Neptune In Scorpio On The Midheaven – Fake Dead?

I continue to lay low and become more and more committed to this path. Not like I have all that much to say about it because I already cut the rope.

I see things that way. I see myself tethered to something I no longer want to be tethered to so I cut the rope and once you do something like that you sink or swim or drift.

Most people are afraid of the unknown so they stay tethered but some of us are natural gamblers and when we grow up with songs like this (written by J. Hall and sung by Jerry Riopelle)… the concept becomes ingrained.

“Stood on the wing when she wanted to fly me
Put on the brake when she wanted to stop
Oh, I cut the rope when she wanted to tie me
Now I’m fishin’ other lines
Skinny women cross my mind
I’ve been losin’ too much time, oh, woah

Well, I might be in hock tomorrow
Halfway to my neck
But if I gamble ’round I can win this town and its ladies…”

So I cut the rope and as it turned out, I am now drifting. Since I am drifting away and not back towards I got to thinking about what this would mean in a years time.

This blog used to be called, ElsaElsa – The Advice Blog. It was 100% astrology-based advice and I don’t do that at all anymore. The stuff is still in the archives, there are hundreds of posts but most who show up here don’t know they exist. It’s more of my Saturn Neptune disappeared work.

So anyway, in a year it is possible people won’t know who “the soldier” is or that he ever was. It’s stunning to contemplate until (old-timers) realize no one knows who the AMF was and I wrote about him on a daily basis for 3 years! So this is akin to that except this time, I’m disappearing with and that has never happened before. Not on the blog.

It has happened in real life. I did spend almost 10 years completely underground and incognito due my circumstances. I was out of contact with Annalisa for 8. Sure, if someone was interested they could dig things up but the fact is people are not all that interested in other people, especially if you go out of your way to be bland. I am not saying I am going to be bland, I am just making a point.

The soldier is a rich source. He is as rich a source as you will ever meet in your life and I mean, around the world. But if you don’t know he exists you won’t be looking for him will you?

The point of all this – what I came to that made me write it is that this I am going into is a fake (Neptune) dead (Scorpio) state. Power (Scorpio) is occurred (Neptune) though it will be working underground.

I will definitely be exchanging energy, I am a social being after all.

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17 thoughts on “Neptune In Scorpio On The Midheaven – Fake Dead?”

  1. Uh oh, just thought of something else. I was born in town but moved to the desert when I was 6. That was a 10 year stint in obscurity as well. Apparently there is a pattern here.

  2. Oh no, it is a pattern! I stumble into town when I am 15 – no one knows where I came from, all kinds of stuff happens for 12 years and then I go back down for 10 only surface on a message board and eventually a blog – where the hell did she come from?

    I was never actually gone, just not talkin’ much. I mean I do exist and all.

  3. I find this very interesting! Personally I like disappearing into the woodwork from time to time. It’s interesting to see who shows up. I might just be famous some day, but it won’t be because I have been hob-knobbing with the elite or hanging around skinny blonde women with big boobs. It will because when I withdraw and find my centre I come up with some really creative stuff. But Elsa- You will certainly become more famous and I hope that it is because people will see how incredibly talented that you are and not because they are viewing you through the hall of mirrors. Am I viewing you through the hall of mirrors?

  4. I think it is brave to go off into wherever you go. I can relate to that. I am always out in front going off into a large mystery. I’ve lived a lot of lives already, and this eclipse is helping me realize I’m going to live a lot more.

    Elsa, all the good you have done and all the love people have for you will follow you unseen wherever you are.

  5. I disappear by not disappearing. I do go bland. *laughs* I’ve been bland for two years now, mainly because I just don’t have the time or need to expend my energy on people/things I think are worthless. Consequently, I’ve been hiding in plain sight.

    Or just think I am.

    Sun-Neptune, dude. I might be deluding myself. 😉

  6. absolutely correct – no one is interested in anyone else – or should I say that there are very few who are interested in me. Often when I speak, people do not even hear, they are already thinking of their own experience and response.
    I have Neptune Scorp on the IC – a few minutes into my 4th house. The rope has been cut now – although for years it has been there like an umbilical cord from my side and yet I have been unseen and unheard in my home and family…..I used to keep trying to have an interest taken in me. Often when I am with my family from whom I come – and now is fresh due Christmas – they actually say they that when I speak they all wish inside that I was finished already. So, yes, the ‘hidden in plain sight’ I know so well.
    The one thing I can say that I receive from this energy is a profound access to hidden knowing and understanding of everything around me. It’s like I exist in another dimension.

  7. I like your blog..I have neptune within a few degrees of MC ops ceres t-sqaure. I usually move to a new place to reinvesnt myself and yes, I do not tell anyone. I am very wht I call personal person but you could call it secretive. Its nobodys business. My privacy is important and I get very upset when it gets violated. However being a 6th hosue ruling 7th Leo I like my time but it is usually in service so I am not the flamboyant type. I get internal satisfacation, that good feeling.

  8. my neptune/pluto transit was very much like a sinking into non-existence and later rebirth.
    not for ten years… but i was a pretty pregnant process to undergo. hugely empowering, eventually
    i just hope that if you fade out i’ll be able to find you when you decide to re-emerge.

  9. Well I have a mailing list, a blog and a message board so I doubt I am going to be hard to find. 🙂

    I am just not going to put my real life up here to it can be make fake by someone with no soul.

  10. Diastella wow you are me!!!

    Elsa this blog is mighty powerful tonight and of late…
    What is going on???
    When is the blogs birthday and have you doing the transits?????

    Loving it regardless carry on gurlfren:)

  11. Thanks for the kind words and support, Grandonna. Interesting question / angle – this blogs birthday. I didn’t know off the top of my head but I looked it up and it is January 20. The ElsaElsa blog this is.

    I never look at the transits – I am not a mundane astrologer but the chart has significant cap and a grand trine in air – Moon/Jup/Neptune

  12. “I’ve been bland for two years now, mainly because I just don’t have the time or need to expend my energy on people/things I think are worthless.”

    I have been on a sabatical from society for 6 years now living in BFE nowhere because I chose to. Now I’m having a hard time moving on, and I know I need to be move and get more connected, but I am so used to my “space” and my time, I just don’t see how I could handle a lot more stimulation or commitments.. talk about bland…

  13. well, yeah… but the real life feeds the writing…
    i imagine i’ll keep finding the energy i come here for, but there’s a question of how much *shrug*
    by which i mean, if the book ever comes out in print, i want to know about it! 😉 (for example)

  14. Wow is this familiar

    neptune in scorpio – near the ascendant 1st house.
    I can walk through a crowd and no one notices.
    Trained to be invisible by an abusive father now it is a habit. Trained to not take on the status quo.

    I am tethered to a job I have outgrown but my other secret underground occupations are not at fruition yet. So I continue to hide in plain site.

  15. Having Neptune in Scorpio on my MC, yep, being invisible is a normal mode for me. Not many people know the true me and never will. But I have this thing where I vanish at will. I just can’t be around people 24/7 except my spouse. Music refreshes me and helps me to trance out and prepare for the next round of becoming visible.

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