Nodes In The Natal Chart – What Are You Driving Toward?

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I recently had a client ask: I noticed that there isn’t much talk in the blog about the nodes but you use them a lot in your readings. Could you sometime maybe talk about their role in the chart? It is my understanding that they are a good guidepost for what direction we should aim.

Absolutely! I find nodes to be an excellent tool in determining how best to direct the energies of the chart. Not every astrologer uses them heavily, that that is certainly legit. But for me, if a consultation involves someone losing direction in life or trying to get a read on another person’s ultimate destination, nodes are incredibly helpful.

The way I look at it, the North Node is the ultimate goal, or what the engine of the chart is driving toward. The South Node is where we’ve been, what we’ve already mastered. If we’re leaning too far in that direction, we’re essentially moving backwards.

I’ll use my own chart as an example. My North Node is in Aries in the 12th house. Ever since I was a child, I always said that I wanted to be a woods witch, or a maester ala Game of Thrones. I wanted to be a solitary sage, studying and living apart from society. I would tend to people’s needs, restore their spirit, and then go back to my own little world. Is it any wonder I ended up an astrologer?

Conversely, I have the South Node in Libra in the 6th. It is very easy for me to get caught up in the mundane reality of partnership, spending entirely too much time and energy serving my partner in practical ways. This is a perfectly legitimate and I would argue even necessary part of life. But over time I have learned that if I am spending my days cleaning and baking goodies for my partner instead of thinking deeply and counseling, I am eventually going to end up a very unfulfilled person. Don’t get me wrong. I’m good at cooking and loving my partner through acts of service. But what I’m meant to do in this life is very different.

So if you’re feeling lost in life and want to get a sense of your true purpose, take a look at where the North Node is in your chart. You’ll walk away with a much better sense of where you’re headed.

Where are your nodes? How does it play out in your life?

21 thoughts on “Nodes In The Natal Chart – What Are You Driving Toward?”

  1. I’m the opposite, I’m supposed to be learning to partner (NN in Libra), but frankly, I’ve never gotten many opportunities to do it and not for very long when I have.

    My mother has the opposite nodes from me and we are not a good influence on each other in these areas!

    1. I hear you Jenfullmoon! I, too, have an 8H Libra NN with a 2H Aries SN. Partnering is challenging for me as well – especially sharing and delegating responsibilities. I’d prefer to do things my way (2H bulled-headed Taurus ruled), NOW (Aries/Mars)! Of course, following this action then breeds resentment; just as the song goes, “…What have you done for me lately? …”

      However, I do “shine” (NN) for my partner in times of crisis (Scorpio) and money management (8H) by utilizing my past lives’ skill set (Taurus-ruled 2H SN). It’s a fine balancing act indeed!

    2. I too have Aries & Libra Nodes — Libra 17 NN and Aries 17 SN. I have found partnering in groups for creativity and self-discovery (1st House NN) very fulfilling, yet partnering personally has not ever been a happening thing. (7th House Aries SN). I need my solitude, dude.

  2. I have north node 23 deg Gemini in 9 House.
    Could that be something to do with communication/abroad or with foreigners?

    Gemini and Sag (9 H) are opposites. Not sure if the significance?

    Also, as my north node is 23 deg, will it be affected by the Capricorn stellum at 22 deg next year?

    Any ideas are welcomed – I looked it up on the internet but there’s not much info.

  3. anonymoushermit

    North Node in Cancer, in the 9th house.

    Thinking positively and more big picture has helped me dig out of my depression loads! Also, when I get overwhelmed, I go home and just lounge.

    Any time I’ve ever tried to be the boss (SN in Capricorn) or tried to complain too much about the system at my job (SN in Capricorn), I get a whacking from the universe.

  4. My South node is conjunct my Sag Sun 3 degrees away from my MC. Of course, that makes my North node in Gemini in the 3rd house 3 degrees away from my IC. I honestly don’t know what to do with that info and haven’t found anything online about south node conjunct Sun and MC.

    I need to “shine” less (Sun) and go after MC stuff, but instead focus on my siblings (3rd) and family (IC) and letting other people shine? I don’t know!

    My husband’s Jupiter is conjunct my South node and his Venus and Mars in Virgo square it. Not good for growth. We are born only two months apart, which is why his nodes are so close in degrees to mine. Anyway, my moon and Mars trine both of our north nodes, so hopefully that softens the blow of his Jupiter conjuncting my S node.

    1. Jeng35 – do you work with a male family member in an international-type business? Do you “shine” in their (Sun) shadow? I would imagine it was a comfortable (SN) or assumed career choice for you. Could you take your natural business talents and teach or get your siblings more involved in the family (4H) business? Maybe you or they could step-up your social media (Gemini) exposure for your business?

      1. I really love this interpretation, lol. I’m currently the Director of. Community College satellite office is a small rural town. I have about 112 student who attend my satellite and another 400 who do our online program but call our location “home base.” The main campus plus all the satellite have 3,000 students. I’ve only been in this role for a few months. I was laid off (could have taken another position but chose to move on) after 12 years at a large 4 year flagstaff university.

        Anyway, before I left the four year school I entered a program actually at a different college to be a High School Counselor. So, I’m planning to switch to secondary in about 4-5 years. My mom and sister and both teachers, so maybe I’m joining their “business” lol. I don’t know. I’m trying to make no assumptions about the future for fear of limiting possibilities or being disappointed. I’ve got Pluto going through my 11th right now. I thought it would be an easy house for Pluto to clean up, but ouch, it hurts for your hopes and dreams to die. My 11th is ruled by Cap and I have Saturn in my 8th. Uranus is slamming my 8th. Oh, boy, I’m afraid I won’t recognize my life in a few years. I’m already living a different world than I was last year. I had no idea I’d be a Director at a small community college satellite!

        Thank you

          1. Jeng35 – you will probably lose a number of friends along with significantly changing your hopes and dreams with Pluto transiting your 11H. However, with new dreams and goals new friends are made. Gemini also rules over primary and secondary education. Good luck!

  5. Ahh Midara.. I’ve been thinking about booking a consultation with you, but now I’m REALLY considering it. I’ve been looking for someone to help me understand my mirrored chart and the flipped nodes in it: my north node in Capricorn – 4th house – is kind of confusing for an emotionally detached careerist who loves her family dearly, but who grew up not being sure if they loved her back.

    I’m kind of in a transitional moment in life as well (aren’t we all!) so maybe an even deeper understanding of me will be the Christmas gift to myself this year..

    1. Ivs, that is certainly a challenging placement! The energy you’ve described matches the energy of the node perfectly. There is often a feeling of unworthiness that accompanies Capricorn placements. The trick is to work with it very intentionally and recognize the ways you’ve “earned” your place.

      I’d be happy to talk more! Whenever you’re up to it, just drop me a line. 🙂

  6. NNode @ 21°Gem/8th H (SNode in Sadge/2nd H) Always great for helping others make, find & keep money (any wonder I was a bookkeeper by trade?) But not so good at making it for myself.

  7. Same signs for me on the nodes as you Midara but opposite houses- 6 th house Aries NN – 12 th house Libra SN.

    What is often overlooked about the Moon Nodes is that in addition to showing the way forward they also have a Plutonian function. There is an elimination and release of South Node behaviors and emotions that paves the way for the forward movement.

  8. NN in Gemini, 11th house.

    Yes, I’m write, read a lot. I subconsciously am prepping for public speaking, groups, communal work. Fine-tuning my logic, philosophy, but most of all, my heart and intention. No one will join or listen if I’m didactic, shrewd and condescending.

  9. Thanks Midara. Another Aries North Node here, conjunct Moon as well, on the 7th/8th cusp. I’ve got very late Virgo Ascendant so Libra fills much of my 1st house, which also contains Neptune.

    It’s only in recent years that I’ve understood that I’m meant to be on my own, i.e. not with a permanent partner, in this life. I’ve always felt that I was failing somehow because I was so bad at relationships. I’m 70 andI’ve always had a strong “urge to merge”, either with a human being (or with an addiction or substance). And that created so much low self-esteem and lack of confidencc. Now I’m starting to welcome the chance for growth and independence that an Aries North Node gives, even with all its challenges. Exploring who I am and what I’m meant to be doing here. It’s never too late!

  10. I have North Node in Aquarius in the 10th, South Node in Leo in the 4th. My North Node is out-of-sign conjunct my Pisces Moon, and my South Node is conjunct my Venus (off by only one degree) and Mars in Leo (Mars is in the 3rd). With that conjunction at the bottom of my chart, it makes it very easy for me to be drawn to Leo-type activities at my core. I’m honestly a very creative-minded person. But, I’ve had so much internal resistance to making creativity my life path. I have a government job where I do technical/clerical work. And I’ll probably get another job like that even if I change jobs. It makes me wonder if I’m fulfilling my North Node or completely failing it. Because I’ve read that you should use your innate talents of the South Node, which makes me think I’m supposed to bring that inner 4th house stuff up into the public 10th house. But my Leo South Node talents have been mostly left undeveloped and unmanifested, except in my internal world. That’s the reason why I can come up with great songs easily, but struggle to finish the process of composing and creating them in real life, with instrumentation and everything. I’ve done better with other arts like poetry and playwriting. But that’s not an active pursuit of mine anymore, either. I’ve made at least a little bit of headway on poetry over the past year, creating a chapbook about a year ago. But incorporating that into my life path? I don’t know.

    Anyway, sorry to ramble. I just hope I’m not screwing things up too much.

  11. North node conjunct my Sun at 17 Scorpio. Uranus conjunct south node at 17 Taurus. From 4th to 10th houses. I was a single college professor until I was 40 years of age. Got married and became a housewife. Uranus will be back at its natal position and on my south node in about a year. Wondering.

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