after the mass suicide. He was also in Somalia, part of the mission depicted in the movie, Blackhawk Down.

300,000 people had starved to death in Somalia. The United States was part of a unified task force, trying to get food to the people who were dying in droves. If you were around in the early 90’s, you might recall the heart-wrenching images which were all over TV at the time.

Fast forward to 2020, my husband and I are watching the Stephen King series, Castle Rock.  There are Somalian characters in the show. I wish I could say we were surprised when we saw an American soldier depicted as a murderous bastard who had spent his life regretting murdering someone’s mother in Mogadishu.

In reality, women did not leave the house during this conflict, and if they had, they’d have been covered from head to toe. But that’s not what’s depicted. The entire scene if UNreal, on every level. EVERY level. But how is a person watching this show to know this?

It’s not like they have access to someone like my husband, or even someone like me, for that matter. You saw it on TV; it must be real, right? Scenes like this are taking place, around the clock, around the world. Of course they become internalized and it’s not because a person is stupid.

I am really grateful NMC started this conversation. If you are someone who thinks people are stupid, are you sure that you’re not stupid as well?

If you’re sure you’re not stupid, what at you doing to help those who are?  Are you not smart enough to figure it out?

I’m not trying to be snotty. These seem valid questions worth considering.

What do you think?

11 thoughts on “Neptune In Pisces: How To Discern When Caught Web Of Lies”

  1. I really appreciate your expansion in this as I initially cringed ?. Re framing to include ourselves – Yes! Then it works

    1. Well it is all of us.

      You might say, baby boomers fell for “peace, love and understanding”.

      Oh, really?

      I was just talking to a friend about a gal we both like… she’s a video chick, who I admire. But she’s fallible!

      Case in point, she called someone out for “virtue signaling” when they said they’d made a donation to someone/something and suggested others might do the same.

      The person responded by calling her a bitch. Okay. Not good.

      But then she responded to say when *she* gave to charity she did not broadcast it. What is that, if not virtue signaling?

      We just can’t seem to forgive anyone, anything and it’s ridiculous.

      Whoever “kids” are… whatever generation, we might be talking about, I am pretty sure I did far worse things then they are doing; not that you can even compare.

      Because the times are different and we are individuals. You can point at one person (of any group) and say they represent that group, but I bet there is another person in the same group, doing the exact opposite thing!

      We are split into groups for marketing or political purposes. Push people into a herd and manipulate them.

      With the current technology it’s become dark and sinister as Pluto’s transit through Aquarius will surely reveal.

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  2. I see it so many places….

    My former work place accused me of lying about my sickness days,calling them cheating instead.
    It was an insult in a long string of projections from my boss, so I got so pissed that I quit. Now they are looking for a person with the same skills set which there aren’t many of in my area of competence.

    I have experienced pretty dramatic stuff, but telling my family about it did meet any reaction – like what I say was so out of this world that is not true.

    Also me: sometimes forgetting that I need to be, talk and act nice towards others (who seem or act stupid) because I don’t have the whole picture/info whatever. I have to remind myself sometimes that integrity is a value you can’t value enough. Decency is another.

    The more (social) media we consume, the worse it gets. My creativity stalls, my memory is as short as a goldfish’s. Or is it just me? I find myself craving less and less social media, to be able to focus and conserve energy.

    I have started a social media detox to detox my memory from media clutter. It worked, I have become a bit more focused and more creative after a week but ok. Venus is in Pisces, it could be an influence 😉

  3. Social media makes everyone think they are an expert in someone else on social media, when in reality it takes years and years to have an insight into another human being’s heart.

    And even then, you know jack-sh*t. You are not them, you never will be.

  4. Oh wow yes. Lots of the stupid is people just having a momentary brain fart. Humans have holes in their perception. They’re easily influenced, everybody is.

    There’s a famous experiment where planted volunteers said that short lines were longer than a long line and the real test subject usually agreed. Is that being dumb and sheeplike, or is that just the human tendency to check your own perceptions against other peoples?

  5. I don’t know – if someone makes a donation to a charity that is their choice.

    I do not want them to indicate that I need to follow them. That’s pushy and guilt-tripping.

    I can find my charities , thank you.

    And yes I do think donations are best when made anonymously.

  6. Every generation has their own challenges and so has every person. Thats what (not only) astrology is teaching me and/but life.
    Some people or generations will have to work on this topic more than others. As with other topics. i.e. 8th house topics, or responsibility topics…
    The headlines says, it’s about Neptun. Stupidity, to me is about the heart. Isn’t Neptun called the higher octane of Venus (love, beauty).
    Putting together, in my eyes, Neptun in pisces teaches us, to love and to see others with our heart. As the fox in the story of the little prince says: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
    Thats the big lesson to me. And part of this learning, seem to be, to be able to recognise subtle differences and the really fine nuances of life and especially interactions between beings. (May it be on screen or in real life.) And then I hope, I can make good decisions and actions, based on understanding instead of only judgement.

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