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bona fides

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My husband was receiving calls and relaying information.  He called to tell me this man had offered his “bona fides”. The word choice struck me.

“Did he say that?” I asked.

“No, I said that.”

It still mattered. My husband’s use of Latin phrases is never random.  If you’re unfamiliar, “bona fides” means this man provided something to prove his legitimacy and good intentions.  Specifically, he relayed an important but obscure family story, from fifty years ago.  It struck a chord.

By this time we knew how he was related to and such.  We figured he had to be about eighty years old.  This made me even more curious.  It’s not that common a person flies around the world at that age, never mind make a whirlwind tour with a changing itinerary while on business. What a puzzle.

I wondered how he was managing this as much as I wondered why.  From what I could gather, he has having no problem at all. It was intriguing.

A tone was set from the get-go.  Every subsequent happening reinforced and enhanced it.  This is how I knew we was in a good story.

I felt I was being treated here, in spite of this being my husband’s gig. When something this unusual sets up, everyone is involved.  The mystery guest was driving with a steady hand.  How often do you see something like this? Never?

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5 thoughts on “Trekking Through Life: Bona Fides”

  1. Ohh this is soo riveting! That was your passage through the colonies, the bona fides, letters of reference, but more importantly [and never looked at] and the teller of stories. Not tall tales, but the mesh of connection and interaction of people’s worlds. Without that, the keepers of stories, we are bereft.

      1. Avatar
        Shimmering Light

        I love that line “Elsa is rolling her magic carpet of story once again and the drought is over” :-). I wonder what makes a good story teller, astrologically speaking?

        1. Sag/Jupiter and Leo in my opinion gives good storytelling for entertainment. Saturn adds the learning/teaching aspect.

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