Never Mind What You *Want – What You Get Is Adventure

likewaterforchocolate.jpgIf you saw Like Water for Chocolate
then maybe you’ll recognize this line, “Don’t cry in the sauce!” I have been equated to the gal in that movie, “Tita” many times and at one point she’s all distraught over her love and starts crying the sauce as she’s cooking it, something I have been busted doing myself. So today I started crying in the salsa, eating an early dinner with the soldier before he took off.

“You have this destiny and now mine is tied to yours,” I said. “I told you that and you said so? Is it that baaaad?” I smirked. “It’s not bad. I am glad to be with you.”

Right before he left I asked him what his son would think of the happenings.

“Oh<" he said stopping to thing. "Well he knows. He lived with me his whole life. He's seen how things go for me," he said. "This is why people don't like it when their destiny is tied to mine. It's because of stuff like this," he said with a shrug. "Well I don't mind, I said. "I just wonder how we ever thought we were going to be able to land. We should have known better. It was almost stupid to think that, you know?" "Yep, I know." Dora knows too. She knew something was up before we left to drop him off. I came home and yeah, she definitely knows this drill. I wonder what is going to happen next. ::shakes head:: Is your life an adventure (whether you like it or not)? Are you constantly kicked back out? Where is your Jupiter?

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  1. I think it’s interesting that Captain Gus is back and now the Soldier has to head out. Hope you are doing okay tonight and riding the Neptune wave alright. I understand the Tita reference. That movie inspired me to move to Mexico and have a huge adventure actually, that still continues. One nonstop adventure here. My Jupiter is in Aries conjunct Chiron, widely opposite my Sun.

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    Ahh to answer your question about life being an adventure. Yes and then some.

    I was cooking the other weekend and a thought hit me. I realized that there are people in this world that cooking is a hobby – you know, a choice, something they do in their spare time. They go to work, come home, throw in a load of laundry and cook for FUN!

    Along with that thought came the realization that their life isn’t constantly upside down. I started to wonder what that would feel like. I realized that I don’t know and probably would go stir crazy in short order if I didn’t have an adventure or three on order.

    In that sense, my life is like the soldier’s. Anyone who wants to be with me had better be ready for the ride. Not that I try to create that kind of stuff but this stuff just happens. My mother is the same way – nothing is ever normal. Not saying that it’s a bad thing just saying that there is no downtime for coming home and flopping in front of the TV. We get roped into projects, events, other people and adventures in our own backyards!

  3. Wow bew, I have the same Jupiter in Aries in 10th and my life is nonstop adventure, wonder what’s up with that? I do have Pisces on 9th swapping with Neptune in Sagittarius, maybe that’s it….

  4. I dunno Jessica. My Neptune is in Scorpio in 4th house. I don’t know enough about all this to make any intelligent analysis but I realize Sagittarius does like adventure. My brother is a Sag sun and very adventurous. I have a Pisces sun and prefer daydreaming to anything “real.” 😉

  5. I don’t know about an adventure (life is dull for me on that), but I am generally an “everyone else’s drama” magnet and a weirdness magnet. I blame that on my Uranus rising rather than my Jupiter in the eighth, though.

  6. Jessica – you’re on to something here.

    Um.. Gus got back from Iraq (but is stationed out of country). His wife flew to see him when he got there but had to leave and come home, just as the soldier and I had to separate.

    Now it’s today all 4 of us are sad and lovesick! Yipes!

  7. Oh man. But only until June until he Gus gets home for good, right? Hope they’ve got some Venus-Neptune going for them, too. 🙂

  8. Yes, every day is an adventure for me. I have Cap/Saturn and like to plan everything out…but I get a strange delight when life sweeps away all my plans and things work out better for it anyway. Adventure makes me feel relieved – plans can be so boring. Hee! 🙂

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