Neptune On The Midheaven: Living Unseen… “This situation makes for a very lonely life…”

I think I see people a lot clearer then they see me. I base my assumption on how frequently people tell me things I think or feel that are entirely remote from what I actually think or feel and this includes people are very close to me.

I am generally baffled as to how they came to their wrong conclusion and have learned to leave the person with their mistaken reality most the time.

I do this for the benefit of the other person. If you write me a long email about my blond hair, I just accept it because I think if I write you back and tell you my hair is black it will cause strife for no purpose. How you can look at my pictures and videos and come to this wrong conclusion is anyone’s guess but I can tell you mistakes of this magnitude are made frequently (daily?) so you can imagine what a job I’d have trying to undo this stuff all the time. My personal life is a different story.

I do try to keep things straight with my friends and family and have at least limited success. I have a couple friends who might make a suggestion as to how I feel but if I tell them I feel differently, they will stop, listen and believe what I tell them.

It’s like the doc (she is actually a PA) I have been seeing for 10 years who has learned to listen carefully to diagnose me because she has learned it is never as it seems.

This situation makes for a very lonely life. I am not sure if you can imagine but when someone is commiserating with you regarding feelings you don’t actually have there is not an real exchange there. A surreal one – yes.

Neptune in Scorpio = hologram exchange of energy.

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  1. I think I’m slowly starting to understand this dynamic. It’s like when I’d come to work after a sleepless night because I’d been in pain. Everyone wanted to joke with me about staying up late, partying and drinking. :/

  2. I guess I’ve been reading this blog for only a year or a little more – not as long as various other regulars but have seen it over and over in the comments- these sorts of misunderstandings and commiserations and when I read another one, I think to myself: uh oh, there they go, thinking she is needing something that she don’t or asking for something that she’s not. Not that I claim to know you, cuz I don’t – I’m just reader here- but have observed this pattern!

  3. oh man, moonpluto, or maude forbid telling her what she “needs” to do. I cringe like nobody’s business.

  4. I have a beginner question please if someone would be so kind. I have Neptune in the first house, trine sun and midheaven is the effect similar/the same?

  5. That neptune projection thing reminds me of that Italian O Sole Mio song, which is kind of about projection I guess.

  6. “maude forbid telling her what she “needs” to do. I cringe like nobody’s business.”

    I ignore stuff like that and then they think **I** am rude as in “I just told you what to do, now you are supposed to tell me how great I am…”

    I always wonder about people who are married to someone like this. Hell on earth from my perspective.

  7. Can I assume that Neptune migh lead to misunderstanding?
    Mine is trine my rising vines and many time and I meet guys that were 100% sure that I was in love with them, as that was totally false. 🙁

  8. tomaui – yes, and note that Neptune is aspecting your 7th house.

    GW – Neptune conjunct the ascendant, yes a similar effect but I would see a trine to the Sun differently.

  9. 🙂 Thank you for taking the time to answer Elsa, I appreciate it… the similar effect would explain a lot!

  10. Well, I have Pisces Sun and lots of Neptune aspects..and can be misunderstood, too.. but actually I sometimes wonder if I prefer not to be that readable anyway..I don’t like people invading the inner sanctum of my emotions, unless of course, I’ve yelled for help, then it pours easily without any misinterpretation! Guess the people you’re truly close to will have a better appreciation of where you’re coming from, Elsa..but I’ve carried many a projection, and many a can that wasn’t mine to carry, but perhaps it’s more acceptable to a Neptunian to accept pain rather than pass it on. Maybe Neptune (as well as being gloriously inspirational, compassionate and all the other stuff) lays us open like kitchen paper soaking it all in..mopping up the mess we didn’t make.

  11. neptune on the IC… i know that has to do with my family. i guess. or home. it’s in sag… the only thing i can really get from that is a sense of feeling most at peace/spiritually energized when travelling. at home on the road. there are times i wish i could figure out how to spend most of my life on the road. stuff holds me back.

    and it squares my ascendant. but from below, so i imagine it’s a different effect. but i’ve suffered a number of false accusations and spent far too many years living with someone who had a totally delusional idea of who i was (and peeling off that paint i let them put on me is quite a process…)

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    Gian Paul Stoffel

    Congratulations, Elsa, for your very true observation on Neptune conj. MC. I have it as well, though in Libra, and so does my cardiologist (she has it in Scorpio as you do).

    My personal observation: It’s true that we are often mis-understood or perceived as we think we should not be (or do not deserve).

    On the “lonely life” part: Personally I believe that’s true for everybody, only most (i.e. those who do not have Neptune on MC, consequently a majority), do not perceive their life as such.

    I hope I did not sound “elitist” by formulating that. Best, and be assured you are NOT ALONE!

  13. I’ve got Neptune in Scorpio, and I’ve just been seeing how this has been playing lately. I’ve a long distance friend that has never met my family. She confided in me that she grew up with a horrid, critical mother… For some reason, she has decided that I was as well, and in several conversations, she’s made the comment, ‘…well, you understand, you lived with the same kind of criticism from your mother.’ Huh? My Mom has been wonderfully supportive and thinks I’m the most talented person on earth! But, I just keep quiet, because it really doesn’t matter to me what she thinks about my upbringing, and if it helps her to feel she’s ‘relating’- what harm does it do?

  14. My Neptune is conjunct Venus, which is conjunct MC. Neptune, Venus and Moon sextile ascendant. Does this mean I would get some kind of a double whammy?

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