The Jaw-Dropped Look

My husband loves the jaw-dropped look. It’s the look you see on the faces of people who meet reality after living in a cloistered environment they’ve been able to control.

With Pluto in Capricorn squaring a stellium in Aries, we’re seeing jaw-dropped looks all around.  They are so common at this point,  it’s like they’re the new fashion.

satori put this succinctly when she stated that people are divorced from the idea that their actions (Aries) have consequences (Saturn).   So they pull some crap and when it comes back on them, they’re stunned and disbelieving.

Are you seeing this happen in your life?

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  1. I just posted on your FM post and wrote about our partner’s “delusional amnesia”. He has emotional outburst & says ridiculous things. We’re not sure he’s aware of just how bad his outburst & comments are but he’s getting a BIG reality check today at a meeting.

    Good Lord we are exhausted, especially my Capricorn hubby. He’s good man & doesn’t deserve this. I’m going to the meeting & wearing duct tape!

  2. Me and a friend just had an email conversation about this–getting out of the way to watch the shi* fly back towards the thrower. Very funny and I need a laugh these days.

  3. I have picked up a new mannerism that is similar… (picked it up from Olive in Easy A) kind of a knitting of the brow, drawing back of the head, tongue dropping down like a frog and a murmer combined of a “whaa??” “aargh/blargh”.

    it’s the moment of eyebrow raised, really low level shock/disgust, kind of reserved for something that doesn’t really matter, yet makes your radar anyway… GETS THIS REACTION… then is shrugged off.

    it is as close as I get to jaw-drop.

  4. I was just writing about this in my journal this morning!

    My entry was about an interaction that I had with a ‘friend’ where I called him out on a sarcastic response to me. I had asked for clarification of exactly what he meant by it in an email (?! What do you mean by that?), and he was floored that I would even consider his yet again smart ass response (‘I will be a little larger and cut a big slice of slack for my friend’) snarky and condescending. Mind you in the past I would have come out with guns blazing on that comment, but instead I wanted to approach the situation in a different way.

    My response to his having to ‘be larger and cut a big slice of slack for me’ was that it still felt like a sarcastic response to me and a part of me wanted to tell him the way his parents talked to him as a child (his dad is the author of this style of communication…he’s talked to me about it in the past) was not an example of being loving or kind. And it was my guess this response from him had its roots in those interactions.

    Wow! You should have seen the last response from him. He was flabbergasted that someone would have the audacity to confront him about this behavior, question his intent and even suggest he had any bad intentions. I imagine his jaw dropped exactly like the picture above. He hasn’t talked to me since. C’iest la vie.

  5. Most of the people I know are pretty reasonable. But here and there…is someone with an ego so enormous, a sense of entitlement so big it could eclipse the sun. Which is perhaps why you feel a mortal chill when you’re around them. I also confronted someone with what they had done, with the consequences of their very, very careless actions on me. I wish his jaw would drop. I don’t think it has (he won’t let me see him, our communications are confined to messages). He’s just blown me off. A cool customer. I used to think there was a human being in there somewhere. I hope this full moon kicks his Cancer Moon-Mercury-Uranus conjunction in the butt.

  6. I so needed this before going to work. I have a co-worker that has been disgustingly mean to everyone for the past month. He is in general an unhappy guy but he has really been a bitch the last few weeks. And after trying to be nice and friendly (which is very unlike me in this kind of situation), I have decided that I just won’t interact with him anymore unless I have to.
    It really is about dealing with other people’s crap. I have my own to deal with, so don’t be shocked when I throw yours back in your face.

  7. *Are you seeing this happen in your life?*

    Heh, I wish! :p Cut ties with the cray ones couple of years ago, though.

  8. Sometimes it takes a long time,years, for things to come back to people, sometimes it’s instant karma. “What goes around comes around” is a well known saying but I am flabbergasted when people do nasty things again and again and think it’s OK. Then when it comes back their jaws drop but they can’t imagine why, and still continue nasty actions.
    I like this quote:”It is only out of ignorance that people are cruel, because they really don’t think it will come back” Maya Angelou.

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    LOL, I’ve been causing people to have this look! My Scorpio rising is verbally witnessing the bitch slap of karma all around

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    my jaw drops daily over some of the things i see lately in peoples personal relationships..including my own. When i have an epiphany moment that enlightens jaw literally snaps off its hinges

    i still have lots to learn..

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    Elsa..why are my comments always awaiting moderation???

    i will take the hint..& unsubscribe to your blog.


    1. @SaturnRx – I am investigating this and see no reason for this to happen. It is baffling at the moment…and definitely not personal. I will ask someone else to look into it when they can. We’re swamped here though – I doubt it is fast.
      I am sorry for the inconvenience!

      1. Also, it just started happening, didn’t it? There is no reason I can see for your comments to go into moderation. The cause of this is ???????????

  12. Haha! worn duct tape, too. ‘an ol’ fashion way to remove ‘upper hair’ or NSA-never say anything! Great post, Elsa
    Saturn throws quite a punch when least expected. And, ♥ it anyway ~ =)

  13. @SaturnRxScorpio1985

    Steady on there rabbit. Don’t jump the gun,nor get twitchy holding a trigger. Chill. It may be something completely unrelated. Wait for Elsa to explain. It’s not likely the lady would have a problem confronting you if she had taken issue with you over anything. So i’d think logic would lean toward something unrelated. But no doubt Elsa will let you know if it’s not.

    Personally i’d love a little invisible moderator sitting on my shoulder, proof reading my thoughts and speech. While were at it can i order an editor too. My spelling sucks. 🙂

  14. On topic.. I’m thrilled to hear about this Elsa. I’ve known alot of High Conflict Personalities. As i’m a person who tolerates them longer than most. I have studied the psychology of the ‘jaw dropping behaviour’. I like Oakmoss’ comment. Made me smile. So this will be going on for a couple of years? mm.. well on the positive side, confrontation does assist us in trying other methods and understanding, but HCP’s don’t usually learn and adjust. They just fume and blame, blame blame. No matter how ridiculous and unreasonable their behaviour. Ignorance which all of us are capeable of, and lack of empathy is a cocktail best not drunk.I cut ties with the truely unruelly ones a few years back also. My patience and tolerance is tremendous, but it’s a lost cause with some people. Though i try to think it’s just a stage of their life, that they may become less ignorant as they evolve. Enough people dump them on their ass, sooner or later they have to stop raging and sulking and start taking responsibility.

  15. Hi Elsa,

    So true, I’m actually going through that experience myself these weeks.

    Ready again to date with mating/marriage in mind after a relationship ended last year, I’ve suddenly realised how the dating scene and its realities work at age 37 (fresh birthday) and how the flow and easiness of the dating experience I experienced years ago is no longer there.

    So I’m facing my (soon old) unrealistic expectations on love and shifting neptunian illusions, making space for a more saturnian inspiration in my dating this year and counting my blessings 🙂

    My jaw’s dropped, my brain’s re-wiring and saturn will cross my ascendant in autumn – just in time!

  16. I’ve seen fairly consistent inequity in some acquaintances’ relationships for the past few years and have wondered how long it could endure. Maybe this energy will get things shook back into place.

  17. It takes a LOT to jaw drop me, but I keep bruising my chin on the floor.

    Rest of the time…

    Srsly? :/.

    If it weren’t for checking stars, I would be out to sea right now.

    Oh! I see here you’re having a transit. Let me hug you, instead of slapping you.

  18. I have had the experience of having my jaw dropped and ongoing upset for something i DID do but was deceived into doing that has made me sign a statement I believed from the proferrer in good faith to be something completely different and innocuous but has turned out to be devastating in its consequences – i have unknowingly signed a form i wasn’t given a chance to read that admits watching tv without a licence, an offence prosecutable here, when i was lawfully and legally NOT watching the tv and had told the doorstep official too (I would never risk prosecution – too much Cappy?) They will not do it if i buy a licence again, which i didnt want to at present, but if i decide at any point in the future to stop it, it will automatically be assumed i am watching live tv and they would proceed to prosecute again. I just cant believe it – normally i wouldnt sign without readng but he WAS an official and incredibly convincing and i never expected such a person to deceive me into signing an untrue declaration that admits an offence.
    I guess you dont have this problem in the US….I knew this was going to be a dodgy week and was going to be careful what i said, as per advice, but never thought of it extending to such a thing as this. I am really devastated (already have other stress and traumas in life) and trying to fight for my name to be cleared but have so little energy left after so many other traumas and stresses this year – all forms of inequity too. Why????!

  19. Jaw dropped three times last nite. Thought of your post. Never would have imagined it possible of the person involved. A foggy sort of livin in the bottle kind of guy I’ve known a long time. I always held out hope for him you know. But last night the bottle broke and I saw the light. It’s how low and nasty someone can get that makes my jaw drop to the floor. Funny thing is, he’s proud of it, entitled. He is in for surprise like no one else. But hey, it isn’t my job to bust his chops. He’s bringin it on all by himself. Heavens to murgatroyd! Exit stage left for me.

  20. Ive only had my jaw dropped in a great way. Although in here lies the lesson. I bitched. I definitely moaned and raised holy hell. And here it is. The same sitch “better than”. Came back round again in one year…and YUM! Teach me about complaining….absolutely. The Universe is infinite in what it has in store for you.

  21. “He was flabbergasted that someone would have the audacity to confront him about this behavior, question his intent and even suggest he had any bad intentions.”

    Uranus and Pluto are working my natal placements in Aries and Moon in Capricorn…this has been happening in my life a lot the past year.

    And this is the thing–just because YOU believe the lies you tell yourself, doesn’t mean I’m going to believe them! Sweet mother of gad, get out of your bubble, you’re embarrassing everyone with your fishbowl antics.

  22. Saturn, I have been reading and commenting on Elsa’s blog since 2006 and occasionally it happens to me, too. It is definitely not personal, it is technological!

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