Neptune in Pisces At 27 Degrees Into 2025

neptuneNeptune stationed at 27 degrees Pisces between May 10th – August 23, 2023, creating foggy conditions for anyone with planets near 27 degrees of the Mutual signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

Neptune will not wrap up at 27 degrees until February of 2025!  Depending on the planets in your chart that are  impacted by this, you may feel “singled out”, for good or ill.

Here are some other dates with Neptune @ 27 degrees:

March 8th – April 3rd, 2024
October 11, 2024 – February 2nd, 2025 (Station)

Do you have planets near 27 degrees of the Mutable signs? How do you feel about this?

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  1. sun and venus at 28/26 gemini, was already getting hit by pluto square my mars in scorpio and opposing my rising. fun fun fun

    1. My natal Venus gets relief. It is spared another hit. I was worried that further retro movement would bring a third hit.

  2. My natal Neptune is at 23Virgo 5th house Is 4 degrees too wide? My Mid heaven is 28Capricon. Natal Uranus at 25 Taurus. first house. None at at 27 degrees but what is the orb for the Neptune station to be effective? Thanks

  3. My mid heaven 26 degree Pisces. Lol, things always seem a bit foggy to me. I’ve just learned over the years how to navigate.

  4. All the angles of my chart on 26-27 degrees. I have Chiron at 21 next to 26 degrees MC. Is that close enough to be called a conjunction??

    Saturn/Uranus conjunction with Uranus @ 25 degrees with the IC.

    I guess that means fog everywhere??

  5. Not a mutable and not personal, but I have Saturn 27degrees Cancer 9th house. So soft aspect really from Neptune.

          1. Thinking move to hot springs where I can soak ..river I live on too cold! Pluto heading back square my Saturn last complete all of whatever the heck that all

      1. Me too !! Saturn in Pisces at 28:35 Squaring natal Mercury at Gemini at 26 (and Gem asc at 22) PLUS chiron in Pisces at 23 at the top of the chart 10H . To top it all off, Saturn on natal Lilith at 11 Pisces . Even my weather here in so cal has been foggy !! I keep saying I am in “freeze” mode. Will we defrost in 2025?

        1. I have Lilith in Pisces too at 17 degrees in my 4th House.
          I been loving the lower temps in L.A. because I come from the Bay Area. I feel like I can acclimate, but I know natives of Los Angeles are not as happy. I loved our Summers up North from 80-78 at the hottest and then in the eves we’d get natural air conditioning of fog from the Ocean over the hills. Talk about a Neptune environment.

          Interestingly to me, is I have a Pisces IC that starts at 11:56 degrees and Neptune is just about 3 degrees from leaving. I am seeing more and more homeless people in our neighborhood, which is sad. This strikes me as a Neptunian theme, people out to sea. And as I’ve mentioned before, I am here having left my place of childhood (pretty much by force), and am looking for a new place from Northern California to Oregon to live. But until Saturn leaves my 3rd House, that probably won’t happen soon.

  6. Transit Neptune is trining my moon @27 Cancer. Thank you Elsa for the information. I am happy that Neptune is @ 27 Pisces for 10 weeks x

  7. That sounds like it will feel so clunky. I have Mars at 27 Virgo in my first house. Is this a “trust the plan” kind of thing? Or a sludgy feeling but just keep plodding on because there’s a goal…?

    1. Oh wow Allie, same!! For me it’s been terrible lol but then again I am a natal virgo as well so I don’t work very well using faith alone. I wish I knew the answer to your question but yeah everything is just so so opaque to me. Tellingly, I seem to have no idea of how I am truly being perceived which is messing with my analytical skills (that’s the opposition to the ascendant, I think).

      Neptune is working together with saturn and soon also uranus in order to make my life as unpredictable and miserable as possible, though, so YMMV. But: I try to go with the “trust the plan” route, and not think so much as thinking and analyzing seems to get me in trouble these days – I just don’t hit the mark you know? I was always a creative, neptunian person in many ways but I chose a different and very saturnian (so, earth) career path for myself. But now all of my earthy trinkets are covered in mud and to my absolute horror and shock I find myself almost ostracized from the same industry I put so so much work and care into. And so, I’ve been surprising myself writing poetry and music lately, lol. I don’t know why but at least I’m processing in a way that feels right.

      In line with this I also chose to stay sober in order to more easily sense whatever vibes I receive from life itself, both so that I know where to go – you know that pull in the pit of your stomach – but also so that I don’t suppress and rationalize whatever bad feeling I get about things, since ignoring it seems to lead me to bad places in the company of bad people. This is a fairly big change for me since I’ve been known to be a cannabis enthusiast lol. Just a pisces moon thing…

      I really try to give myself the best possible conditions so that I’ll live through this neptune experience in an authentic, inspired way and hopefully come out on the other side a less fractured person. I follow my neptunian impulses and make sure it’s only the good ones, and I try to dial down the virgo chorus that says that everything has to have a specific purpose, and that the purpose should be security in life, or knowledge, or just “not wasting time”. I try to worry less, but let myself feel everything, and only let my virgo out when it comes to, for example, my writing. Maybe more personal for me and you, as mars is closely conjunct my ascendant and in your first house, I really try to accept and be comfortable with the notion of not winning. Or, as I would call it, losing.

      Anyway I hope things are going much better for you than for me, sludgey as it might feel <3 I think I might have even enjoyed this aspect had it not squared my MC at the same time as saturn opposed 4 of my inner planets…

      1. Wow! This sounds like a bunch of life lessons are being thrown your way (do you even remember signing up 😅). You’ve got lots of insights already it seems. Everything we learn now is information we can use in the future.

        I think I’m doing ok during this, even if I have to trudge along 😌. My sun is Aquarius so I can overthink, but I have a lot of earth and especially grateful for my Cap Mercury during these times. I also have natal Saturn in Pisces, which I really can’t even begin to explain, so maybe that’s some weird thing floating me along 🤷🏻‍♀️

        All the best to you! You’ll do well!

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    Aquarius Lurker

    I had this Neptune transit happen to me already, in March 2020. It was when lockdown started and everything went online. Neptune took nine months to clear. But am I really in the clear now? Hope so! More importantly, I hope I have the resources & tools to get going in the right direction, because I am tired of feeling lost.

    1. Avatar
      Aquarius Lurker

      As for Mercury, Mars and feeling singled out, I haven’t looked at that yet. Appreciate the heads up!

      1. Do you get the ‘singled outness’… been trying to get my head around it, but am fogged out!!!my nodes make it a grand cross, maybe that means I just hide in the middle and look up!!! Lol!

        1. Avatar
          Aquarius Lurker

          OK. So, I need to correct a mistake. The 27 degree phenomenon that Elsa brings up is a Neptune *station*. The thing I was talking about that happened in Mar 2020 to me was a regular Neptune transit. And moon, Merc & Mars were no where in sight, or anything else for that matter, so I did not experience any singled-outness. Argh sorry!

          1. No worries …do you understand in the current configuration where the singled outness would fall? Is it on the mercury fulcrum bit or the Mars opposition bit … think I need to understand T’squares better! Tried to look up the individual parts and they all just sound foggy!!! Lol!!! My brain not computing!!!

            1. Avatar
              Aquarius Lurker

              My interpretation is that the planet in your mutable sign that is being hit by Neptune, is where the singled-outness is felt. As Neptune stations and hits that planet, you get the sun & moon, Mercury and Mars also taking turns to visit. That makes it feel like the spotlight is on that 27th degree. My best guess!

  9. I’ve got Mars at 25d Gemini, and I’m feeling hopeful. I survived Mars in my 12th house for how many months? I think this square from Neptune could actually be quite fruitful for me. It’s a busy time for me, and Uranus will conjunct my sun at the end of August, so I’m trying to imagine how I might reinvent myself. I have faith that I will be able to free my creative force, and find a way to use my gifts as God intended! We shall see!

    1. That sounds interesting! Let us know how that concoction goes! And if you survived Mars in 12th for that long (well done you! … did you spiritual warrior up?!) the world is definitely your osyster!!!

  10. Thank you Elsa. Very helpful dates, I’ve added to calendar. I had noticed the new moon but not the other aspects you mentioned.

    My mutable angles are at 27* with Neptune on my descendant.

    1. I wanted to add – the clarity of awareness you can gain with Neptune is acute, piercing, BUT you have to use discrimination because the ego can use Neptune for it’s own purposes – projection, illusion, distortion merger. If you can experience Neptune beyond ego interference, attuning the ego to the realm of source/love, the level of clarity is formidable.

      1. Neptune is ready to cross my Vertex & Descendant at 28° & 29°. Struggling with Ego now, couple years into a spiritual renaissance. Natal Neptune is part of a water trine and I have a 4-planet Sun stellium in the 12th–so I struggle to keep my feet on the ground, and when I do, it’s usually by accessing Ego.

        1. It’s a delicate balancing act for sure. It’s interesting how parts of the ego keep staging coups and resistance manoeuvres. There is deep grief with rage included, buried in the ego’s structuring (because the ego is bodily related) that can’t be released all in one go. I wish you well on your journey!

            1. One other quite essential factor that just sprung to mind, is that Pluto is activating Capricorn 27-29 degrees, which is sextile to Neptune in Pisces. Capricorn as a sign is very much to do with structure (Saturn) with Cancer in polarity (Moon) being the body, taken together – ego. This next part of the Pluto Capricorn transit will encourage further release of ego fears, control, grief, and allow greater connection with source/love (Neptune), if we so choose. Can’t say I’m looking forward to it though!

  11. Sounds like a lot of fake news,travel SNAFUS and disillusionment to me….

    Also why I need to keep my phone blocked on my alcoholic dad (if it doesn’t break down during this period, LOL. Note to self: backup your important stuff, lest it suddenly just disappear!).
    My Natal Neptune is at 25 degrees Sag, and has a quincunx to my natal Chiron in Taurus on fixed star Algol (Medusa star).

    In the 3rd house no less, The Gemini House. How many whammies is that even? *Grin*

    On the other hand, art can heal. Neptune, artistic outlets, and my natal Jupiter and Venus (in Scorpio) opposite natal Chiron can promote a lot of creativity I’ve heard.

    Healing through the artistic perhaps? Maybe use this energy to inward and find one’s creative source?
    Could be worth a try.

    But also being aware of not going overboard and believe that what you see is what you get. Saturn in Pisces could hopefully add some sobering energy, even if reality and illusions clash pretty hard by nature….

  12. Feeling singled out. 28° Pisces is my Vertex and 29° same is my DC.

    The 6-18 lunation conjuncts my 28° Gemini Midheaven and 29° North Node.

    My 4 axes are all conjunct so I suppose things hit them hard, but I don’t know, that’s just life for me. Lately.

  13. I have Sun at 27 Sag. and Moon at 27 Gemini. This year is a Cancer profection year for me so Moon is my timelord. I’m wondering what this summer will be like for me.

  14. How do I feel about this? My Mars, Saturn, and Chiron are ALL in the late 20 degrees of 3 mutable signs. It has been bad enough that my cardinal signs were pounded over the past decade, and Pluto just goes back and forth over my ascendant, but now this…

    1. lol!! think we have the opposite nodes … either way there’s neptune hope it’ll take us in the right nodal direction with neptune grace?!! and later marsian mastery of mars things:0) (think I’ll need a LOT of hope/grace) for that one!)

  15. I have Jupiter at 27 degrees Gemini in 2nd house. Neptune squaring from the 11th. My takeaway is to enjoy the shiny things presented by various groups, but be careful about investing in them. I feel it will be educational at least…and perhaps fun.

  16. Now that you mention it, I do have planets in late mutable/early cardinal. Venus at 21 Gemini(12th), Pluto at 29 Virgo(3rd), Moon at 1 Cappy(6th) pulling in Jupiter at 3 Cappy(6th) and My Sun at 4 Cancer(12th) (I guess???).

    Hopefully it’ll be singled out for good as I’m tired of being the ‘bad guy’ for standing by my (daughter) triple sadges side while she works her way thru her mental health challenges. She asked me to be here, to be by her side, to advocate for her. I think I was built pretty well for this, Cancer Sun, Merc & Mars, Cappy Moon conjunct Jupiter.

    That Moon, Mercury, Neptune T-square is in my solar return (on 6-26), staring in my 1st, 7th & 10th houses. Mmmm…. need to percolate on that a bit.

  17. Avatar
    Catherine Harris

    Pisces sun at 27 degrees. There’s been a huge family break up which I feel isn’t complete yet somehow. I think I’m used to confusion got to learn to ask for clarification it seems. All and any help most welcome!

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    James Slattery

    My Sun is at Gemini 27’10 in the 4th house.(birthdate the 19th) Mercury will conjunct and square Neptune in my Pisces first house. Will I drown or be done under by toxins?! Dying at home or losing it completely. this can also be psychological foundations/security as well so I await this all with some mighty trepidation. Paranormal visits or an alien encounter at home? Yikes.

  19. 11th house Natal Moon @27°♓ conjunct South node. Progressed Asc. 27°♋ -just a weird feeling, vibe. Lots of friends and family relationships over. A guinea hen stood on my front stoop hollering at my door. Out of nowhere. Dreams are odd and lots of sick people. And I just feel very untouched and out of touch. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see aliens.

  20. Avatar
    Shimmering Light

    Natal Moon Gemini at 27 degrees, in the 12th house. Currently looking after my husband after his much needed operation. Was anxious how I would cope with the constant demands on me. I had not paid much attention to Neptune of late. Elsa’s post sorted me out. I realized Neptune was exactly square my Moon for the duration of the op/recovery so I decided to lean into it, rather than wishing things were different. Going with the flow and relaxing about the whole thing makes my life so much easier. Thanks Elsa 🙂

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    Constance Walsh

    Wow, love the heads up, Elsa, and love the comments.
    Asc 27 degrees Virgo opposing that Neptune 27 Pisces; and also opposite-ish Natal Neptune (5 degrees Libra).
    I’m unusually fatigued.
    Okay just turned seventy-seven (Gem) but still… Grateful the lungs and legs still work great and especially the spirit.

  22. Neptune stationed exactly opposite natal Pluto. I feel like I can’t see my hand in front of my face. Like the only thing that would help me vibe with this is me on a tugboat in the fog listening to some jazz, destination unknown but definitely natural mysterious, wild and unruly. I can’t seem to get away from all the stressors and yet I can barely distinguish them either. It’s awful. On the plus side, crazy psychic sensitive. I guess it’s a plus. I’m trying to work with it anyway, or work with something. This is like trying to climb a muddy hillside in a downpour.

  23. Its in my 5th house opposing my sun, mercury and north node in virgo. My sun is at 28 degrees. The only fog is waiting for a promotion as well as waiting on a man that I know is not good for me to figure out what he lost. Actually the fog is my emotions!

  24. Mars 29 Gemini inconjunct Neptune in Scorpio in the 3rd. I have been so weepy. My angles are 23 degrees mutable so it’s not direct. I did pull out the paints and it is soothing.Art does heal. Thank you for sharing your thoughts all.

  25. My moon is 27 degrees Sag, I have been half asleep forever it seems like. I have been studying the law of one. I have a Virgo Jupiter and mc, so I tend to like to be prepared. My way of preparing for death I guess. At almost 68 it’s a given.

  26. I’ve been intuitive/psychic since childhood. Creative writer, spent time wokring as professional astrologer/tarot reader and as a Nurse. Pisces rising. I’m having Neptune on the Ascendant now and for quite some time and so far it’s bringing good changes for me. I have renewed my Faith, to a point,after some bad health crises in my family related to covid vaccines. There is some healing happening. (slow but sure.) and due to more energy I don’t have to spend on sadness and worry,I once again have time and inclination to do readings once more.I am attracting really qualityclients,too and enjoying it again. I also am writing poetry again for first time in YEARS. And have an outline for a book. I’m feeling very cretive creativeand spacey in a good way! I like this place! I’ve revised my diet and am spenign time on some “quirky” quirky health food meal plans that work for ME. The only “negative” i am feeling is that several social groups and personal friends have overwhelmed me with negativity and I am feeling sensitive and irritable about it.. enough to cut them out of my life.I just can’t “take it”— mean ness and pushy people.. and I seem to need to be in a quieter, more introspective creative place, more often than not.I’m pulling back, pulling in.. but it all feels good.So, see what your overall relationship with Neptune is.. it’s a comfortable energy for me.

  27. Lucky me. I have Uranus at 23 Gemini, and Jupiter at 28 Sagittarius, so Neptune will be creating a lenghty period T-square. I’ll keep you informed at how it will destroy my life. Ha ha ha!

    1. Well, they’re all generational ☺ so if your life implodes, so does everyone you were in high school with!

      1. I don’t know how long you have been studying astrology, but I have been an astrologer since 1978. Probably way before you were born.
        I’m very aware of what you are talking about, but not everyone will have the same “implosion”. Every person on this planet is an unique individual and everyone will experience it differently.

        1. I’m sorry, didn’t mean anything by it. And I genuinely hope your life doesn’t implode. I’ve been around way longer than 1978, and can attest that Uranus trine my Sun Stellium in 12th–including “generational” Uranus and Pluto–has been a shake-up like nothing I’ve ever seen. Everyone gets a Pluto transit, but mine in the 4th House has seen me lose a brother and both parents. So I know more things come to bear. Be well.

  28. Avatar
    Irmi1969 / Char555

    Moon 28 Gemini (8th house).
    Guess I’ll be mooning around in a fog for years ‘n’ years.
    Why is there a picture in my head of ringing a bell to warn people that I might bump into them?

  29. Venus 29 and Pluto 25 Virgo.

    For anyone who uses midpoints, 27 Neptune is opposite that midpoint.

    Add in Pluto exactly square Aries rising and…

  30. Sun 28 Pisces opposite Saturn 29 Virgo.

    My right cataract lens is clouded up after cataract surgery 2 years ago. You want to talk about literal; I can’t see anything out of that eye!

    Another one for the Perfect Astrology file.

  31. Avatar
    Hildegarde Noviciate

    Oh gosh Gabriella!
    My son’s pluto is in Scorpio in the 4th house! His life of 30 years up to this point has been a bad heartbreak here and there. !(especially since 2008)
    Nothing is worse than seeing your child have his natal pluto in 4th from my experience. I hope I live to be hail and hearty into my 90s if only for his sake

    1. Oh, dear, I hope so, too! …Now that I’ve lost all these people, I’m get the literal Pluto-in-4th: PRICEY pricey plumbing troubles in the house I just bought a few years back (yes, another Pluto/4th House cliché).

      What more can possibly happen? 😣

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    Aquarius Rising

    Neptune is getting ready to go opposite my Pluto Sun conjunction. May 28, 2023, my husband had a stroke. He is ok, but this has me worried.

    We need more posts about these transits, thanks.

  33. I am going through Neptune square natal Neptune in 29 Sagittarius but I am not sure if it is a hard transit as at the same time I have Pluto square Pluto/Saturn which is far more vile.
    Neptune was trine my moon two years ago and it was the best transit
    My natal Neptune makes a trine with my sun and a quincunx with my mercury. It doesn’t aspect other planets.
    I feel it’s the only planet that doesn’t hit me hard on its transits unlike Saturn, Pluto and Uranus.. or is it a Neptune fog??

  34. I commented on this before because 27* is my descendant. I really enjoyed Neptune’s time there and have missed it since the rx to earlier degrees. I’m looking forward to the revisitation. I felt more connected to nature, spirit, everything! It helped diminish Saturn anxiety/fear paradigm, my senses and psychic ability very heightened. I felt more at peace knowing I was so supported.

  35. Thank you for this post. My asc is 28 degrees Pisces and I have a moon-mercury conjunction 24-27 degrees in Virgo. Foggy is an understatement. I work from home and I am constantly high on weed, it improves my debilitating anxiety. When it first opposed my Moon I found out I have endometriosis and I had to start medicine to stop my period. Also possibility of being infertile. Very appropriate for a Neptune opposite Moon transit. Also, Neptune hard aspects in transits = you look dumb and people take advantage of that.

  36. I’ve got Neptune square my ascendant transit happening now. Everything is giving off friction. Everything. There hasn’t been one single aspect of my life that has not been crossed. My finances are strained. Business is slow. My husband is cranky. My mother is dying of cancer, she is only 73. My mother in law is being difficult. The dishwasher is on the Fritz. My sink in the salon broke. (Quick fix, but was down for 2 days waiting on parts to be delivered) checks in the mail keep getting returned even though the address is correct.
    Good stuff happening simultaneously- I’m on a consistent work out schedule ( this aggravating energy needs to go somewhere useful) I’ve been batch cooking breakfast and lunches for myself and my husband. We are eating super healthy. I’m doing a dry February. And staying on top of excellent book keeping and watching every penny that’s coming in and going out. I also started learning about Kabbalah. I’ve got Pluto transiting my 9th house.

    It’s that regenerate or die time.

  37. Funniest thought! Neptune has pretty much pummeled my Mutable planets, and now it’s last parting shot will be the final square to my Ascendant.

    Every Astrologer would warn me about not seeing others clearly, be wary of deception, and so on ….

    But … what if it’s ME that has been casting the Neptunian fog over others the whole time?! 😮

    People; whether friends, lovers, even colleagues, even people’s pets (?!) ALL find me “really relaxing” to be around, they feel like they can melt into a slumber. I’m just a comfy sofa cushion for babies, cats, and boyfriends to have a snooze on (literally). People get a weird stoner effect around me.

    Trouble is, I’m not even AWARE I’m doing it, nor am I intentionally setting out to soothe anyone. I could be drinking tequila shots and swearing like a sailor. Makes no difference.

    Neptune in natal 12th, unaware of this trait, as I can actually be quite fiery!

    So progressed Ascendant in Pisces soon, and transit Neptune square natal Ascendant. I better not breathe in case someone ends up catatonic! 🤦😳

  38. My MC is 25° Pisces ♓️ opposing Saturn 25° Virgo ♍️
    In the beginning of 2014 I made the acquaintance of a man w Venus 27° Pisces ♓️ and basically had a weird flirtation via Twitter/IG. He helped found a community radio station in Portland and had a show he used to play some songs for me etc but we were never really able to comfortably communicate in person and I was in a relationship I didn’t want to wreck my safety for a fantasy. Anyway he met someone and started a family in 2020/21 and I haven’t seen him around since the grocery store a couple years ago but I know he’s lives less than a mile from me

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