Arrogance Affects Your Perception Of Reality

One more piece on the Living Unseen concept… Lynne E. mentioned the people close to me would see me but that’s not really the criteria. For example my husband is wildly oblivious to huge chunks of my reality, my history, and many other things.

As an example of how profound this is, he does not read this blog at all so that right there is an ultra-large chunk to filter out. He does this by choice in some cases but in most cases it’s not purposeful at all.

Realize the soldier is a very arrogant man. I like him this way! He’s been around the world a few times, he’s very studied and believes on some level if he’s not seen it all, there is not much he’s missed. This position sets him up for Saturn Neptune trickery and fall which he suffers on a routine basis.

satori, on the other hand is virtually never tricked by me so she provides a good example of how this can be avoided.

She avoids it because she is humble and full of faith as shown in her chart. She is a Pisces Sun with a Capricorn Moon. She also has Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter in a Grand Trine and she is always sensitive (Neptune) and careful (Saturn) to discover a person’s truth / beliefs (Jupiter). Our conversations go like this…

“Maybe it’s this, this or this,” she’s say.

“No, I don’t think that’s right because of this and this and this.”

Right there, she releases her reality and adapts to the new information. This seems so simple but it’s rare.

I’d say that nine out of ten people will try to bend my reality to fit their paradigm. I don’t know if this is as widespread, generally but it is definitely my personal experience. The impact of this is dramatic and a topic for another day, I guess.

10 thoughts on “Arrogance Affects Your Perception Of Reality”

  1. hey Elsa, while you were musing I was lucky enough to be strolling by the sea with my best friend who is incredibly Neptunian and nigh on impossible to read, she’s like a bird on a wave that you might reach for yet she’ll always be floating off further than you can reach. I just feel blessed to be her friend and we connect so simply and easily even though I don’t think she wants others to read her, I think she likes her Neptunian mask. and we do wear masks albeit unintentionally whether it’s the smile that contrasts with inner angst or the grimace that hides delight. Life can be falling apart yet Neptunians so often don’t let on, or else make less of it. Maybe we need the veils to protect our reality? As for Soldier not reading your blog, my woodcarver doesn’t read my stuff, either, but it feels like he does know the essence of me, as I do him, so parts of our reality may well be hidden but that deep connectedness goes right past those layers. Neptune in Scorpio people often seem to see right into others, though. Like the little boy in the story of the Emperor’s New Clothes. Anyway thanks for the blog as ever. Love how you make us all think !

  2. I know I’ve said this multiple times on this blog already but I love that you and satori are friends. Friendships are important to me, and I’m buoyed by hearing of good ones:)

  3. thank you. very much.

    it’s hard enough to deal with ACTUAL reality in life without purposefully ignoring it.

  4. people don’t tend to like to alter the plot of their own personal movies.
    i think it’s an acquired skill…

  5. like the way you said that Wyrdling, so true, and Satori, like you, I prefer to deal with the reality and feel safer doing that. Maybe there are some realities that we are well aware of and seem to but don’t necessarily ignore, because we choose to accept the whole of a person or a situation, accepting that we don’t need to know every little corner, because we see right into the core, the soul. Maybe we have so much going on ourselves that having seen into the core, we’ve made intuitive choices, that that situation or person fits and feels right with ourselves without needing to know all of the detail…trusting what our senses tell us? A bit like feasting on a fabulous cake, without asking for the recipe.. if the host wants you to have the recipe, you’ll have it, and you can ask if you want to, but sometimes knowing the recipe removes the magic..Oh dear..I’m thinking of my friend Linda’s cherry cheesecake now and I never ask for the recipe because it’s so wonderful and it’s all hers.. I don’t want the detail, I want to celebrate her skill! Ok I’m definitely done now, sorry I have rambled on as usual..

  6. @Elsa

    “This position sets him up for Saturn Neptune trickery and fall which he suffers on a routine basis.”

    Can you tell us a little more about the Saturn Neptune trickery stuff? How does that play out?

  7. WOW this got me thinking.
    Its true enough
    To believe in fakery ,and think the real stuff ain’t real ,!!!


    Its the apparently real stuff that’s hard to figure out.

    Of course we have to be so clued on ,and always second guess ourselves.
    Which is pretty hard to do.
    My Taurus Sun has me grounded.
    But Alas Uranus’on Leo Ascendant, sometimes makes me think far outside the box.

    With Neptune wearing the very Rosy pink glasses.
    But thanks to YOU Elsa ,I do keep my third eye open and on the ball.

    The warning is taken ,and I will keep a beady eye on it.👁️

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