I’m Scared To Have Children With Saturn In 5th House

portrait of a mother and daughter by emile munierHi, Elsa.

I want children but feel haunted by my 5th house, Saturn and the other aspects.

Am I freaking out for no reason?

California, USA

Hi, Afraid.

It’s not surprising you would have concerns about having children with Saturn in your 5th house. This does not mean that something bad would happen. It means you take the idea (and responsibility) of having children, serious.

It’s true a lot of people with Saturn in the 5th house, remain childless. But what it doesn’t tell us, is why.

Maybe they don’t want children.
Maybe they feel that children would be a burden.
Maybe they can’t have children due to some physical cause or some philosophical reason.

In other cases, the person delays having children. You’re in your early thirties so you would fit this profile. However, here again, we don’t know why.

As for the freaking out, I would not say it is for no reason. You’re at the age when many women feel their baby-clock kick in.  I suspect this is what you’re dealing with and it’s no small thing. It’s telling you that if you want to have child, you best get on it.

Saturn in the 5th is not a bad omen for children so I would not worry about that. As an example, I know a woman who is in her 40’s who has six children between the ages of six and nineteen.  They’re all home schooled .  Clearly, her kids (5th) are her job (Saturn). She’s committed!

If you have Saturn in your 5th house and you want children, you’ll be fine so long as you’re realistic and committed to raising them.

Good luck!

Do you have Saturn in your 5th house? What’s your deal with “children”?

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  1. I have Saturn in the 5th house and have two incredible children , now in their 20s. They have good hearts & compassion, work hard at their jobs, and have a solid set of friends, old & new. As Elsa says, this placement makes you take having children very seriously. For me, as someone with zero earth (0, really, apart from my Taurus mid heaven), I could double down and get things done for my children that I could never have done for myself. A good training! And a life lesson that I can achieve more than I think I’m capable of. And both my children take their commitments seriously, too. So good luck to the Saturn in 5th writer contemplating parenthood– fear can signal you’re not going into this blindly, you know what a huge job parenting is! And so worthwhile, too

    1. update, 8 yrs later! (I used to post as RKJ) now my daughter has two little ones who are the lights of my life, and my son is engaged to a feisty, warm, and incredibly creative woman who really appreciates him. it’s kind of affirming, that they know how to love and be loved! and how to hang in there when things get tough

      so, please, don’t be afraid of a 5th house Saturn❤️

  2. I have Saturn in the 5th, and I have no children. When I was in my 30s, a mentor told me to not to “forget to have them.” I had always been a little worried about having them, afraid that I’d repeat my parents really amazing mistakes–impatience, cruelty, exacting-ness, meanness, and a whole lot more.

    Then in my 40s, things were too complicated (an illness), the time was never right, and I never wanted to have any on my own anyway (I’d always thought that one would be great, but not two).

    Now my 5th Saturn is about regret. I wish I’d done it, or wish things had turned out differently, anyway, though I know I couldn’t have handled it properly. AND I had an abortion in my 20s, too. So the whole thing feels a bit sad.

    Unmarried, and feeling a bit spinsterish in my 50s, I’d really love a stepkid. Or maybe a few. that seems a good compromise–someone to love, hopefully to love me, too, watch him/them grow and advise them if they want me to, but then, not have to be too responsible… But this is all pipe-dreaming.

    Dear Afraid: Consider the end of your life, how it would turn out! There’s no way to know, exactly, what will happen, but imagine yourself in your later years — will you feel ok not having any kids? Sorry to say it, but I worry about being alone on my deathbed. But then, that’s not a good reason to have them, either.

  3. I have Saturn in the fifth conjunct S Node…no kids and it’s WAY too late. I have no regrets and a smidgen of relief. I’ve mentored a few and thoroughly enjoyed it. Should the clock have already run-out, but the desire hasn’t, consider adoption.

    Elsa, your AC problem may be a fuse. If the circuit breaker has tripped, you may need to replace one or both of those large fuses. Also, there should be a red button on the outside coils…look for it…it’s a reset button. It’s probably some other problem, but maybe it’s something simple.

  4. I have cappy in my 5th,but Saturn in my 12th. I had my first son at 27, and my second at 33. I take seriously raising my kids (cappy in the 5th), by myself (12th).

  5. I have Capricorn on my 5th house, Venus at 8 Aquarius in the 5th, natal Saturn in the second. I became pregnant when Saturn transitted my 5th. My daughter’s Saturn is at 6 Aquarius so you know that’s karma! I was 39 when she was born.

    Saturn can bring rewards,not just deny them.

    Raising our daughter has been the joy of our lives, a job yes, but never a chore.

    1. yes but you have natal Venus in 5th house tats completely different matter. if you have Venus in the 5th house Saturn transits are not as bad. It a menu is strong like your case they bring money during saturn transits and even pregencies and having Venus in the 5th house you usually blessed with extreme beautiful artistic talented kids. Also your kids are most likely be venus kids (goddess of arts talents and beauty and money) so your daughter ll be a huge blessing to you and also may bring you those things. Your life is blessed regarding kids. Venus is the goddess Aphrodite and so are kids born to a woman, who has Venus in the 5th house.

  6. Dear Afraid,

    Yes, I believe you are freaking out for no reason. Life comes with no guarantees. I have Saturn Retr 5th Libra. Did not want kids for a long time & attributed it to my parents divorce & complicated step-parent relationships. Believe I would not have married at all if my husband had not pursued relentlessly. The day came, however, that I wanted children, have three wonderful sons and would have had more kids if husband had not had sneak vas…still working on forgiving that. I believe we know how to commit fully, not so much helicopter parents, but a sober responsible loving approach to parenting.

    You have a good start so far, I would say.

  7. My sister is a Cancer with Saturn in Scorpio in the 5th. While her romances were few, sbe married and had two wonderful kids in her 30s. Additionally, she unofficially adopted a young man whose parents live out of the country and is 2nd mom to ber son’s girlfriend. Needless to say, she’s committed to kids and family. Saturn in the 5th meant kids are a priority for her.

  8. I have natal Saturn in my 5th house in Gemini. I have 4 kids, 25,23,20 and 16. I have my oldest when I was 18. Her father dumped me 6 1/2 months into the pregnancy. But I was on a mission to raise her better then I was raised, and do the complete opposite of what my parents did, and she completely change red my life! I have no regrets. I was happy to give her siblings later, my kids are really great kids and we always have lots of fun together!

      1. Do you have any other planets in the natal 5th house? Because you must have something positive regarding kids… also d be interested to look at your kids’ fathers” chart got see what they have in the 5th house in your case.. I have done a lots of investigations in kids and 5th house matters, regarding how the father”s and mother’s natal charts make the kids be and shape their future and also the planets and transits sitting on the 5th house… also custody battles and, who gets the kids are 5th house matters…

  9. My parents were both Saturn in leo opp Uranus in aquarius. They did lose two children, one at 14 years old, the other at 18. But they are survived by the other six. I don’t know, what does it mean? Probably has something to do with the two siblings charts? And I have read that some souls come in before they are ready. I really don’t know. I am sure there are other Saturn in leo parents who did not lose children.

    In hindsight their short lives were a blessing. For what they gave me. Very defining in so many ways.

    1. Saturn in Leo retrograde here, right on the cusp of the 5th and 6th houses. I have a moon in the fifth too.. I had a child and he was born premium and he was only here for thirteen days before he went back from whence he came. He would be twenty four last September and I wonder how much different every every everything would be had he been well.

  10. anonymoushermit

    Anyone remember Octo-mom? She had Saturn in the 5th house, and definitely had a huge responsibility with her children, with it being eight of them, and all. Plus, she was a Cancer Sun (mom).

    1. interseting – I wonder what happened to her and the kids? At the time she seemed to be such a good Mum even when they tried to perceive her a nutter?

  11. A woman I know has Moon Mars Saturn all conjunct in Virgo in the 5th house, and her family crest is this: two toilet bowl cleaners crossed in the background, with an old hag out front, pointing and shaking her finger, as she nags and complains. And the inscription below in a dish towel reads: “I am SO disappointed!” written in Latin.

  12. Children shouldn’t ever be taken lightly. Some people pop out babies too casually with barely committed partners and the child is left in the wake of an ugly divorce or custody battles. It’s a tremendous responsibility and it’s the gift of insight you have been endowed with. I’m reminded of this as Saturn is now transiting my 5th and approaching my Neptune. I’ve had the delusions of parenting perfection crash down all around me in the past year. It’s been a tough wake-up call but one I’m grateful for as well. I’m taking a new direction in parenting without all the nonsense the world asks us to add in the mix! (Like Pinterest parties!)

  13. I think alot of people view Saturn influence one dementionally. They think it means being blocked. But in my experience Saturn forces you to read the whole book instead of skating by on cliff notes so to speak. No short cuts, no excuses you have to do the work. But also permanance, staying power. The responsibility feeling that comes with being a parent is unrelenting just like Saturn. Doesn’t matter when they are grown your babies are always your babies until the day you die you feel responsible for them. Both my husband and I have Saturn in the 5th house natally we also have Saturn in the 5th in our composite chart. We have 3 children. We both take the responsibility of kids very seriously. Our kids were not planned so there was also the heavy responsibilty consequence that came from careless romance 😉 very Saturn 5th house, No free ride, no getting out of towing the line you play you pay. Our carefree fun was often restricted by the responsibilty of having kids to look after. Saturn is a lot more complex than just a big block. In our partnership we have a very strong Saturn signature and I give Saturn credit for the strong foundation and life time stabililty of our partnership. Same holds true for our parenting and how we view our family, its very serious business indeed thanks to Saturn

  14. i need help guys!!!
    i have saturn in 5th house (sagg) together with uranus, neptun and vertex. i met my karmic love one year ago when saturn started transiting my 5th house.
    we became pregnant unexpectedly but were really happy about it but few days ago i had a misscarriage. now we want baby so much but now i’m affraid to try again while saturn is transiting my 5th house one more year!
    any consolations or hopes that i could look up to? is there a chance i could have a healthy pregnancy and baby?

  15. I have Capricorn on both my 4th & 5th houses, and Saturn in Virgo in my 12th. My Saturn has 5 aspects to other planets (Square to Moon/Nep & Trine to Sun/Venus/Uranus) so I suppose I have the potential for 5 children. I have 3 children – currently 5, 4, & almost 1 year old. And I’m about to turn 40! I don’t think I want more kids (for a variety of very good reasons).
    So no, I didn’t get onto having kids early – but that’s because I didn’t find Mr Right until later! And coming from a broken home (Saturn in the 12th, people!) I was NOT going to have children with the wrong man! Very Saturnian, I suppose! 🙂
    I’ve never been afraid of childbirth – but I also did loads of work knowing that my pelvis was fine for it, read up heaps, attended Calmbirth classes etc.
    I had a miscarriage first, then 6 months of Chinese Herbal Medicine & acupuncture to get pregnant with child #1 – our daughter (a Capricorn – with Saturn in her 5th!). 2nd child followed 17 months later (we thought it’d take lots of tries to get pregnant again but no, my son was conceived first time…!). Then we ummed and ahhed about having a 3rd child, and when we finally decided that it was a goer, 2 weeks later I was pregnant! We had wanted a 4 year gap…we got a 3yr 4mth gap, ha ha…
    My first labour was 40 hours (but it was great! My midwife said she’d never seen such a controlled labour), my second was 34 hours (and not so great)…and my 3rd was 4 hours (and easy as pie!)! All were homebirths. I wouldn’t have had it any other way!
    My son has anaphylaxis and other allergies. Our daughters have less severe allergies and intolerances. My first born is very high functioning Asperger’s. My son is very energetic. My third is also very active! My husband and I both work P/T so we can raise our children. He has Cancer on his 5th house.
    Anyway, Saturn on the 5th I guess usually means much deliberation before children, and also being a careful, attentive parent – possibly because your children need more attention for one reason or another! It also usually means being an older parent – but this isn’t a bad thing – it means you KNOW what you are doing by then (well, you know MORE about what you’re doing…ha ha ha!).

  16. Yes Saturn in the 5th house alone means almost always that you ll not have kids or if you divorce your partner he or she ll take the custody or you ll be working is much you have no time for you kids. Regardless kids ll be removed. Its been always the case when I have looked over 10.000 of the charts of parent , who have Saturn in the 5th house alone (no Venus or any other good planets on 5th house) they all lost the custody in a separation(they not druggies or anything just that Saturn brings block having kids and if you have them they ll be removed most likely). Always be alarmed if you have your 5th house or if your parter has it you know in a separation you ll have the kids. Best is not to divorce if you have that aspect, you ll loose the kids completely or have them monitored visits if you have satun 5th house.

    1. That’s a bit harsh! No chart MAKES something happen.
      Anyway, if Libra or Taurus are on the 5th house cusp, I would think that would ‘soften’ the effects of a 5th house Saturn. And typically, especially from what I’ve been reading above, a 5th house Saturn chart holder takes their kids very seriously…so the likelihood of having your kids removed sounds unlikely in the first instance.

      1. Wow, I agree with astrowisdom comment. If no chart MAKES something happen, what do you mean by Libra or Taurus being on the 5th house cups would soften the effects? What effects if the no chart makes things happen?

        1. Hi Tekki, what I mean by Libra/Taurus on the 5th house cusp is that it has a Venusian (softening) edge on the 5th house. Even though Saturn may be in the 5th house all alone, if the house cusp is in a ‘pleasant’ sign, then that may mitigate some of the effects of the lone Saturn in the 5th.
          Furthermore, you have probably read a lot of astrologers writing things along the lines of “the stars impel, not compel”. Our charts do not say exactly what will happen in our lives. They give a general tenor. You could have astrolgical twins born very, very close together. One of these ‘twins’ could choose to be an axe-murderer, the other could achieve much status at a University etc. Our charts show us where our strengths and weaknesses lie. BUT we still have control over some things!
          However, sometimes I really DO wonder how much Free Will we really have, and the older I get, the more I think we have very little Free Will to do the things that are important. Choosing which brand of bacon to buy? Sure, whatever goes. But Free Will on the BIG issues in your life? No, I don’t think so. When you go against what you are MEANT to do in your life, there are some epic FAILS that go on. But when you’re ‘on track’/’on spec’, then things more or less trundle along mostly OK (and yes, you’ll still have some misery in there, but nothing of Biblical Proportions!). At least that’s how it seems to me.
          Anyway, I think there’s a lot more caught up in our biology/DNA than we realise. So to many, it would seem that our charts do indeed compel us…and to others, they would only see the possibilities that are there.
          I still stand by my comment that no one aspect or house position MAKES something happen. Some people with Mars square Jupiter enjoy war. Others just enjoy a good game of footy! Some people with Saturn in the 7th might struggle terribly in relationships. Others have faithful and long-lasting, happy partnerships. There’s always more than meets the eye in astrology – and the more you study it, the more you realise there’s so much more to know! 😀

    2. Well, that is a complete lie, and actually an evil understanding of astrology, based on the assumption that aspects and houses determine fate. I have saturn in house 5, and my saturn is badly aspected. I married and had two children. I divorced but I manage my life well enough to have my children half a week with me. For me saturn house 5 means you will feel the resposability of investing time and emotions on your children more than anything else, and you will learn in the process.

  17. Saturn is very hard planet to have on 5th house of kids, romance and artistic talents. Usually kids ll be removed from 5th house satiurj person before age of 7y. Custody lawyer asked me to look charts of the parents, who lost the custody or had restricted custody. Dear loosing a custody does not mean you are a bad parent. Millions of people loose the custody by corrupted courts. It is epidemic in the west.. It was 75 precent Saturn 5th that made parent loose the kids. Unless you have it with venus or other softening aspects it ll hapown in a divorce most likely. Saturn is a brutal on that house. That’s why really people need to know the facts of their charts when getting married. Planets and transits makes alll things happen and if you do not beleave on it what you doing on this page. You want To heart the truth. Parent can be serious parent but still kids removed by devious court games.,

    1. Hi Wisewoman, I have twin sisters and one of them have Saturn squared her ascendant. The other one does not. The one that does not have Saturn square the ascendant has two son’s. The other was not able to carry any children, she would miscarry every time. Would Saturn squaring the ascendant cause her not to be able to have children. They both have Capricorn of the cusp of the 5th house with Jupiter, Venus and Moon in the 5th house. They are now 46 years old..

  18. I dunno Wisewoman.
    I have Saturn in the 12th house. My parents divorced when I was almost 2. He then moved overseas when I was 7 – and is still there. I missed him heaps growing up, but once grown up, and I’d been able to digest enough information, I realised that I was actually better off without him growing up. Also, my headspace is one of the most logical headspaces I have come across, and I’m happy doing behind-the-scenes work. I used to dislike my 12th house Saturn, but over time, I have come to love that it brings such structure and sensibility to my inner world. It has almost single-handedly made me the strong woman I am today.
    Same for my Capricorn on my 5th house cusp. I’m so glad I waited until later to have children. I would’ve made worse parental decisions when younger. I have made far better ones with more time to mull things over!
    I think a chart does not say that you WILL have something happen, just that things might be more likely.
    My firstborn has Saturn in her 5th house – with Libra on her 5th house cusp. I don’t see her having children taken away from her when she is older. She also has a Sun-Saturn sextile, Capricorn on her 8th house cusp & Leo on her 3rd house cusp. She should be like me. She should make the right decisions after some painful experiences. But she should be positive about it in the end. And she’ll always have me and my husband as support.
    Yes, totally understand about the Courts & the legal (not justice!) system. Things don’t always work out in your favour. But I just don’t see that Saturn in the 5th house alone can have so much power. What about Jupiter? What about house cusps? What about aspects to Saturn? And to the house cusp ruler? All these need to be taken into account before you can say something WILL happen – even 75% of the time. Then of course, as you say, there are transits to consider…
    But I do not truly believe that life is set out completely before us. Fate plays a part, yes, but we still have plenty of wiggle room…and therefore directional power. It’s what you DO with it that makes the difference. And as a parent, I’m going to make sure as hell that my kids go into the adult world far more equipped than I ever was!!

  19. Hello dear, I don’t really like to look kids’ charts. I mean yes I do but.. it can be too brutal and scary to parents..I m a parent too..
    Because we see something there as a parent and it Makes is stressed!!! Saturn in 5th house is not always No kids, but yes it does put limitations after the kid Is age of 7y if there is a divorce I seen etc. Well however lots of things can be avoided by moving or relocating as well…the world map really makes a huge difference of a person’s life and destiny!!! For exemple one Lawywer I know had her child removed by her corrupted ex and now see him only restricted by the court appointed person. But when I looked her chart the country she had relocated and this all happened had a Saturn line for her on for the world map!! She is still fighting for her son but she is on her edge..it been 5y now.. Also 4 of my friends’ exs had Saturn 5th house and kids were gone at age 7!! Ok that case to the mothers.. Then my sister’s divorce her both ex had Saturn 5th house and gone from Kids life on around age 7!! Then I started to study more divorced parents’ charts and it was usually the factor!!! However we must also look the other party’s charts. But if you know this you can be aware of in a future and avoid this… I think it is good to Avoid it!!! Let’s remeber that Saturn 5th natal ll not bring divorce!!! So maybe kids stays if people stay married. That I have not looked . However Because divorces and custody battles are now horrible and kids are ripped of from usually mothers ( no abuse, alcohol noting. From devoted mothers, courts are corrupted). Maybe you should look your child’s Lilith house ( if Lilith 7th house Taurus or some other aspects) and Nessus and opposition of Nessus ( the victim astroid) as well? However She is a child i assume and we can’t say what astroids ll be activated on her chart or where in the world she ll be living..Because maybe she has other very positive aspects on her chart and relocation from her birth place chage the destiny…relax. Or Maybe she ll be a star or politician and do not even want kids! Not all people want kids.. they have other Destiny on this life time..

    1. Her Lilith is in the first house in Gemini, conjunct her Jupiter and Ascendant (they are all opposite her Venus in her 7th house in Sag). Her 1st house Gemini Moon trines her 5th house cusp, and her 7th house Mercury in Sag sextiles her 5th house cusp. Her Sun is conjunct Pluto in the 7th house in Capricorn (although technically her Pluto is literally RIGHT ON the 8th house cusp. I’m not overly fond of that one, but hey, Pluto is technically in its own house’s doorway in her chart!). You know she already has a Sun-Saturn sextile. Her Saturn in Scorpio also has a very wide square to Mars in the 8th but that is the only bad aspect that her Mars or Saturn have. Her Nessus is in the 9th house in Aquarius and is also trine her 5th house cusp. She also has Vesta conjunct her Jup-Asc-Lil 1st house stellium. And she has Ceres-Moon conjunction in the 1st house in Gemini as well! Yes, it’s opposite her Mercury, and makes a T-square with her MC (her paternal aunt also has that!) but looking at all of it, I think I can fairly safely bet that she is NOT going to have kids removed from her.
      She does have a Yod formation between her Pluto-Saturn sextile (8th house cusp & 5th house respectively) and her Jupiter-Asc conjunction, which is eerily similar to my Dad’s Yod where his Aquarius Jupiter just over his v. late Capricorn Ascendant forms the finger. Difference is, his Yod is a Sun-Uranus conjunction in Cancer in the 6th, sextiling Saturn in Virgo in the 8th. But yes, I do wonder if she will also, like him, (have to?) make a choice at some point to pick her relationship OR her kids. I guess with Libra on the 5th house cusp there is always the possibility that the Courts may decide that, but it could mean an amiable solution, too. There are plenty of other scenarios I could play out, too, based on the planetary positions. Evidently, I think I’d need to wait to see how transits, progressions and solar arcs play their part, as that may set the scene a lot more.
      But I’ll take the hint anyway, and keep the idea that she MAY potentially lose her kids at some point in the back of my mind. Forewarned is forearmed I suppose. And I’m assuming she’s going to have kids because she’s always wanted them. Yes, she’s only 6, but I think if you know or assume you’ll want kids from early on (like I did, also) then it’s probably going to happen at some point!

  20. Avatar
    Futuristic Piranha

    Unfortunately I can concur. I have Saturn in the fifth house opposed my Sun!!
    And I have no children. I had a girlfriend who wanted my children but she didn’t really love me, or she couldn’t express that she did very well. And I guess I am too proud with Saturn in the fifth in Leo. It makes me an egoist quickly bored with other people. Not especially witty in conversation and never taught to acknowledge sexual or even romantic realities at all, with a square from Saturn to Uranus in he 7th house – I am attracting a lot of attention but never come in the situations where there are those that might be partners for me emotionally as well as physically, let alone intellectual. Im way too old for the sht. On the other hand I have accomplished something rather remarkable.

  21. Saturn in virgo in my 5th. I delayed getting married or having kids till the last moment. Got pregnant accidentally at 33 and then left job to raise my son. Parenting is a serious job for me. I read many parenting books and try to understand child psychology and development. I could never understand how people casually raise kids. Libra/Aquarius/Taurus.

  22. I’m cancer ascendant saturn in 5th house and moon in 7th. Got divorced and my son’s custody with his mother. He was 5 when I got separated. A few frequent visits were allowed. Now I left the country. Dont know if there is any way to get him back

  23. I’m curious to know if any of you have noticed people with Saturn in the 5th house having male children more often? Thank you! 🙂

    1. Thats me! i had two boys….one male family member told me I would only have male babies haha…psychic traits? who knows?

  24. I know so many people who have kids even with Saturn in their 5th house and they were not delayed and are good healthy kids. I dont know what the dear is about. 2 people I know have a girl and a boy and they have single planet Saturn in 5th house.

  25. I don’t have Saturn in my 5H but I have Capricorn there. I never had my own children. I most definitely took it was too seriously to the point where I didn’t want to make the same mistakes my parents made , blah blah blah. That’s a half-empty way of looking at it because my parents gave and instilled a lot of good, and you learn a lot on your own anyway, on your way to being a parent. But…what I did get was two stepchildren (even though they were beyond the age of rearing when I entered the picture) and later two granddaughters. And exactly as you’d expect a 5H Capricorn to be, I sometimes end up the more serious grandparent to my husband’s 5H Aries. But I want them to have so much and I will give them all the legacy I have to give.

    I also have Venus, Mercury there too, and the sun at the end, so it’s all good. I agree with Elsa, Saturn will give a parent duty, structure, and know in some way, that it’s the most important thing.

  26. Yes I have to definitely agree with everything I have Saturn in the 5th house and lost all my kids in my first divorce remarried and she took all the kids I am wondering what is going on lol… one key thing like futuristic piranha said the partners that I meet see that I am very devoted about parenthood, and on some level want to control or manipulate me using the kids, then right away the kids become the center of our relationship, and especially in the case of my second relationship, I really never find the pleasure and joy of a relationship as I put everything into the kids, of course, all my investment and time put into the kids makes them the most valuable asset. All of my kids have good degrees at respectable universities now,

  27. I have Saturn in my 5th House (Taurus) and had my boys in my early 30s. As a Capricorn Im also quite traditional and responsible, maybe too serious of a Mum but yes I see the relationship with my kids as a really important one…nowadays the boys are 19 and 21 and although they think I dont know how to have fun (LOL Capricorn woes) and am too serious for their liking, we have a wonderful relationship…they’ve taught me so much!

  28. I have Saturn in the 5th and I have 4 kids! But I also have Jupiter in the 5th so that could change things a little.

  29. My mother had pluto and saturn in the 5th and… she really should not have had me. I know it’s a weird thing to say, and she might even disagree if she were around. What she needed was heavy duty inner child healing, imo.

  30. hi..i have saturn closely conjunct cancer moon in my 5th. had my tubes tied at 28 . i felt if i had a child, esp a girl, (im female) that it would be impossible for me not to screw her up. have never regretted that action, but i rejoice for all you you who had kids and did a great job!

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    Louise Tindle

    I have Saturn in Libra in the fifth house…… and it has affected my life profoundly….. I married an older man with older children and finally had a child of my own with him at 41……he died when my daughter was 12, and everything fell apart – she couldn’t recover from his death and turned to drugs, alcohol and abusive relationships- no matter what I did to remain close, nothing worked….. now I’m 71, and she is 30 with chronic illnesses consuming her life…..it was so rewarding when she was a baby and when she was young and nothing compares to the feeling of love I had between us, but now, she is unable to do anything and wants me to see her only as a person with chronic illnesses…..it is heartbreaking and I don’t think it will change……I now feel I should of taken my Saturn placement as a stronger warning…..

  32. I’m a 5th house Saturn and Uranus (which conjuncts Venus in the 4th) is in the 5th as well. I had Laurence when I was 33 and no more babies came. It took me years to conceive, had an easy birth but I was waay too serious about the responsibility this brought! Wish I’d been a light hearted laughing mum. He has Oppostional Defiance Disorder and is an extreme ‘Food Sensitive,’ so moody. Dr Feingold’s diet helped enormously. I divorced his father and left Laurence with his dad when he was nine. They were doing guy things together and he’d have been rebellious and would have refused to go to school if he was with me. His dad with Capricorn Rising and Saturn on the Ascendant was a good dad and Laurence behaved well with his dad. We sorted it out amicably. I lived near, they came to dinner twice a week, all birthdays and Christmas together etc. My Homoeopath said if I hadn’t been given so much iron by the doctor when pregnant, I would have been a warmer, more easy going parent. (They’ve discovered that iron can disturb bonding.) Yes, there was something missing in me. He’s 47 now, his dad died in 2005, he’s no good at relationships, lives in a remote part of Thailand where nobody speaks English. My Moon in Leo sure feels like a failure (his Saturn sits on my Moon) and a Saturn transit in 2022 plus Pluto squaring my Sun and approaching my Ascendant brought an end to all communication. Even so, I’m grateful to have had my baby, he’s the best thing that ever happened to me. God knows best.

    1. hello maria..i am so sorry for all the pain youve had to endure re your son. and his and your husbands pain also. yet despite it all you still feel grateful that he came into your life. thats love! not to mention resilience!! the thai people are lovely, big hearted and spiritually oriented. perhaps your son has found his spiritual home there and is continuing his healing journey. i hope that someday your paths will cross again, that forgiveness will prevail, and you 2 can develop a new relationship together.

  33. I have Saturn in the 5th house. I am old but just found out that this position has to do with children. Growing up I never wanted children like my friends did. I just always felt I would not be a good mother. I do not regret not having children because I really do not like them.

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