New Moon & Stellium in Gemini: June 6, 2024 – Effects By House

hello fellow kidsThe new moon in Gemini will take place in the morning on June 6th @ 16 degrees. Venus @ 16 degrees Gemini, will conjoin the sun and moon, as shown in the pic below.

Mercury and Jupiter will also on deck in Gemini.  All five bodies are contained within a 14 degree span. The new moon and stellium will land in just one house, for many.

This looks light, happy, open and interesting, but Saturn in Pisces will square the sun, moon and Venus. Buzz kill!  Sure! I know Saturn has a purpose but come on!  This is like the party of the year, and you have to bring a parent!

If you happen to be the parent in a situation at this time, you might want of have a “get out of jail free card” on hand. I’m thinking of the day my teenage son and his best friend, found their way clear across town, with no way home.  My sun-Saturn kid was so mortified, he had to call me for a ride. I thought he suffered enough, so I gave him a total pass.  Like I never pulled anything like that? Pulleease!

Regardless of what you decide, there’s strength in numbers and the Gemini coalition is very likely to prevail.  Further, Gemini is quick and tricky. I don’t think Saturn in Pisces is equipped to take it on.  In fact, this reminds me of some old man wisdom, given to me when I was a teenager. “Never make a rule (law) you can’t enforce!”

The Saturn figure might be inclined to “judge” but this impulse can be transcended.  It seems to me, the only way to have a bad day here is by taking the Saturn position in a mindless, stupid way.  Such a bad a idea with all these brains lying around!

New moon in Gemini 2024We set intentions under new moons. Here are some idea based on the house in your natal chart where the new moon and the stellium falls:

  • New Moon in the 1st house –  You show up and you’re the first to break the ice.  Start and then lead the conversation.
  • New Moon in the 2nd house – Talking finance  / juggling investments.
  • New Moon in the 3rd house –  Massive communication. Many calls, to and fro; round the world.  Also gossip.
  • New Moon in the 4th house – Family network.  Brother calls sister about the aunt’s cousin. Family gossip, or you may call it, “news”.
  • New Moon in the 5th house – Take the kids out for education fun with lots of variety.  Any kind of play date, really.
  • New Moon in the 6th house – Info hub in the workplace. Perhaps some upbeat news on the health front.
  • New Moon in the 7th house – Lots of talking with a variety of “others”. Also, thinking about love and/or a potential opportunity to partner.
  • New Moon in the 8th house – Make pathology interesting!  Could also be paperwork around the dead or dying (sorry).
  • New Moon in the 9th house – Go way outside your usual area of operation, to get a true outside perspective.  Student / Teacher stuff and you’re on both ends/
  • New Moon  the 10th house –  Public speaking. You appear intelligent. Intellectual authority.
  • New Moon in the 11th house – Super fun.  More friends and of different types. Expand!
  • New Moon in the 12th house – Hints and tips from the ethereal. This is quite beneficial.  You may channel new ideas.

Here’s more on the stellium – June 2024.

Where will the new moon and stellium fall in your chart?  What’s your intention?

22 thoughts on “New Moon & Stellium in Gemini: June 6, 2024 – Effects By House”

  1. not sure what to make of this

    the new moon is in my 8th, conjunct my Mars-Chiron/Saturn opposition.

    Also, textiles my Leo MC at 16 degrees. Saturn is newly in my 5th with equal but last degree of 4th with Placidus.

    1. I didn’t even realize — I am meeting w/ my financial advisor to discuss how we are going to invest my money. 8th house, ha!

  2. Oh it would have been a good new moon hitting my venus at 17 degrees 11H if only Saturn didn’t square it from the 8H… Income comes with difficulty and there are financial obligations to settle..

  3. It starts off well, conjunct my natal NN at 14 Gem, my venus in 12th at 16*, but forms an even tighter square to my natal Saturn (and Saturn return) at 16* Pisces in 10th. Wonder if an equal house system would improve more than my perception?!!

  4. It’s in my 12th and I have a fistulagram scheduled for the morning. It’s an outpatient procedure probably take less than an hour once we’re in the room with the bright lights and equipment. It’s with Interventional Radiology and Vascular. I will be sedated but not under GA and they will numb my arm w a blocker. I will be across the street from the hospital so if shit hits the fan at least I don’t have far to go. I normally wouldn’t be concerned at all except for the fact I fkn died 4 weeks ago during a simple outpatient procedure bc developed sudden anaphylaxis and I don’t need any other 💩 thrown my way

      1. Welp it turns out I was getting ahead of myself, I called the drs office to confirm what type of procedure they wanted to do bc my mom isn’t available to be my emergency contact that day. Turns out it’s just an ultrasound. I couldn’t remember if a fistulagram is just what the ultrasound of my fistula is called. But the procedure w the balloon starts as a fistulagram if that makes sense.
        Hopefully it looks and sounds good and i can be on my way but I’m a little concerned bc I haven’t felt the thrill on it for awhile but I’m not trying to find it either I feel like I should instinctively feel it there and if the doctor can’t hear it that’s a problem which will require the balloon
        Also some turd stole my walker again right from the porch

  5. This is so funny. I decided to try a dating app again. Chatting with 10 different guys and Going to meet up with someone Friday for dinner. I gave up on them a couple of years ago because I was just tired of scammers. So its transiting my 7th house.

  6. Hey hey!

    I’m curious about the June 6th new moon, I actually think it might be a good one!

    My question is, the New Moon @ 16 degrees is the same degree as my natal Venus in Gemini @ 16 degrees, and it will fall in the same house as well.

    Does/will this mean anything significant?

    Thank you! ❤️

  7. Hello Elsa!

    Just calculated my return, it will be in the 8th house is Venus in the 8th house Gemini? Mysterious and chatty? 🤷🏽‍♀️

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