Are There Aspects In A Chart That Indicate A Person Is Evil?

Marly asked: “Are there any aspects in a chart that make you leery that the native might use his powers for ill?”

I don’t think so. The chart shows a person’s energy and energy is neutral, until directed.

You can think in terms of electricity. Electricity is energy, right? You can electrocute a human being with it. Alternately you light up a Christmas tree!

Money is energy. You can hire a hit man with your cash and have someone killed… or you can put a kid through college.

So no. I don’t think you can look at a chart and have the expectation a person is going to be a nasty piece of work. You can see examples of this all over the place. There are plenty of good people with bad charts and vice versa.  We have free will!

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  1. see, this is what i thought about the gemini chick who was worried she was too scattered for her virgo man…her friends had said their combined chart was a disaster and she was worried she didn’t have much to offer him. hogwash! love is never “not enough” to offer someone.

    and it’s kind of like your question about evil people, too. you have the energy. you have the forces and the factors pulling you one way or another. but it’s always you’re responsibility how you choose to express it.

    thanks, e. you make me think. 🙂

    1. This is a secret pain of alot of Geminis. They consider themselves scatterbrained. You can see the pain on their faces when they say it. They dont always see the fun and clever people they are…they are my favorite air sign. And Im a Virgo lol.

  2. Let’s not forget the role of context in determining who gets called evil and who doesn’t. A few random examples:

    What about sociocultural norms? Some people still think certain human groups (eg homosexuals, Muslims, Americans etc) can be homogenized and deemed evil.

    What about changes in environment? The skilled psychopath can be a reputable community figure in a major corporation, but a dangerous evil criminal if that business happens to be… I don’t know, trafficking drugs.

    What about indirect evil? Take for example, the fascist regimes of WW2 Germany and Japan. Was everyone supporting those nations evil? What about those supporting nations engaged in the brutality and evils of colonialism and now, neocolonialism, neoliberalism or whatever you want to call it?

    I don’t think we can ignore context when it is so important. It’s easy to point at extreme individuals, oversimplify the situation and think, “oh but I/my friends/my family etc could never be evil.” As Elsa has written, energy is energy.

  3. I think that that’s the point a few of the bloggers were trying to make- that ‘evil’ is a clunky, puritanical word that gets bandied around far too easily. The actions of Nazi supporters, missionaries, suicide bombers etc are horrific after a dose of hindsight and liberalism but not ‘evil’. That is because for the most part the actions were executed with a clear conscience. (There were ppl who knew the nazis were bad news but did nothing, but I won’t go into that here.)

    I don’t classify people who do damaging, horrible things that they believe are GOOD things as ‘evil’.

    I will write a true story exemplifying what I consider to be an ‘evil’ person. (It’s a long story, sorry. I’ll try to be as concise as possible.)

    When I was very young we lived in a small town. My father was the local doctor and one day got called in to the prison to conduct an examination of a convicted child molestor and murderer.

    Now, my father is an absolute scientist. He doesn’t believe in anything he cannot smell, touch, taste, prove is there. He thinks astrology, reincarnation and god are emotional crutches invented by flakes and lost people.

    I don’t know what happened when he examined this man, but he came home staring with his hair on end. He said then and many times since if he could have his way ‘that monster would never see the light of day again.’ What convinced my father, the most reasonable, humanist man I know that this individual was evil? Well…

    A few years later the paedophile was released. Less than a week after he was released a little boy went missing off some rocks at a fishing point near the town. When his body washed up he was naked and had cuts and abrasions ALL over, including around his rectum. The whole town knew it was this man. Nobody had any proof. So he left for another town, another lot of children to abuse and kill, without punishment. He may have started life as a reasonable human being but by the time I knew about him he had lost his soul for good. THAT is what I consider evil.

  4. I will make a final comment on this topic. I was raised in the Catholic faith with a father who was Jesuit trained and happened to marry a man who was Jesuit trained also. However, I always questioned everything. For a good portion of my life I did not believe in the Devil or Hell. Later in life I had an epiphany that it was illogical not to believe in a hell or a Satan if I believed in God. Scientifically, if you have a positive energy you must have a negative. It’s very simple.Perhaps I was in denial, or simply hadn’t sorted it out. I have experienced and sensed enough evil in my life to state emphatically that there is evil in this world as well as true good.

    1. That’s interesting. I read that the author, Hilary Mantel, saw a pure evil shape of energy in the garden when she was a child. Quite chilling.

  5. At the Astrology conference in Newport Beach last year, a famous astrologer said that, one day, a client will walk in with a chart so frightening that you should consider immediate flight….

    1. I haven’t commented here in a very long time. But your comment made me wonder. I looked up Ted Bundy who is a Sagittarius Sun and the chart I saw on him showed Taurus on his Midheaven. Taurus is a beastly sign and the Demon Star Algol sits around 26* I think, and there have been a lot of deaths in history with Algol prominent. It is represented by the head of Medusa and is considered the decapitation placement.

  6. Taurus??? Any number of my best friends are Sun Taurus and they are all sweethearts. You cannot generalize about a given sun sign. Astrology doesn’t work that way.

    1. Charlotte – you are correct, one can’t generalise about people using astrology to judge based on star signs, but the article is called “Are There Aspects In A Chart That Indicate A Person Is Evil?” and that is what we are discussing here, in an albeit somewhat light hearted manner.

  7. I don’t know about evil. That seems like a pass. I do not like sadists. I find them despicable. Some sadists find it funny to torture others, some find it powerful to be able to instill fear or inflict injury. Nature or nurture? The jury is out on that. If what one is born into is shown by the chart, that tendency could be there? I think an unfettered chart could allow that if there aren’t any painful helper aspects that throw wrenches into the person’s bent?

    Then there are the o-paths. I think they have a disconnection from their frontal lobe, because there is no conscience about how they hurt others. I don’t know if astrology points to physical defects. In this case a brain defect. And yet I do think that brain paths can be developed to activate inactive parts of the brain so that would be the free will. I could be wrong. Just speaking from what I have experienced.

  8. I was not relating to evil at all. So last night I watched Evil Killers on the True Crime network. Omg. Evil intent alright. Then one of the investigators in describing his experience of the evilness of the person said things like ‘depravity that knows no bounds’ and ‘insatiable need to cause pain and suffering’. And how would that fit into any system of thought? Any rational system anyway?

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