Life Taking You In An Abnormal Direction

forest and treesI first encountered astrology when I was eight years old. It seemed to hold a lot of keys. It’s also seemed inexhaustible.  Both ideas have been proven true.

I write about how a person’s skills degrade, when they’re not utilized. The reverse is true as well. To use your skills is to hone them.

I’ve worked with charts and their humans, daily, for well over thirty years.  The fact I’m never bored seems remarkable at this point. Even more impressive, I still get insights as a matter of routine.

What I learn may be astrological or it may have to do with psychology or communication. These things factor in every conversation. If I find a way to better elucidate an astrological point so it’s more accessible to the client, it’s a breakthrough. But it’s something else that’s prompting me to write today.

Sometimes I meet a person’s whose life unfolded into something jarring.  This can be good or bad, or just interesting. I’m talking about a chart and transits or progression that show something bold.  My example here is young woman I worked with, recently.

This woman is in early twenties. She’s massively FIRE.  Sun and moon in Fire, stellium in Fire; she’s all but unstoppable, but…

But she has a late degree of Capricorn at the bottom of her chart!  Saturn and Pluto met down there… Pluto is still hanging around. What do you think that feels like?

Here’s this gal; she’s raring to go.  She takes this giant hit at this young age… no perspective, right? This shooting star, designed to be on top and SHINE, gets dragged into mud and held there for years. The pain is so bad for so long, it must be permanent, right?  I’d think so, or at least I’d deeply fear this was the case! I’m glad I could talk to this woman. I could tell her, unequivocally; she was not going to stay dead!

This is a good example of how astrology can potentially save a life or pick it up and see it get back on track.  This is badly needed because there is little help out there for someone who has been struck like this.  Media constantly broadcasts despair. It’s almost impossible to defend against.  You wind up absorbing and internalizing it.

Imagine being in this weakened state; only to be hosed down by FEAR, all day, every day? No one can tell me this is right as it is so obviously not!

This is just view of astrology. There’s often a lot of focus on trees, while ignoring the forest.  Pity, when the piece you need can only be seen if you pan out.   But this is mostly this is about what can happen to a person.  You. Your parent. Your child.

I see myself in this, too.  All the transiting planets, clustered in houses, opposite the ones I enjoy.  Sure! I can learn and adapt.. easily, because of astrology.  But it’s still something when a person is dragged so far out of their element.  You wonder what God is up to.  But it’s all so intricate and interesting.  We really are completely unique.

6 thoughts on “Life Taking You In An Abnormal Direction”

  1. I had a lot of progressed planets in fire (due to stellium in Scorpio) and I was ON FIRE for a lot of years!
    More so, because they were aextiling my 1st house/ascendant.

    Now they’ve moved into Capricorn.

    I no longer seek the easy way. But I am pretty darn tired of being taken advantage of, due to th øe fact that Capricorn is in my 12th house.

    Still, I can’t help but HELP others in need. It’s like a … Sickness or trait I can’t seem to get out of. A pathology somehow.

    Knowing that Capricorn is a sign of hardships and with Pluto + the others transitting the prog. planets the recent year – PLUS I have 3 big Libra placements, life has been like a constant throw up session.

    So, now my Sun has moved into this sign too, and boy am I not looking for anything other than stability, consistency, and being a good citizen (being taken advantage of, thank you very much, 12th house).

    But, my progressed Mars is in Aquarius, and Pluto is moving into my 1st house this year, crossing Ascendant, and I look very much forward to it!

    My Scorpio planets are in my 10th house, and my “destruction” phase in the Pluto-Cap years was probably pretty visible to everyone.
    And yet, at least they’re giving with the 10th house placements I have.

    Also, this is a very good example of how quincunxes is such an overlooked aspect. As Satori put it – it’s like wanting something but it can’t happen at the time or how you want it. It’s a constant negotiation between very unfamiliar energies.

  2. Too much fire is problematic. In physics – when an object approaches the speed of light, the object’s mass becomes infinite and so does the energy required to move it. Same applies to human bodies and psyches – a passage of too much fire and light accelerates us to the point where we must contract. Its good the Earth spends half its daily time in shadow.

  3. Sounds like the Capricorn transit released her shadow and temporarily altered her reality. This has been happening in the collective consciousness too, so that adds an extra layer of hardship/complexity. I’m guessing, but having a fire stellium may mean that the shadow, when experienced, appears to be extra dark, within that context..the brighter the light, etc. Also meeting it when you’re young might be better or worse, many pros and cons, but I would think it is the chosen path of the soul in regard to timing and complexity.

  4. You have to be who you are. Not how others,family and society, want you to be, but (most) need to fit in too…somewhere. l love how you are not bored, Elsa. You are doing what makes you feel right because it is. For all of us things might change and we will have to work with what is before us using our signs and placements to their best advantage in order to make things work.Too much fire needs to find an expression–it better be something out there in the world. It needs to dynamic. I hope she finds a way with your help, Elsa.
    My Pluto on the dcs and Saturn in Cap 11th hs opp Venus 5th house cusp has taken the new look off me once or twice. I have been too accommodating and that has been taken advantage of by some who are no longer in my life. Transiting Saturn 1st house atm.I am doing ok.Everything has been stripped away.l was prepared, as much as someone with 8 including Chiron in fixed signs can be. I have changed my entire routine. I am left with myself…and a few connections. My neighbours are important (except for one, he taught me how not to b-he is his own problem. Not mine.). Here is important too and l am not bored … but l need to work within my limits (esp health) and l continue to chip way…

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    Deborah L. Strifler

    I have a stellium in fire. My 1H includes sun, s. node, pluto, mercury, and moon. My 4H is mars. My 7H is n. node, 10H jupiter. Lots of family pain. Pluto is now entering my 7H, along with the other compression in this area, lots of transits there. So much fire and fixed house planets, and I can certainly be a recluse. But, I have worked all my life. I have found a good fit at church, being a person that takes the Minutes at meetings (my expression) I even travel for that in this part of my state. I feel like, at age 71, I have finally found my way.

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